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By Dr. By Mulenga Kaela

By Mulenga Kaela

Predicting an election outcome, especially in Africa, is a daunting job. Media in advanced countries always try to venture into this territory, by trying to influence or sway the public opinion. Our local independent media, such as The Post, Radio Phoenix and even the public media including Times of Zambia, Daily Mail, ZNBC and others – they too try their luck at the game. But none of these can tell you for sure, as of now, who would be our next Zambia president. Surfing blogs and Diaspora discussion forums, does not produce a definitive answer.

Though reading political moods is a complex business, I will try here, in my own way, to give an insight as to what could be expected in the 2011 Zambian general elections. Could Michael Sata’s (King Cobra) PF – Patriotic Front, become the next ruling party.?  My focus and intention in this piece would be to analyze those factors I think would determine change.

In 2001 before President Patrick Levy Mwanawasa (Levy) came to power – there was a political storm, when we saw MMD almost being thrown out of office by late Anderson Mazoka’s (Andy) UPND. The main issue then was the 3rd Term debacle. Had Andy strategized effectively with other opposition parties – Zambia’s history books would have been different. Then, opposition parties had garnered more then 70% of public votes versus less then 30% for MMD.


Mwanawasa only survived because of the “first-past-the-post rule” (FPP) – meaning that the highest polling candidate carries the day.

It is in fact this contentious clause which has angered many Zambians who would rather prefer selecting a president under a more majoritarian principle of 50% + 1. People feel that electing a president under FPP is not representative enough. Neither is it close to proportional representation.

In both elections of 2006 and 2008 – PF did well. In 2006, its 46 MPs compared fairly with MMDs 75. And in 2008, Sata’s 38% popular vote fell short of Pres Rupiah Banda’s 41% – while UPND and other parties got 21%. As you can see, PF and UPND put together got 59% of the popular vote. Thus, if Sata could successfully lead a real coalition of opposition parties, he might then pose a threat to the ruling MMD party. That coalition has to be concrete unlike its predecessor UDA (United Democratic Alliance) formed between UPND, UNIP, FDD, and ULP. Too bad PF/UPND’s pact is not solid.  It seems Hakaimbe Hichilema (HH) of UPND has also got his own ambitions of becoming a president.

Therefore, even if the conditions in 2011 will be similar to 2001 — so long as the first-past-the-post rule remains in force, Michael Sata of PF cannot be 100% sure of becoming the next president of Zambia. Like his counterpart Andy, (who nearly beat Mwanawasa then), Sata cannot pull it off – unless he manages to organize opposition coalition. Otherwise this first-past-the-post principle would work in favor of Pres Rupiah Banda (RB).

Michael Sata

Moreover, due to the mushrooming of new political parties, a by-product of multipartysm – splitting the vote would make FPP-rule even easier to achieve. Apart from MMD, PF, UNIP, FDD (founded by late Christon Tembo and now led by Edith Nawakwi), Heritage Party (Godfrey Miyanda’s) and Ben Mwila’s Zambia Republican Party – you have NDF (National Democratic Focus) and Sakwiba Sikota’s United Liberal Party (ULP).

Other newer parties include – re-elected MP for LUENA Charles Milupi’s Alliance for Democracy & Development (ADD); Fredrick Mutesa’s Zambians for Empowerment & Development (ZED); and the newest – Elias Chipimo Jnr’s National Restoration Party (NAREP), whose catchy vision phrase is: “to see and strive for an equitable and prosperous Zambia”.

In Zambia today, you cannot pinpoint on one single group as the driving force. It is not the women, not the youth or university students. Even Madalas are not unanimous these days. MMD is relying on cadres as a mobilizing force. What is PF’s base? In 1991, Frederick Chiluba (FTJ) was at least lucky because of the wind of change blowing across the Eastern Block.

What is the basis of my speculation – that PF may yet lose again? The first extrapolation we can get, besides looking at a similar picture we got in 2006 and 2008 – is from the recently held by elections in Chilanga and Mpulungu. Although everyone knows pretty well that the electoral system is somehow broken – I was surprised when PF, because they didn’t like the results in Mpulungu, they protested and even threatened to petition. Basically they cried foul by claiming that votes were either stolen or rigged by MMD. We are familiar with this.

President Banda

In 2008, moved by his early lead in votes – Sata cried fraud and at first even refused to recognize Banda’s victory.

