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Jacob Zuma, South Africa’s president, has warned western companies they must change their old “colonial” approach to Africa or risk losing out even more to the accelerating competition from China and other developing powers.

Western businesses and governments have a “psychological problem” and are still prone to lecturing Africa, Mr Zuma said in an interview with the Financial Times. He advised them to resist warning against the embrace of China and rethink their own investment strategies.
High quality global journalism requires investment. Please share this article with others using the link below, do not cut & paste the article.

“I’ve said it to the private sector from the western countries: ‘Look. You have got to change the way you do business with Africa if you want to regain Africa. If you want to treat Africa as a former colony … then people will go to new partners who are going to treat them differently’,” he said.

In particular he cited mining companies that he accused of still being interested only in extracting ore and not in fostering support industries, such as diamond-polishing, in the host nations.

Mr Zuma’s warm message to China and other developing nations comes ahead of South Africa hosting its first Brics summit this month. The country was incorporated into the bloc of Brazil, Russia, India and China last year even though its economy is a fraction of the size of the other four.

Mr Zuma tempered his argument by highlighting that Europe was still the “big one” including Africa’s “biggest partners in business and trade”. He also echoed his cautionary comments of last year about Beijing, stressing that Africa was aware of the risks of being bossed around by China. “Africa does not want to be dominated again.”

In the past decade China has wrong-footed the west as it has expanded diplomatic and commercial ties across sub-Saharan Africa. Driven by its hunger for commodities, it has offered cheap infrastructure loans in exchange in particular for access to oil. Between 2000 and 2011 bilateral trade rose from around $11bn to $160bn, but mainly in oil exports to China, a deficit economists say needs addressing.

Human rights groups and western officials have criticised China’s readiness to strike deals with oppressive governments. But South Africa’s ruling African National Congress, which admires China’s state-led capitalism, has promoted the relationship arguing South Africa has the laws and diplomatic clout to defend its interests.

“China is doing business in a particular way and we think we can see the benefits, but we are very, very careful,” he said, citing Africa’s experience of colonialism. Such a relationship must “benefit both. And this is what we and China have been agreeing.”

He said financial institutions had “squeezed Africa”. “Instead of saying: ‘Let us help you’, they come and they say: ‘Change your economic structure. Don’t do this. Do that.’

“Now we are dealing with a new partner who is not putting all these strings attached.”
SOURCE http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/7824cc28-83ed-11e2-b700-00144feabdc0.html#axzz2MY66sLkx

Left to right: Ram Menen, Emirates Senior Divisional Vice President, Cargo, receives the award from Des Vertannes, Global Head of Cargo, IATA.
Left to right: Ram Menen, Emirates Senior Divisional Vice President, Cargo, receives the award from Des Vertannes, Global Head of Cargo, IATA.

SkyCargo, the freight division of Emirates, one of the world’s fastest growing airlines, has been named Global Cargo Airline of the Year, by The STAT Trade Times, organisers of the Air Cargo Africa 2013 event recently held in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Emirates flies daily from Dubai to Lusaka and Harare, with an additional freighter service every week.

The STAT Trade Times, which forms part of the STAT Media Group, is an international multimodal transport publication, and has since 2006 presented awards in various categories to encourage excellence in the air cargo industry.

Winners are chosen by the worldwide readers of the publication, who nominate their choice in various categories through online participation over a period of a month, and the winners are determined on the basis of the nominations received.

“Many thanks goes out to all the readers who voted for Emirates SkyCargo. Winning this award is a direct endorsement by our customers of our continuous drive and focus on delivering the highest levels of service,” said Ram Menen, Emirates Divisional Senior Vice President Cargo.

The award was presented at a ceremony attended by leaders in the Air Cargo industry, in Johannesburg, South Africa.  

About Emirates SkyCargo

Emirates SkyCargo is the freight division of Emirates. Reflecting Emirates’ overall policy of excellence in every area of operation, SkyCargo’s investment in highly-qualified staff, the very latest information technology, the most efficient aircraft and the finest ground handling facilities, has made it a significant force in the global air cargo industry. In the 2011-12 financial year, Emirates SkyCargo carried 1.79 million tonnes of cargo across its network, contributing 16.2 per cent – US$ 2.6 billion – of the airline’s total transport revenue.

For further information on Emirates SkyCargo, please visit www.skycargo.com 


Veep - Guy Scott

Veep - Guy Scott
Veep – Guy Scott
VICE-PRESIDENT Guy Scott has said that there is no witch-hunt in the corruption crusade the PF Government has embarked on.

