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” Chief justice appointed rebuked by all …., too old….,judge used to sleep…“. Daily news.
Hmm.what? These fools.. Now who else ?no one to trust now

“Pusa summoned ….triumphatic return turns awry. ..Pusa refuses summons” …..Ezekiel cries foul ” daily news
Hmmm the music starts…it will be a hit. Kafupis case was nothing….

“And Pusa son put on trial….son forced pizza to sign….pusas Son case proceeds”. Daily news
Hmmm…what a family …a den of thieves…. bale chimona…

“Copper output falls …CHA CHA CHA economic policy fails ….
Mines reduce production in 2012 ” economic news.
Hmmm..bufi..Production down…. but chameleon predicted I will follow sodom’s footsteps…how can it be …this needs my attention…this is disturbing for the first time in 8 years ..a drop…work of the enemy and I know…

“Bus kills 50 people….terrible accident happens …Bad road causes accident” Daily news
Hmm…very sad… I should build better roads… dual carriageways …what of railway line and my Air MUKWAI …too much to consider..kwaliba….


“More quit from ngalu party..it is the work of the enemy Ezekiel mourns” “daily news
Hmm…eya.. come all ..great news..

“Brownie future uncertain…still locked up in office” daily news
Hmmm..what can I do now…the chap is different from us and no one understands…except zonda…

“Birds of the same feather congregate …dictators attend…African conference starts” daily news.
Hmm what feathers?

“thugs try to prevent meeting …police pelted…meeting goes ahead “daily news
Hmm they went ahead…..

“dear leader party accused …no government spokesman defends position against accusations of violence. Mapenzi declares victory” daily news
Hmm. just what is happening Zonda is not performing well.

“Ezekiel declares he is still strong…Ngalu party splits” daily nation
Hmm. …Encouraging news at long last …

“African conference ends…former dictator Sodom receives award…leaders dispense ” daily mail
Hmm Tata received due recognition …good work I know…

Saturday -Sunday
“Dear leader missing…..welcome party in disarray …leader disappears
Hmmm….let them speculate …it is time to rest.


A POLICE officer Adam Banda (top left) bleeds from the head after UPND cadres hit him with a brick, while officers (top right) struggle to keep at bay rowdy cadres at Woodlands Police Station. Right bottom, UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema (middle) with MMD leader Nevers Mumba (right), while left bottom cadres in a tussle. Pictures by CHILA NAMAIKO
A POLICE officer Adam Banda (top left) bleeds from the head after UPND cadres hit him with a brick, while officers (top right) struggle to keep at bay rowdy cadres at Woodlands Police Station. Right bottom, UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema (middle) with MMD leader Nevers Mumba (right), while left bottom cadres in a tussle. Pictures by CHILA NAMAIKO

UNRULY United Party for National Development (UPND) cadres yesterday turned Woodlands Police Station into a battle ground and severely injured an officer during the arrest of their leader Hakainde Hichilema.

Mr Hichilema was arrested for uttering a defamatory statement against President Michael Sata during a tour of Kalikiliki Market on Sunday.

The rampaging cadres, that accompanied Mr Hichilema, hit a police officer with a brick in the head.

He sustained a deep cut and bled profusely as the opposition leader pleaded with his supporters to be peaceful.

Police spokesperson Elizabeth Kanjela identified the injured officer as Adam Banda who sustained a deep cut in the head and was rushed to the hospital for treatment.

Mr Hichilema was arrested for allegedly defaming the President, contrary to Section 66 of the Penal Code, Cap 87 of the Laws of Zambia and was later released on a KR5,000 bond with two working sureties.

There was commotion at the Central Police Station when the cadres besieged the station as officers struggled to keep them at bay, while they hurled invectives at the law enforcement officers.

During his Kalikiliki Market tour, Mr Hichilema is believed to have accused President Sata of shielding Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba in the corruption case before the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC).

Mr Hichilema was also reported to have passed derogatory remarks against the Head of State.

According to Ms Kanjela, Police arrested and charged Mr Hichilema for defamation.

