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Brenda Muntemba
Brenda Muntemba

Brenda MuntembaFORMER Copperbelt police chief Antoneil Mutentwa has been retired in the national interest while his counterpart Brenda Muntemba has been taken to Cabinet Office for redeployment.

Police spokesperson, Elizabeth Kanjela confirmed that the contract for Mr Mutentwa had been terminated although she could not state the reasons for the move.

Mr Mutentwa, who was director of administration at the police headquarters, also confirmed the development in an interview yesterday, saying that it was true his contract had been cut.

He, however, thanked the police command for giving him an opportunity to serve in such a high position from 2011 up to last week when his contract was terminated.

“It’s not really a retirement because this is a contract and it was supposed to end some time next year.

“However, I am not bitter and I would like to thank the authorities for giving me the opportunity,” he said.

Sources within the Ministry of Home Affairs and Police Service said Ms Muntemba had been handed over to Cabinet Office for redeployment.

Ms Muntemba, a former police spokesperson, was serving as director of operations after being transferred from Livingstone where she was in charge of Southern Province until last year.

hambFORUM for Democracy and Development (FDD) leader Edith Nawakwi’s daughter Hatambu Hambulo has been gruesomely murdered and her body dumped in a manhole at her residence in Lusaka.

Two suspects have since been apprehended including a garden worker aged 22. The body of the late Hambulo, who was 26, was found with cuts on her thighs while her hands were tied with a rope.

Firefighters and police officers rushed to the scene to retrieve the body in the normally quiet Ibex Hill.

Ms Hambulo was a marketing officer at the Food Reserve Agency.

Lusaka Province police chief Joyce Kasosa confirmed in an interview that Hatambu was attacked in the early hours of Tuesday and her body left in manhole with her legs protruding.

“The victim was heard screaming for help by the neighbours but no one came to her rescue. When she did not report for work on Tuesday, her employers inquired from her parents, and when they checked at her home, she was found murdered,” Ms Kasosa said.

Lusaka has recorded increased murder cases which include that of Ruth Mbandu who was killed and her body parts removed in Emmasdale.

Mathew Chipili, a taxi driver, was killed last month and his body parts removed before he was dumped in Roma, while another taxi driver, Joseph Simfukwe, is another victim whose head was chopped off.

Police sources told the Times that Ms Hambulo’s assailants stole her Honda Civic but it overturned near Salama Farms in Ibex Hill.

“One of the suspects who is in in custody was arrested for a traffic offence and it was after interrogations that he was asked to phone the owner of the car and he called Ms Nawakwi, who went to her daughter’s house and found that she had been murdered,” the source said.

Meanwhile Inspector General of Police Stella Libongani has expressed sadness over the death and pledged renewed vigour to stop the rampart killings.

Ms Libongani said it was saddening that most of the murders were involving youths, both as victims and suspects.

“Human life is sacred and shall remain so and as Zambia Police Service we shall endeavour to protect each and every life as provided for by the Laws of Zambia,” she said.

Family spokesperson, Chris Hambote said the family had received the death with shock.

“The death was cruel it was an unprecedented brutal killing that the family has been left in absolute shock. We wonder how a fellow human being could kill another in such a manner,” Mr Hambote said.

Meanwhile, the United Party for National Development (UPND) and the National Restoration Party (NAREP) have sent messages of condolences to the family of the deceased.

NAREP leader Elias Chipimo, who was found at the funeral house number 55 Lwato Road in Roma, said the death of Ms Hambulo was not only shocking to Ms Nawakwi’s family but also to the nation.

UPND deputy spokesperson, Cornelius Mweetwa appealed to the police to thoroughly investigate the murder.

Times of Zambia


By Zumani Katasefa
MMD spokesperson Dora Siliya has charged that PF leader Michael Sata is incompetent to lead Zambia.
Addressing a rally in Kitwe’s Wusakile township yesterday(Sunday) Ms Siliya told Copperbelt residents not to risk to vote for Sata saying that he(Sata) is going to destroy the country once voted into power.
She further said that the MMD government under President Rupiah Banda would not take development to people who vote for opposition political parties.
She said other regions of the country, where people vote for MMD are being developed, as compared to those areas that PF strongholds.
But some Kitwe residents have criticised Ms Siliya’s remarks saying that it is cheap propaganda.
“Government is expected to deliver development to all parts of the country, it is foolish for Dora to say that only those who vote for the MMD would see development,” said Darius Mubanga.