Dr Scott said Government had found a lot of prima-facie evidence against several leaders who served in both the previous regime of former President Rupiah Banda and the current MMD leadership.

The Vice-President was speaking in separate interviews with South Africa Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) TV and on a live-radio programme on Channel Africa arranged by the Zambia High Commission in South Africa.

Dr Scott said the discovery of about referring to K2.1 million which was found buried at former Labour minister Austin Liato’s farm, and the over 2000 bicycles that were found in a former minister’s backyard was just a tip of the iceberg on the rampant corruption that took place under the MMD administration of Mr Banda.

He said the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) recently gave an opportunity to the former President to clear his name on some of the alleged abuses but he refused to appear before the investigative agency.

The Vice-President explained that the action by the ACC prompted Mr Banda and other opposition leaders to hold an emergency press conference in South Africa so that they could gain international sympathy.

“The same MMD lifted the immunity of former president Frederick Chiluba in order to allow him to be prosecuted, and there is a very good precedence already. We found a lot of prima-facie evidence of corruption against the MMD regime,” he said

Dr Scott however assured that the former President was guaranteed the rule of law obtaining in Zambia, and that no court would put him behind bars if he were not guilty.

“We are being very tough on corruption and that’s why they are not happy. They are squirming under the pressure,” he added.

He questioned the logic by opposition leaders to hold a press conference in South Africa when the same briefing attracted headlines in the Zambian media.

“I think it is hysterical what they are doing. I think it is far too overblown, they are losing. They are basically becoming weaker and weaker. We are getting stronger and they say it is because we are using unfair tricks, but we are winning by-elections handsomely,” he said

The Vice-President said even the public media in Zambia that was being used as a propaganda tool under the previous regime was now operating with more freedom and was covering the opposition as well.

Dr Scott reaffirmed that Zambia is not a one party state, and that the PF Government would not wish for the nation to become one.

“There is no unlawful imprisonment in Zambia, no military take over…if you want to excite the world press you have to come to South Africa,” he added.

Dr Scott noted that countries which had been suspended by the Commonwealth were those which were affected by rampant abuses by their Governments and military coups, which was not the case in Zambia.

On allegations that President Michael Sata had unleashed ethnicity on Zambia, the Vice-President responded: “How can you have ethnicity in a country with a white Vice-President?”

Dr Scott also said relations between Zambia and South Africa could be better because of the shared history involving the two countries and that the fact that several leaders from the ‘Rainbow Nation’ stayed in Lusaka during the apartheid struggle.

However, Dr Scott said the Government was trying to enhance the relations through channels like improving media relations between the two countries.

“We are building up our press relations with South Africa at the Embassy here. I will talk to the President when I get back that we might consider putting more resources into that,” he said.

Dr Scott said Zambia would like to see more in-depth investment from South Africa in the mining, manufacturing and agricultural sector, beyond the investment into chain stalls and hotels.

He said both countries should project a proper image of themselves as mining giants.

Vice-President Scott said the problem of unemployment was affecting both countries and that they should come up with ways of addressing the problem.

“We read about your problems and recognize them immediately as our own problems,” said Dr Scott.


Government-Chief-Spokesperson-Kennedy-SakeniZambian opposition political leaders gathered in Johannesburg, South Africa have urged the Commonwealth to appoint an envoy to undertake an independent investigation into what they are calling violation of their rights and those of civil society and breach of the law by the PF government.

But Chief Government Spokesperson Kennedy Sakeni has challenged former president Rupiah Banda to come out clean on today’s press conference by the opposition leaders in Rosebank, South Africa who include MMD’s Nevers Mumba,UPND’s Hakainde Hichilema and ULP’s Sakwiba Sikota.

Others gathered in Johannesburg include former president Rupiah Banda and ZDDM president Edwin Sakala
MMD president Nevers Mumba accused the PF government of behaving in a criminal fashion, stating that average Zambian citizens are suffering greatly from the PF’s selfish policies.

And UPND president Hakainde Hichilema said looking objectively at the alleged pattern of abuses committed by the PF government against civil societies,opposition parties and business competitors of their allies,it is difficult not to conclude that the country is on the road back to a one party state.

They have called for the suspension of Zambia from the Commonwealth on account alleged violations and human rights abuses.