“Yes I can confirm that we have arrested and charged Mr Hichilema. This is in connection with the words he made on January 13, this year, where he accused the President of defending Mr Kabimba at ACC, we believe the words were defamatory, he will appear in court this afternoon (yesterday),” Ms Kanjela said.

Ms Kanjela condemned the unruly behaviour of the cadres and said police had launched investigations into the assault of Mr Banda.

The opposition leader was blocked by his cadres upon arrival from entering the station for more than 30 minutes as they struggled with the police.

“I refuse to go upstairs to be interrogated from there because you want to teargas me and other people, this is how you want to kill innocent people,” Mr Hichilema said while at the reception.

Police had to find an alternative office to conduct the interviews after the opposition leader claimed that he feared officers would tear-gas him.

After the interview, he was taken to Woodlands Police Station for the formal arrest, which was again characterised by confusion caused by the unruly cadres.

Later in the afternoon,  Mr Hichilema appeared at the magistrate’s court with his lawyers led by Sakwiba Sikota. He did not take plea but defence lawyers conferred with chief resident magistrate Joshua Banda.

Addressing journalists at the court, Mr Sikota said his client could not take plea because consultations were still going on with the Director of Public Prosecutions. The matter would come up for plea on Tuesday next week.

Times of Zambia


MMD Spokesperson Dora Siliya has urged the people of Mufulira and the entire Copperbelt to reject Patriotic Front Leader Michael Sata in this year’s general elections because he is a failure who failed to bring any meaningful development in the country when he served in various MMD government portfolios.
Speaking when she addressed heads of government departments, parastals organizations , NGOs and members of the Civil society, Ms Siliya said in 1992 when Mr Sata was Minister of Local Government and Housing, the Copperbelt recorded the worst cases of Cholera which demonstrated his lack of leadership qualities.
Ms Siliya who is also Education Minister cautioned the people of Mufulira not to entrust the PF leader with running affairs of the nation because he flip- talks and is also inconsistent on many national issues a tendency that would make take the country backwards in development.
She said Mr. Sata has changed goal posts on several national issues such as the Constitution making process and the windfall tax among other serious national issues.
The Education Minister further cautioned civil servants against engaging in politics saying those interested in politics should resign and join politics.
And addressing MMD members at Bufuke Women club Hall, Ms siliya appealed to the people to vote for credible leaders who will bring development to their area.
She said the PF MPs have failed to take development to their constituencies despite receiving huge sums of many through CDF and people have now resolved to vote for the MMD for them to experience real development.
She urged people not to base their voting on material and perishable things that they receive from politicians during campaigns.
Meanwhile Ms Siliya expressed confidence that the MMD will win this years elections on the Copperbelt because the people have tested the PF MPs leadership and are dissatisfied.
She said the PF MPs have failed to take development to their constituencies despite receiving huge sums of many through CDF and people have now resolved to vote for the MMD for them to experience real development.
She said the people have realized that the PF has no focus and plan to develop the country and that it is only the MMD that has a vision for this country.

MMD national secretary Michael Mabenga has warned The Post newspaper against opening old wounds between the Catholic Church and the Government.

And Forum for Leadership Search (FLS) executive director Edwin Lifwekelo has said the old edition of the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) report has been distorted and panel-beaten by The Post newspaper to give an impression that there was a fresh one with the motive of causing a rift between the Government and the Catholic Church.

Mr Mabenga said in an interview that it was not fair for thenewspaper to open old wounds between the Government and the Catholic Church when the two parties were enjoying a good relationship.

The Post newspaper yesterday carried a story in which it was quoting what it called  the EIU’s latest report claiming that the State-owned media’s campaign against the Catholic Church could dent support for the MMD among Zambia’s 3,000,000 Catholics.

The report further claimed that the forthcoming elections could lead to a transfer of power from President Rupiah Banda to Patriotic Front (PF) leader Michael Sata.

But Mr Mabenga said the report was not correct because there was no rift between the Government and the Catholic Church, adding that the two were partners in development.

Mr Mabenga urged the newspaper not to open wounds wherereconciliation had already been made in order for them to achieve their own interests, adding that the Catholic Church and the Government were enjoying a good relationship that no one could destroy.