If ECZ tallying of ballots can’t work in their favor, what PF and other opposition parties should then do is to accept old results as a challenge for doing better the next time round. They should know that there is no other remedy other than winning the elections handily – landslide way, so to speak. That is how Chiluba in 1991 MMD won the battle against UNIP. Otherwise, UNIP would have manipulated the results had the results been close. PF must be prepared to go thru the same or similar litmus paper.

One of the things PF’s political strategists and tacticians should work on – is the message itself. Simply doing things in Sata’s way got them only one seat in 2001.  In 2006, Sata’s anti-Chinese rant coupled with pro-poor policies – that is promising better/more jobs and housing, didn’t work. PF run against Levy’s economic policies, which brought undoubtedly sustained growth and low inflation in Zambia. This same message (acting as champion of the poor), was recast in 2008 when Sata ran against Banda, yet it still didn’t make him win.

During the 2008 campaign everyone remembers when Sata bellowed that – “if he wins, he would scrub the country and wash it”. Rupiah Banda’s simple message was – to continue with Mwanawasa’s program. He won! Therefore in 2011, to win PF must recast a simpler and stronger message. If their slogan will concern corruption and poverty – that message must illustrate HOW PF would eliminate or solve those problems.

If it would be safeguarding national assets, again PF must articulate how it intends to do that without sacrificing economic development. That its investment plans – can boost the development of our resources, build factories, create jobs, bring tax revenues and royalties – all for the sake of improving the lives of ordinary people. It must explain to the people the confusion between direct foreign investments and foreign takeover – the later being an early stage of recolonization triggered by love for fast buck by elites. [Who exchange bribes with concessions – a voluntary mortgaging of the country of sorts]. In other words, someone in PF must figure out – how to convert Sata’s populism into votes; a message on how to reduce obscene income inequality; and explain to masses that those high poverty levels, in the long run – leads to dangerous societal consequences.

That is, Sata needs a thinker who can put a finger on what it is, that can propel the party to a clear cut election victory. Something to make the party win more constituencies than competitors, can only happen if there is a movement behind it. Hence, PF needs a message which can resonate with the people that – it is the party which can succeed in making every Zambian eat part of the economic cake.

That is, if PF wants to avoid being cheated by the ruling party, they have to go out and organize the grassroots in all areas of Zambia so that people can rally behind its candidate. And make sure that they win the majority of seats. Victories must be clear. Well in advance, PF must also be aware that normally, courts in Africa throw out allegations of rigging and electoral misconduct. In Zambia, we should be able to learn from our history that – late Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe (SMK), Dean Mung’omba, Andy Mazoka and Sata himself, have protested but with no positive fruits. Attempts to arouse communal and anti-government sentiments do not in our country yield anything. Because they love peace, somehow, Zambians tend to be hesitant.

As I suspect they may be doing — opposition cannot rely on the assessment of the pundits, armchair critics, or aggrieved personalities like George Mpombo or Ng’andu Magande. These peoples’ sentiments could be misleading. It is also inaccurate and rather early to say, for example, that MMD is out and finished. It is like counting chickens before they are hatched. First, we must remember that they are still in power, with all the advantages which come with incumbency. And above all, looking at a general picture – even if PF and its partner UPND seems to be picking up momentum, the popular support for either PF or UPND is NOT national. Each of these parties passes only as being regional in nature.

Further, it is useful to recall that all the parties, which have ruled Zambia so far — first UNIP and then MMD after that, they have had a minimum of at least two characteristics. The first, being that the party must enjoy support from the Copper Belt and Lusaka. And secondly, it must possess a national base.  A weak third factor is that, Bembas (in N. Province & Luapula) on one hand, and Easterners (generically referred to as Ngonis or Nyanja) on the other – have to be perceived to be supporting the same political party. This perception or cooperation goes all the way back to the pre-independence struggles. Other tribes fall in between.

While PF seems to have strong support on the Copper Belt & Lusaka, its support in N. Province, Luapula and Eastern Province is not guaranteed. For 2011, Rupiah Banda (RB) has already started telling Easterners not to lose the presidency. In Luapula, Sata will have to fight against the Chiluba factor. For whatever reason, FTJ seems to be on the side of Banda, and naturally will have to campaign (if that is permissible) for him. Already PF has to battle for seats held by the rebel MPs such as Peter Machungwa. These are substantial obstacles which need to be considered seriously by PF.