But Chief Government Spokesperson Kennedy Sakeni says government is aware that Mr Banda has direct links to what he has described as immature and embarrassingly unpatriotic fruitless schemes.

Mr Sakeni says it is not a coincidence that former president Banda has been to South Africa twice in a week,first on 6th February accompanied by Dickson Jere and returned on February 7th February, only to leave again for the same destination the following day on 8th February,2013.

He says Dr Mumba accompanied by Pastor Nakachinda similarly left for South Africa, only to be followed by Mr Hichilema who was accompanied by Mr Jack Mwiimbu on 10th February,2013.

He states that the result of the hasty and deceitful trips is today’s sponsored press conference.

Mr Sakeni has advised former president Banda and what he has described as his newly constituted defence team of Dr Mumba, Mr Hichilema and Mr Sakwiba Sikota that the matters he is facing will be justly determined within the Zambian jurisdiction.

He adds that the PF government us resolved to seek justice with regards Mr Banda and his children’s alleged involvement in the alleged plunder of the country’s public resources.

He says no amount of political blackmail and media stunts will stop government from fulfilling the campaign promise made to the Zambian people.

Mr Sakeni in a statement released to QFM News says Mr Banda is facing a credible investigation.

He has further dismissed assertions of human rights violations being committed by the PF government.


President Sata  addresses Zambia National Team
President Sata addresses Zambia National Team
President Michael Sata has arrived in the country from South Africa where he had gone to attend the official opening of the Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) tournament.

The President arrived aboard a Presidential Challenge Jet at 16:00 hours at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport and was welcomed by Finance Minister, Alexander Chikwanda, Defence Minister Geoffrey Mwamba, Justice Minister, Wynter Kabimba and Home Affairs Minister, Edgar Lungu.

Others at hand to receive the President include Home Affairs Deputy Minister, Efron Lungu, Lusaka Mayor, Daniel Chisenga, defence and service Chiefs and other senior government officials.

The President left South Africa at 14:10 hours this afternoon and was seen off at Thabo Mbeki International Airport by Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa, Muyeba Chikonde and other senior members at the High Commission.

While in South Africa, Mr Sata also took time to visit the Zambian National Soccer Team at Protea Hotel in Nelspruit, where the team is camped.

Mr Sata, who was accompanied by wife Christine Kaseba, Sports Minister, Chishimba Kambwili and special assistant for press and Public Relations, George Chellah, urged the team to retain the trophy.

Zambia this afternoon faces Ethiopia in the opening Group C Match of the AFCON tournament.



Government has announced that Chipolopolo players will each get US$90,000 if they retain the AFCON this year.

Youth and Sport minister Chishimba Kambwili announced this in South Africa on Sunday.

President Michael Sata and his wife Christine Kaseba also met the players at Protea Hotel in Nelspruit where they are staying.

Sata told the team to win the tournament again to honour the national team which perished in Gabon about 20 years.

“You people you need to reflect. You have a debt to pay. We lost a strong team in Gabon who were young like you and you have to prove that our brothers did not die in vain in Gabon,” he said.
He said he decided to visit the team to deliver a message from the Zambia that they were confident that the team was going to retain the prestigious continental trophy.

And Minister of Youth and Sport Chishimba Kambwili has announced that the players will each get US$90,000 if they retain the cup.

Kambwili announced this immediately after the President delivered his goodwill message to the players.

He further said each player will get US$20,000 if they qualify to the finals of the 2013 AFCON tournament.

And Football Association of Zambia president Kalusha Bwalya says the success of the team has been based on the organization between his association and the Ministry of Sport.

Bwalya said the player were disciplined and determined to retain the cup.Meanwhile, national team Coach Herve Renard, said the team was ready to kick off the tournament tomorrow because it was physically and mentally prepared.

Renard said the President’s visit to the team was a big morale booster to the team adding that it underscored the support of the Zambian people.

And team captain Christopher Katongo has thanked the President for the visit saying it was the first time in history for a President to visit the team in camp.

Zambia is playing against Ethiopia tomorrow before meeting other group C mates Nigeria and Burkina Faso later this month.

Other teams jostling for the trophy are South Africa, Cape Verde, Democratic Republic of Congo, Angola, Ghana, Algeria, Ivory Coast, Morocco and Tunisia.

The rest are Central African Republic, Togo and Mali.

Group A teams have one point each as they all drew nil-nil yesterday. The group A teams are South Africa, Cape Verde, Angola and Morocco.

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