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President Michael Sata
President Michael Sata
President Michael Sata says the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) must continue the fight against corruption, social injustice and inequality in order to promote social order and peace for the Zambian people.

The Head of State said political mobilization and consciousness must remain the cornerstone of the Patriotic Front.

Giving his view on the newly introduced PF training module for members, which is under the theme: The History and Development of the Patriotic Front 2001 – 2011, President Sata observed that the history of a political organization forms the bond of identity with its members and supporters at large.

“It is also the basis for its values, ideals and aspirations for posterity. The documentation of the Patriotic Front history covered in this training module and others is intended to show and encourage our members that they can continue to achieve in the future more than what they have achieved in the 10 years of existence of our organization,” President Sata said.

“It is our members’ concerted efforts, sacrifice, and unfailing faith and hard work which gave the Patriotic Front the strength to dislodge the MMD from power on 20TH September, 2011. Our members have proved that unity of purpose, discipline and hope in the future of our country and its people can lead to victory against all human odds. They saw hope where there was despair.”

This is contained in a press statement made available to the media by George Chellah special assistant to the president for press and public relations.

The President said the PF’s electoral victory of 2011 should be considered as only the beginning of a long journey.

“The party must, therefore, continue the fight against corruption, social injustice and inequality in order to promote social order and peace for our people and the world. The transformation of our party from an opposition political party into that of the governing political authority of the country must not betray the aspirations of its members,” President Sata said.

“The party is the only vehicle for the improvement of the living standards of the Zambian people. It must, therefore, continue to be relevant to the people’s day to day life and welfare at all times. It must inspire and give them hope.”

The Head of State noted that political mobilization and consciousness must remain the cornerstone of the party.

“They constitute the engine for the survival of the organization now and in the future. However, political consciousness must be frequently renewed through continuous political education and participatory programmes by all members to enable them to respond to the dynamic challenges which confront the party. These challenges are cross-cutting from the section up to the Central Committee without exception,” the President said.

“I therefore, wish to appeal to the leadership of the party at all levels and our members in general to ensure their invaluable contribution through their active personal participation in all political education programmes whenever called upon to do so by those responsible for the conduct and promotion of these training module lectures. Remember the adage, that ‘knowledge is power’.”


Dora Siliya
Dora Siliya
Former Transport and Communications Minister Dora Siliya was yesterday summoned to appear before the Government Joint Investigations team .

In a statement released to Qfm News, Ms. Siliya confirmed that she exercised her constitutional right to remain silent on the issue relating to the engagement of RP Capital Partners of the Cayman Islands relative to the sale of ZAMTEL.

Ms. Siliya said she was therefore advised that the Joint Team of
Investigators would contact her in due course.

She stated that the matters relating to the engagement of RP Capital Partners on the sale of ZAMTEL are all in the public domain and were subject of the proceedings of the Tribunal constituted by the Honourable Chief Justice of the Republic of Zambia whose findings are contained in a Report submitted by the Tribunal to the Republican President.

She adds that she was absolved of any wrong doing and duly exonerated of allegations of Abuse of Office even after the matter was subjected to the High Court and the Supreme Court of Zambia.

Ms. Siliya further said when the Patriotic Front took over Government, a Commission of Inquiry was constituted to investigate the same issue and that the findings of the Commission of Inquiry are yet to be made public.

She said the engagement of RP Capital Advisors and the final transaction for the sale of ZAMTEL have been subjected to various approval authorities inter alia; Cabinet, The Zambia Development Agency (ZDA) and the Ministry of Justice.

Ms. Siliya said the matter has been settled in the past but that it appears the matter has a tendency of being rekindled over and over again.

She expressed hope that State Agents will consider the abundant material at its disposal in a professional manner so that a full inquiry is made and not just to embark on a witch hunt designed to persecute what are deemed as political opponents. QFM


Chief Registrar of Societies Clement Andeleki has with immediate effect resigned from his position.

Mr. Andeleki has told Qfm News that his resignation is in pursuit of another public office which he declined to disclose.

And Mr. Andeleki has charged that his resignation is not linked with recent media reports suggesting that he will contest the vacant Livingstone Central Seat on the ruling Patriotic Front ticket.

He has reiterated that he is not aware of any plans to have him adopted as a Parliamentary candidate for the PF in the Livingstone Central by-elections.

Mr. Andeleki has since thanked Republican President Michael Sata and Zambians at large for supporting him during his time at the Department of the Registrar of societies.

Brian Hapunda
Brian Hapunda

The ruling Patriotic Front in Southern Province says the opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) should brace itself for more resignations of its Members of Parliament.

PF Southern Province Political Secretary Brian Hapunda says the UPND leadership has for a long time now taken its members for granted.

Hapunda says he foresees Sinazongwe Member of Parliament Richwell Simunene as the next parliamentarian to resign from the party.

Speaking to QFM news, Hapunda observes that the opposition UPND has taken its Members of Parliament for granted.

He says states that the UPND should realize that it cannot progress without it continues to frustrate its members.



sikwelaThe opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) says its former Livingstone Member of Parliament Reverend Howard Sikwela is an ungrateful man.

And the UPND has accused the ruling Patriotic Front of masterminding the resignation of Reverend Sikwela as Member of Parliament.

UPND Secretary General Winstone Chibwe says it is ungrateful for Reverend Sikwela to resign as a parliamentarian considering the effort the party put in during his campaign.

Mr. Chibwe says it is very unfortunate that Reverend Sikwela stood in the way of many other people who wanted to genuinely contest the seat on the UPND ticket besides not even contributing any amount to his campaign.

He tells QFM News that Reverend Sikwela is not even worth being called a Reverend because his resignation has just exposed his great level of selfishness.

And Mr. Chibwe states that there is no doubt that the ruling Patriotic Front is behind the move taken by Reverend Sikwela.

He notes that it is very clear that the PF is trying every effort to turn the country into a one party state by creating unnecessary by-elections.

Mr. Chibwe however states that the people of Zambia will not allow to be taken advantage of by politicians with ill intentions.

UPND’s Livingstone Member of Parliament Reverend Howard Sikwela has with immediate effect resigned from his parliamentary seat and the party.




The United States mission in Zambia has hailed the Patriotic Front’s government on its efforts to improve the country%u2019s economy.

U.S Embassy Public Affairs Officer Priscilla Hernandez says foreign investors have developed confidence in the country’s business environment.

Ms. Hernandez has pledged her country’s commitment to supporting their Zambian counterparts in improving the economy and eradicating its challenges.

She says it is for this reason that 12 American Companies in various sectors recently visited Zambia to explore the country’s business opportunities.

Ms. Hernandez says Zambia is headed for positive economic growth and massive foreign investment if the current trends on the business environment continue.



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