Moreover, N. Province is not either in the bag for PF primarily because of: Mbala Mafia factor, Mambwe-Namwanga group versus Bemba proper. Since these groups are not unanimously supporting PF, there is danger of losing some votes in the province, to MMD. In other words, Sata’s name or Ubwato even in his home province, is not automatic. Some resistance to it still exists. And I think only Senior Chief Mwamba – of the Bemba people, is openly pro-PF, because I gather that Paramount Chief Chitimukulu is for MMD and the government. Therefore in sum, even PF’s N. Province support, is at best, still weak.

UPND President HH

In addition, when you examine PF’s position elsewhere in the country – the picture is not any better. In S. Province, UPND clearly dominates. In W. Province, unless PF strategizes with Charles Milupi’s party (ADD) – UPND stands a better chance to compete against MMD. That leaves NW. Province, where I think the battle will be between MMD and UPND. Not to forget about VP George Kunda’s factor when it comes to Central Province.

Put all these together, unless there will be a wind of change, stronger than now blowing in favor of PF, the only way Sata can become our next president still, seems to be narrow. That does not mean that this picture cannot be changed in due course through hard organizational work. Thus, PF if it wants to win can still consolidate its support by massively organizing the grassroots – constituency by constituency. They need to raise vote numbers where they polled low in 2008. The only other alternative to that might be sheer good luck.

However, there are other factors which can have a significant play into this equation. If Zambians were to vote using facts and personal profiles of the two leaders – Sata versus Banda, here is what might emerge. Here, I assume that Zambians get sufficient information about each candidate.

First, in terms of fighting against corruption, or ability and the management style – Sata would be preferable by Zambians. Many people still remember how Sata cleaned up Lusaka when he was a Governor in the Kaunda days.  And there are those who think that the Ministry of Health was run well when he (Sata) was its Minister. Drugs were plentiful in hospitals and the Ministry officials could not steal billions of Kwacha without anyone noticing.

Thus, because of this good record, Sata can easily capitalize on it to earn more votes. Moreover, if Sata was to campaign on the motto “of creating more jobs and putting more money in peoples’ pockets“, his message might be believable. After all, reducing poverty translates into putting money in pocket books. But the strange thing is that – Zambians have not responded positively to that message. Sata used it against Mwanawasa in 2006 and yet again in 2008 for Banda, without success.

This means that, if PF sticks to its message of – improving the welfare and lives of the ordinary people, it may still backfire. Can therefore, PF come up with another message which sells to the people? The important point to make is that, people need to feel that they are also eating part of the economic cake.

While King Cobra is prudent and known for his pragmatism and shrewdness in grassroots contacts, unfortunately, he is NOT the best of democrats. He tends to be dictatorial and that perhaps helps to explain why he has failed to call for a PF national convention. This is another big sticking point against him.

As MMD Secretary General, Sata is also linked to the failed Chiluba’s 3rd Term attempt. He loses points again on that score. On the other hand, when it comes to RB’s resume – apart from his weakness on corruption, Banda is undoubtedly a seasoned diplomat. On that score, he is therefore a more internationally recognizable figure than Sata. Naturally that would make him (RB) a better negotiator. But at his point in time, Zambia needs a strong leader because China and other foreign countries are busy trying to find ways of short changing us. Who would then be our best leader?

If Banda is a better negotiator, it also follows that he is probably more subject to manipulation (therefore weaker). China which is fighting hard to increase its influence in the Zambian affairs, would love a man they can talk to and manipulate. Since Sata is incorrigible in some sense, we can therefore conclude that Sata might be a better guy in safeguarding Zambia’s interests and national affairs. And if this perception is shared by many, it is yet another plus for Sata. Can he capitalize on it?

That is although Sata may not be a strategist in the true sense of the word – he may just be perfect for the Zambian situation. This is assuming of course, that he fights off RB’s abilities to strategize with other players. Mind you Banda has already proved that, given chance, he can operate. During Mwanawasa’s death, he has shown that he could take advantage of Levy’s death and policies to advance his own agenda. This is what Mpombo calls – ‘plagiarism’.

There is also another clear departure between RB and Sata. While Sata has a limited ability to listen and get advice, Banda is slightly more open. He is a leader not afraid to delegate powers to subordinates. Does Sata possess that quality? Your guess is as good as mine.