MMD Spokesperson Dora Siliya has urged the people of Mufulira and the entire Copperbelt to reject Patriotic Front Leader Michael Sata in this year’s general elections because he is a failure who failed to bring any meaningful development in the country when he served in various MMD government portfolios.
Speaking when she addressed heads of government departments, parastals organizations , NGOs and members of the Civil society, Ms Siliya said in 1992 when Mr Sata was Minister of Local Government and Housing, the Copperbelt recorded the worst cases of Cholera which demonstrated his lack of leadership qualities.
Ms Siliya who is also Education Minister cautioned the people of Mufulira not to entrust the PF leader with running affairs of the nation because he flip- talks and is also inconsistent on many national issues a tendency that would make take the country backwards in development.
She said Mr. Sata has changed goal posts on several national issues such as the Constitution making process and the windfall tax among other serious national issues.
The Education Minister further cautioned civil servants against engaging in politics saying those interested in politics should resign and join politics.
And addressing MMD members at Bufuke Women club Hall, Ms siliya appealed to the people to vote for credible leaders who will bring development to their area.
She said the PF MPs have failed to take development to their constituencies despite receiving huge sums of many through CDF and people have now resolved to vote for the MMD for them to experience real development.
She urged people not to base their voting on material and perishable things that they receive from politicians during campaigns.
Meanwhile Ms Siliya expressed confidence that the MMD will win this years elections on the Copperbelt because the people have tested the PF MPs leadership and are dissatisfied.
She said the PF MPs have failed to take development to their constituencies despite receiving huge sums of many through CDF and people have now resolved to vote for the MMD for them to experience real development.
She said the people have realized that the PF has no focus and plan to develop the country and that it is only the MMD that has a vision for this country.


MULTICHOICE Zambia in partnership with Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) has introduced a new pay-television which will allow Zambians to join the digital revolution and enjoy 19 television channels.

The new service called GOtv service is part of Zambia’s goal to migrate from analogue to Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT).

GOtv will offer both local and international channels for Africa at K35,000 per month and a decoder with three months subscription for K455,000.

The service was launched in Lusaka on Tuesday night.

MultiChoice Zambia public relations officer Marlon Kananda said the newly introduced television service will contribute to Government’s commitment of migrating to digital from analogue.

DTT refers to the broadcasting of terrestrial television in a digital format and most African countries are in the process of planning and implementing the digital television which has enhanced pictures and quality sound.

“GOtv will deliver digital television to everyone and will enable them experience the digital television revolution in their homes. It supports the Zambian government’s commitment to migrating from analogue to digital by 2015,” he said.

Mr Kananda said the service has 19 channels which will enable subscribers have access to news, children’s programming, documentaries series and movies, among others.

“Subscribers will benefit from the increased number of channels, as well as improved pictures and sound quality which is synonymous with digital television,” he said.

He said the company will soon introduce the service to other countries around the world and build a strong backbone to ensure GOtv survives.

Commenting on the service, ZNBC director- general Eddie Mupeso said, “In the next few years, the current analogue signals will be switched off and ZNBC will become digital. This means that viewers will need to use a DDT decoder in order to receive a TV signal in future.”

And GOtv spokesperson Lee Nonde said the introduction of the service is the latest digital technology platform, adding that it will be available to customers with only a decoder or a grid antenna.

“The arrival of GOtv marks the introduction of a new service on a technology platform that subscribers can afford. All you need to receive GOtv is a DTT decoder or either a stub or grid antenna,” he said.

Government says it needs about K4.6 billion for the funeral of late second republican president Dr Fredrick Chiluba.

Chief Government spokesperson Lieutenant General Ronnie Shikapwasha has told QFM that government has so far raised between K2 billion and K2.5 billion.

General Shikapwasa says the money will go towards the burial and accommodate all administrative and logistics for the funeral.

He adds that it is for this reason that government is appealing for financial and material support from well-wishers towards the state funeral.

