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The opposition Patriotic Front (PF) has advised journalists in the public media to abstain from covering the party to avoid their stories being trashed.

PF Chairman for local government Given Lubinda further advised the journalists not to allow themselves to be abused at the expense of other individuals.

Mr. Lubinda says the party would still survive even if the public media stopped covering its event

Speaking in Lusaka yesterday, Mr. Lubinda assured Zambians that time will soon come when the media in the country will be liberated.


Patriotic Front (PF) president Michael Sata says the recent opinion poll results will not slacken hi party’s works ahead of the general elections later this year.

Mr Sata says the PF will instead continue to work hard despite the respective opinion poll pitting him ahead of the MMD’s President Rupiah Banda.

He has however told Muvi TV news in an interview that he is grateful for the trust Zambian people have vested in him.

Mr Sata has further said the party is busy mobilizing itself in preparation for the 2011 general elections./MuviTv


London: Zambians in the UK had a rare opportunity to interact with Zambia’s main opposition Patriotic Front (PF) president Michael Sata.  In his introduction text, Mr. Sata told a surprising small crowned that gathered in East London that:

“If we have to build Zambia we need all of you. I want you to know that as the leader of the most popular party and second biggest party in Zambia, I am quite mindful of you citizens living in the Diaspora.

“I am very grateful that you asked me to come and share with you on how we can build Zambia. We need you to be more organised, the PF government wants to know ‘who is who’ outside Zambia so that you can help build Zambia, without you we shall be going forward and backwards.

“I urge the Diaspora to turn Zambia into green pastures not run to the green pastures”.

Once in power, Mr. Sata promised the Zambians in the Diaspora that they will be allowed bring home “all your goods and the stuff in your garages tax free”

“If the Chinese and other foreigners can bring their goods in Zambia tax free, why should you Zambians denied the same right”?

Mr. Sata praised Zambians in the Diaspora for their unity.

“Here you do not look who comes from which tribe, but you consider yourself as Zambians when it suits you.

Mr. Sata disclosed that his government will forge close links to the United Kingdom its formal colonial master and start benefiting from its research and development.

He cited some of the problems facing Zambia today which include high and chronic unemployment, poor health, Zambia not benefit from its natural resources, misuse of government resources and corruption among government officials.

On corruption, Mr. Sata also questioned why the government had to buy land from a private company.

Mr. Sata condemned the public media in Zambia for being the mouth piece of the current government while praising the private media dotted around the country for filing in the gap.

On the question of whether he supports dual-nationality, Mr. Sata did not give clear black and white answer.

He said:

“When Zambia becomes a rich country, Zambians will be proud to be Zambians and not bother about the issue of dual nationality.

“Immediately you bring dual nationality, the first thing will be 15 million Chinese people to get dual nationality, because law is law, but once will bring pride, then the question of dual-nationality will be of secondary importance to you”.

Mr. Sata said that: “I am here in the UK because I have been invited to speak to students at Oxford University on how to organise and run a successful political party.”


President Banda has directed the Minister of Mines, Maxwell Mwale, to direct the board of Zambia Consolidated Copper Mines Investment Holding ZCCM IH to immediately write off outstanding balances which sitting tenants of 3,386 houses in the Copperbelt province owe the company.

The president has also directed ZCCM-IH to immediately stop recoveries of all outstanding balances and harassment of sitting tenants.

President Banda said he has decided to issue directives because of complaints and petitions which sitting tenants presented to him.

He said the directive refers only to residential properties.

He said it was the hope of government that houses would be sold at reasonable prices but the majority of tenants have struggled to finish paying for the houses due to exorbitant prices.

ZANIS reports that the debt write off will apply to residents in Mufulira with 1,518 houses in Butondo, Kankoyo, Kantanshi and Mupambe townships.

In Luanshya the debt write off applies to 1,011 houses, in Kitwe 732 houses in Wusakile Mindolo Nkana east and west and Chamboli while in Chililambobwe there are 31 houses.

In Kalulushi and Chambishi, the debt writes off affects 92 houses.

President Banda told sitting tenants that the house as theirs and they now have full ownership from today onwards and no parastatal company should intimidate them.

He said the MMD government is a government for all Zambians and therefore, when people complain it must listen.

He said as President, he will not stand by and watch the poor quality of life which the people have allegedly been subjected to by the opposition Patriotic Front (PF) run councils on the Copperbelt.

The President said since last year when he raised concerns over how public money was being abused by PF run councils, nothing has changed in terms of service delivery and this was why he decided to return to Kitwe and issue directives.

He said government has been left with no option but engage directly in finding partners in order to fix some of the roads in the Copperbelt province.

And president Banda has announced that he will soon go back to Kitwe to outline the plan on the road rehabilitation in the Copperbelt province.

He charged that it was not because of elections that government has decided to take up the rehabilitation of roads in the province but because local councils have failed to do so./ZANIS

The United Party for National Development (UPND) has condemned the Patriotic Front (PF) for what it terms as under hand methods to poach its members.

UPND deputy spokesperson Cornelius Mweetwa says the party is disappointed with the PF for the tactics they are using to make the members of the former pact partners to defect to the PF.

Mr. Mweetwa claims that the PF is this afternoon in Choma district offering 100,000 kwacha to members of the UPND who will surrender the membership cards at a public rally.

He says that it is a pity that the PF is using corruption to gain support in the UPND stronghold.
Mr. Mweetwa expressed his disappointment to QFM news this morning.

He says that it is also disappointing for the party that condemns corruption to be engaging in graft.

He says that this shows that if the PF forms government, they will be corrupt as can be seen from the type of politics they are practicing./qfm



A KITWE-BASED non-governmental organisation (NGO) has said organisations advocating parallel vote tabulation (PVT) are trying to incite Zambians to reject election results in the event that a named opposition leader loses the poll.

Africa Institute for Democracy and Good Governance head of public relations Thabo Kawana said in an interview in Kitwe on March 28 that it is a well-known fact that organisations and individuals advocating PVT support Patriotic Front (PF) president Michael Sata, who has participated in elections several times and lost.

“This time around, they want to go ahead of the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) to announce the election results in the event that their preferred candidate loses. They want people to reject the election results so that the country can degenerate into chaos,” Mr Kawana said.

He said Father Frank Bwalya is an example of a PVT advocate who in the 2008 presidential elections announced exit polls from his ‘people on the ground’ which indicated that the PF was winning the election.

“But when official results from the ECZ came out, there was tension on the Copperbelt,” Mr Kawana said.

He said PVT has never been officially used in Zambia and the ECZ has never accredited organisations to carry out the exercise.

“The ECZ has accredited organisations to monitor elections but in the process, these organisations have conducted unofficial and secret PVT,” Mr Kawana said.

He said it is unfortunate that some NGOs, unscrupulous donors and individuals have coined a strategy to announce their preferred candidate as the winner, ahead of the official results from ECZ.

“This is an illegal activity because the announcement of election results is a preserve of the ECZ as enshrined in the republican Constitution,” Mr Kawana said.

He said the ECZ is right to refuse to share power with organisations advocating PVT.

Mr Kawana challenged pro-PVT NGOs to state when the ECZ accredited individuals or organisations to conduct PVT.

He said attempts to sway the people of Western Province to vote for Mr Sata through negative publicity will not work.

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