Therefore, as I see it, unless PF and its supporters can make a complete examination of their chances in 2011, and take measures to improve where they can – it (their chance of scooping 2011) will once more slip out of their hand. I am not a doomsayer, but this is a message which everyone is afraid to tell Mr. Michael Sata. He needs to hear this message before it is again too late. Cheers!!

By Zumani Katasefa
MMD spokesperson Dora Siliya has charged that PF leader Michael Sata is incompetent to lead Zambia.
Addressing a rally in Kitwe’s Wusakile township yesterday(Sunday) Ms Siliya told Copperbelt residents not to risk to vote for Sata saying that he(Sata) is going to destroy the country once voted into power.
She further said that the MMD government under President Rupiah Banda would not take development to people who vote for opposition political parties.
She said other regions of the country, where people vote for MMD are being developed, as compared to those areas that PF strongholds.
But some Kitwe residents have criticised Ms Siliya’s remarks saying that it is cheap propaganda.
“Government is expected to deliver development to all parts of the country, it is foolish for Dora to say that only those who vote for the MMD would see development,” said Darius Mubanga.

Patriotic front leader Michael Sata has revealed that the patriotic front will ensure that it puts in place mechanisms that will prevent the MMD from rigging the elections.

PF leader Michael Sata says that the patriotic front will not allow the MMD to rig the elections in any way.

Mr. Sata says that the PF will among other this deploy a number of election monitors in most parts of the country.

Mr. Sata speaking today at the opening of the PF general conference in Kabwe stated that the PF is geared and ready for the election.

Mr. Sata has further called for democracy at the PF national convention.

And Mr. Sata has stated that the MMD government has failed to run the affairs of the country.

Mr. Sata says that says that Zambians should vote wisely as the date of the elections approaches./QFM

Patriotic Front (PF) President, Michael Sata says this year’s general elections will be held on 27th August.

This comes as the country still awaits the announcement of the elections date by President Rupiah Banda.

MUVI TV’s In’utu Mwanza reports that Mr Sata says he has been reliably informed that the polls were initially set for 11th August before being shifted to 27th August.

The outspoken opposition leader was speaking today when officially opening the PF national convention at Mulungushi University, in Kabwe.

At least 3,500 delegates are attending the convention, during which the party will also elect its national leadership.

And Mr Sata has been re-elected unopposed as President of the PF.

Meanwhile, journalists from the public media have been barred from covering the convention.

And Mr Sata has accused government of misusing the public media.

He has told the PF convention that public media has lost its vision of informing, educating and entertaining.

Meanwhile, first republican president, Kenneth Kaunda was among several dignitaries, who attended the official opening of the PF convention.

Others were the ambassadors from Britain and the United States of America./Muvi TV

Preparations for the first ever Patriotic Front General conference to be held at the Mulungushi rock of authority in Kabwe from the 2nd-5th July, 2011, have reached an advanced stage with party General secretary Winter Kabimba calling on all bonafide party members to freely participate.

Unlike the usual system by most political parties of electing leaders for various party positions, the delegates to the PF convention will only elect the party president and members of the central committee.

Party general secretary Winter Kabimba explains that the PF’s general conference is unique from any other party’s convention as it gives party members the full authority to appoint their leaders.

Mr. Kabimba says the party’s electoral system is deliberately designed to promote unity in the party.

He explains to QFM that once members of the central committee are elected, it is the responsibility of the party president to make appointments to various party positions.

Mr. Kabimba says any bonafide member of the party is free to challenge the incumbent party leader Michael Sata as the party is democratic./QFM

The Patriotic Front has challenged government to tell the Zambian people the circumstances that led to the death of second republican president Dr Fredrick Chiluba.

PF Mandevu Member of Parliament Jean Kapata says it is shocking that Dr Chiluba was left to die at his home when he could have been rushed to the nearest medical facility the moment he complained of feeling unwell.

Ms Kapata says the five hours in which Dr Chiluba was not feeling well was enough to even evacuate him to South Africa.

And Ms Kapata says the assurance by government of security for people who want to attend second republican President Fredrick Chiluba’s funeral without being harmed does not go far enough.

Speaking on a special QFM programme this morning celebrating Dr Chiluba’s life, the Parliamentarian says government should go further and remove the MMD cadres who are manning the gate at the funeral place.

She says PF leader Michael Sata would like to attend the funeral of Dr Chiluba in whose government he served but that because of threats to harm him he is unable to.

And Ms Kapata has dismissed assertions that the PF knowingly went ahead to hold a rally in Lukulu in western province after the death of Dr Chiluba.