General Shikapwasha says members of the public wishing to make contributions can do so by channeling their contributions through district and provincial administration offices countrywide.

He says it is government’s appeal that all well-wishers and mourners support the bereaved family.

Meanwhile the family of late second republican president Dr Fredrick Chiluba has resolved not to carryout a postmortem.

Speaking during a press briefing in Lusaka today, family spokesperson Ben Mwila says was after taking into consideration Dr Chiluba’s Christian beliefs and the fact that he had refused to have a heart transplant and any operation during the time he was sick.

He says the family decided to respect Dr Chiluba’s Christian beliefs.

Mr Mwila adds that according to the Lunda tradition,it is not allowed to conduct an operation on a king and that Dr Chiluba is considered as such.

The Chiluba family has also reiterated that the late president was a national leader and that those who wished to attend his funeral should do so without being harassed.

Mr Mwila has also thanked President Rupiah Banda and the First Lady on behalf of the family for the support rendered during the funeral./QFM

The late Chiluba’s spokesperson Emmanuel Mwamba confirmed the death of the former president who died at his resident in Lusaka’s Kabulonga area shortly after mid night on Saturday morning.

He was 68. Chiluba suffered from acute heart problems.

According to Mwamba, Chiluba had a normal full day and in the afternoon had meetings with his lawyers and later with some members of parliament.

He said after the meetings, Chiluba complained that he was not feeling well after 18:00 hours prompting the family to call his personal physician.

After being attended to by the doctor, he was asked to rest and insisted he was alright but went to bed around 19:00 hours.

Later in the night, his doctor was called again that his condition had worsened and was pronounced dead shortly after mid night.

The body of the former President is lying at Saint Anne’s Funeral Parlour in Lusaka. Dr. Chiluba is survived by his wife Regina and nine children.

By Zumani Katasefa

A Senior citizen has called upon the MMD spokesperson Dora Siliya to stop distributing fliers watching two male persons kissing each other.

Kelvin Zulu said it was immoral for the leader like Ms Siliya to be distributing such kind of material to the public.

“What type of a leader is she, who is promoting immorality,” wondered Mr Zulu.

Mr Zulu added that Zambians should not listen to such leaders like Ms Siliya, saying that instead of distributing such things to the public Ms Siliya should instead concentrate her energies on addressing issues that were affecting people in the community.

The MMD through Ms Siliya are reportedly distributing fliers in Kasama district showing two men kissing each other, this is aimed at trying to discredit PF leader Michael Sata who they have accused of promoting homosexuality once he takes over power.

Police have allegedly discharged a suspected mentally disturbed man, who is alleged to have killed a one-year-old infant on Wednesday 11th May 2011.

The family of the deceased infant have however expressed disappointment at the discharge of the assailant.

But the police have maintained that the suspect is still in custody.

Grandfather to the deceased, African Phiri has told MUVI TV news that the respective killer of the baby has been discharged from police detention.

Mr. Phiri has explained that the suspect was let loose despite having killed the infant.

But Police spokesperson, Ndandula Siamana has told MUVI TV news that the suspect has since been arrested and he is detained at Woodlands police station.

Ms Siamana has explained he was transferred to woodlands police station for fear of community members reprisals as has happened in other cases.

And the uncle to the murdered infant, Stephen Mwale has called on the relevant authorities to intervene in the matter.

Mr Mwale has said that the mentally disturbed man must in fact be quarantined instead of letting him free as he is a danger to society.

And explaining the ordeal, the sister and brother of the deceased infant, have narrated that their young brother was hit with an iron bar on the head./MuviTv

KONKOLA Copper Mines plc says it is the owner of the Nkana Copper Smelter in Kitwe, contrary to reports by some sections of the media that it belongs to Mopani Copper Mine.

KCM spokesperson Jacqueline Kabeta said in a statement yesterday the smelter, which was put under care and maintenance in 2009, remains the property of the Chingola-based mining company.

“KCM wishes to clarify reports that have recently appeared in some sections of the local media regarding the ownership status of its Nkana smelter.

At no time has the company considered disposing of the asset to Mopani Copper Mines or any other mining house,” she said.

Ms Kabeta said media reports suggesting that Mopani is set to invest billions of dollars in the Nkana smelter are unfounded and misleading.