Ms Kapata who was one of the PF officials who attended the rally disclosed that contrary to reports in the public media, they only came to know about Dr Chiluba’s death after returning from the venue of the rally due to lack of mobile phone network in the area.

And speaking on the same programme Lukashya Member of Parliament Efreda Mwamba says the second republican president was not the property of the MMD but was a national leader and therefore everyone should be allowed mourn him without being harassed.

He says the government and the MMD should depoliticize the funeral by removing cadres stationed at the funeral venue.

And Chingola Member of Parliament Joseph Katema says it is un African to bar someone from attending a funeral./qfm

By Zumani Katasefa
UPND Wusakile constituency aspiring parliamentarian Nicholas Mwansa has said that Zambians should not allow themselves to be ruled by old politicians.
In an interview with   Kitwe, Mr Mwansa said Zambians should not listen to PF leader Michael Sata and the republican President Rupiah Banda because the two had nothing to offer to the Zambians.
“The present President must retire from politics. He is too old, he must rest and remain a political adviser to young politicians, Mr President Rupiah Banda has been in politics for almost 50 years,” Mr Mwansa said.
He said Zambians want positive change of government and not just the change of political parties.
“People want change of government, not change of names from UNIP to MMD and PF,” he said.
He said Hakainde Hichilema is the only leader who can turn round the economy of this country and improve the living standards of people in Zambia because he has fresh brains.
“He is young and energetic, very fresh, capable of bettering the economy of this country,” he said.
Mr Mwansa said it is time for Zambians to vote for people with new ideas not old and recycled politicians like the PF leader Michael Sata.
He said Mr Sata has been in UNIP and MMD adding that he had massively contributed to the ruin down of Zambians’ economy.
“I am calling on all the youths of Zambia, especially Wusakile constituency youths to get united and vote the MMD out of power, they should not listen to old politicians like Sata,” he said. /ENDS.

Zambians Saturday started a two-day body viewing of Frederick Chiluba, the country’s former president, who died last week.

Security personal carried Mr Chiluba’s casket, draped in a Zambian flag, into Mulungushi International Conference Centre in the capital Lusaka for public viewing of the body.

President Rupiah Banda and First Lady Thandiwe led Zambians, diplomats and foreign dignitaries in paying respect to the fallen leader.

In an emotional tribute, his widow, Regina eulogised and prayed for Mr Chiluba while touching the casket as the mourners wept while soldiers aided fainting children and kin.
Mr Chiluba who died at his Lusaka residence after he suffered unknown attack, according to his spokesperson will be buried on Monday.

Sata Mourns Chiluba

Accordingly to reports, PF President, Michael Sata, on Sunday morning went to Mulungushi conference centre to pay last respect to the late former President FTJ Chiluba. Mr Sata arrived at the funeral centre at about 09; 07 accompanied by his long time confidant Emmanuel Chenda and some body guards. He proceeded to view the late President’s body and bowed at Chiluba’s casket.

Books of condolence in all provinces

Secretary to the Cabinet Joshua Kanganja has announced that Books of Condolence on the death of second Republican president Frederick Chiluba will be opened for signing in Lusaka and all provincial centres.

Dr Kanganja says in Lusaka the books of condolence will be opened for signing at the Mulungushi International Conference centre only on Thursday June 23 and Friday June 24.

He told ZNBC News in a statement that the books of condolence will be opened from 09 hours to 18 hours.

Dr Kanganja says that in the provinces, the books of condolence will be opened for signing from Thursday June 23 to Sunday June 26 from 09 hours to 18 hours.

Patriotic-front.com: PF top leadership will not attend the second President Funeral – The Patriotic Front have said that they are saddened by the demise of the late second President, Fredrick Titus Jacob Chiluba. However, due to the threats by MMD top leadership to harm PF leaders who dare to attend the funeral, the party has decided to stay away from the funeral.

Zedleaks.com:  MMD plans to take the body of the late former president Chiluba to some parts of the country. Towns identified are Mansa, Ndola and Kasama

Former president Frederick Chiluba who died Saturday will be given a state funeral, the cabinet said on Sunday, announcing a week of national mourning.

“The burial will take place on June 27 in Lusaka,” the secretary to the cabinet, Joshua Kanganja, said in a statement.

“President Banda has declared Monday June 20 to June 27 a period of national mourning for the late president Frederick Chiluba,” said Kanganja.

The 68-year-old leader, who ruled Zambia from 1991 to 2001, died at his home Saturday after suffering a seizure.

He had been battling acute heart and kidney problems.

The cabinet also took a decision to postpone all public activities of entertainment and leisure during the period of mourning.

Chiluba was credited with turning the page on the autocratic rule of the country’s founding father Kenneth Kaunda.

Meanwhile, government has moved the funeral gathering of Dr Chiluba from his residence to Belvedere Lodge in Lusaka. Accordingly to ZNBC reports, Secretary to Cabinet Dr. Joshua Kanganja announced the shifting of the funeral in a statement.



PATRIOTIC Front (PF) president Michael Sata has reportedly made a dramatic U-turn and is now seeking reconciliation with the United Party for National Development (UPND) for a possible revival of the defunct political alliance.

Mr Sata is seeking to reconcile with the UPND because he has realised that the MMD will win this year’s elections if the PF does not get into a pact with the UPND.

This is according to an impeccable PF insider who revealed details of a meeting MrSata held with his party members on June 13 at the PF secretariat.

The turn-around was precipitated by advice United States Secretary of State Hilary Clinton gave during her recent visit during the AGOA meeting when she met some opposition leaders privately.

The source said during the meeting, Mr Sata launched a scathing attack against fellow party members saying the PF should not have destroyed the pact with the UPND.

Mr Sata said he regrets the move to let the UPND pull out of the pact, especially that during his meeting with United States Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, he was advised that the opposition should be united.

“To this effect, some senior party officials including Kabwata member of Parliament Given Lubinda, PF national chairperson Inonge Wina and consultant Bob Sichinga told Mr Sata to meet UPND president Hakainde Hichilema privately to discuss the possibility of reviving the pact,” the source said.

Mrs Clinton reportedly observed during her meeting with Mr Sata that unseating an incumbent government in most African countries including Zambia is difficult unless the opposition is united.

Mr Sata told his members that Mrs Clinton advised that the opposition should avoid being fragmented and work together to remain strong.

But UPND spokesperson Charles Kakoma said his party is not interested in reviving the PF-UPND pact because the alliance is a dead issue.

Mr Kakoma said in an interview yesterday the UPND has not received any invitation from the PF and it is not privy to information on a possible revival of talks between the two parties.

“We are not interested in reviving the pact. As far as we are concerned, the PF-UPND pact is dead. Our main focus now is the 2011 elections with Hakainde Hichilema as our presidential candidate,” he said.

Mr Kakoma said MrHichilema also met Mrs Clinton but the US Secretary of State did not raise any issues about the opposition merging.

He said the UPND has no time to discuss the PF-UPND pact and has concentrated on campaigning for this year’s elections.

And Committee of Citizens executive director Gregory Chifire said the UPND would be doing injustice to itself if it got back into a pact with the PF.

Mr Chifire said the UPND should not entertain thoughts of reviving the pact with the PF because it can do better without MrSata’s party.

“Mr Sata is panicking and he will do anything to become president of Zambia. If the revelations are true, then it confirms that Mr Sata wants to ride on Mr Hichilema’s back to achieve his goals. Our advice to the UPND is not to entertain MrSata and the PF,” he said.

By Zumani Katasefa

All rebel PF parliamentarians who attended the NCC are not going to contest their parliamentary seats on the PF ticket during the forthcoming general elections, PF sources have told the UKZAMBIANS.

The sources said today that the parliamentarians are considering recontesting their seats on the MMD ticket or going on their own as independent candidates.

“They feel they have been marginalised by Mr Sata that is why they contemplating to either contest their seats on the MMD or go on their own. The other reason is that they think the MMD has performed extremely well under the leadership of President Banda,” he said.

The PF parliamentarians are also not happy with the dictatorial tendencies of the PF leader Michael Sata who they said was in favour of certain people to contest certain seats.

Meanwhile PF members in Masaiti have threatened to resign if the suspension of their district chairperson Steady Mwale and PF Copperbelt chairperson who is also Nkana Member of Parliament Mwenya Musenge is not lifted.

“We want the suspensions to be lifted before we go for the polls, this type of politics if not checked will affect the party in the area,” said one of the members Ken Katongo.
He also said that the PF leader Michael Sata has proven to be undemocratic in the sense that he is allegedly favouring certain individuals to contest local government and parliamentarians seats while he was against others. /ENDS