And Independent Churches of Zambia board chairperson David Masupa has cautioned The Post newspaper against fueling disturbances where peace was thriving, saying the report was false because there were Catholic members in the MMD like in other political parties.

Rev Masupa said it was unprofessional for The Post to fabricate such a story when the Government and the Catholic Church were working towards developing the nation.

He urged Catholics not to take such reports seriously because they were aimed at swaying the people from supporting the MMD in favour of  Mr Sata.

Rev Masupa said Cardinal Medardo Mazombwe, who is head of the Catholic Church in Zambia, made it clear that the alleged attacksshould not be viewed as the official reflection of the Catholic Church but that of individual members who were at will to choose who they wanted to support.

He appealed to members of the Catholic Church to choose credible leaders with a heart for the interest of Zambians.
Meanwhile, Mr Lifwekelo said the old edition of the EIU report had been distorted and panel-beaten by The Post newspaper to give an impression that there was a fresh one with the motive of causing a rift between the Government and the Catholic Church.

Mr Lifwekelo said the report that was quoted in yesterday’s edition of The Post newspaper was an old one which all the newspapers wrote about last month but the newspaper wanted to continue with its attempt to divide the Government with the Catholic Church.

On Friday last week, Mr Lifwekelo revealed that The Post newspaper of Saturday would run a story based on an old edition of the EIU report in an effort to campaign for Mr Sata by giving an impression that the Catholic Church had differed with the Government despite clarifications by the priests and the Government.

The Post story gave a wrong impression that Mr Sata was ahead of President Banda in this year’s presidential elections when thereport says the opposite.

Mr Lifwekelo condemned the type of journalism where news stories were fabricated without much care for the profession.
The story charged that the Government would lose because of the three million Catholics who The Post said would vote for PF.

Mr Lifwekelo wondered how this could be so when thedifferences were long buried and not all Catholics were PF members.
He said The Post were desperate to prop their candidate by coming up with false information.

Mr Lifwekelo said the report was being distorted in light of theanalysis by veteran politician and parliamentary chief Whip Vernon Mwaanga, who predicted that President Banda would win by huge margins because of the gains his Government had amassed lately.

He wondered why The Post  was  repeating old stories  which it published last month because the EIU had not published its latest report.

Meanwhile, officials at the United States Embassy, speaking oncondition of anonymity said the latest report was not yet out and those who had such a report had merely fabricated it.

The officials said the only report  available  was  the   one that was quoted last month as revealing that President Banda was ahead because of the economic growth and the politics of incumbency.

“Real GDP growth is focused at seven per cent in 2011 and 7.2 per cent in 2012 underpinned by subsidies for producers of maize, investments in mining, fiscal incentives for investors in the priority sectors and a sharp rise in public investment,” the report says./Times

Patriotic front leader Michael Sata has revealed that the patriotic front will ensure that it puts in place mechanisms that will prevent the MMD from rigging the elections.

PF leader Michael Sata says that the patriotic front will not allow the MMD to rig the elections in any way.

Mr. Sata says that the PF will among other this deploy a number of election monitors in most parts of the country.

Mr. Sata speaking today at the opening of the PF general conference in Kabwe stated that the PF is geared and ready for the election.

Mr. Sata has further called for democracy at the PF national convention.

And Mr. Sata has stated that the MMD government has failed to run the affairs of the country.

Mr. Sata says that says that Zambians should vote wisely as the date of the elections approaches./QFM

By Zumani Katasefa

UPND vice-president Richard Kapita has said that his party will this year form the next government.
Speaking on Sunday when he addressed party officials in Kitwe, Mr Kapita said UPND was the only political party with the best manifesto.
“We have the best manifesto, and the best leader Hakainde Hichilema, so I am urging you all to go flat out and campaign for your party,” he said.

He also said that it was not true that the UPND has entered into a secret alliance with the MMD.
Mr Kapita told the party officials not to be enticed to join the MMD saying that the MMD was a finished party.

“We are aware that the MMD are giving out money, but if they buy you today, then you are destroying the future of young people because that money will not take you anywhere,” he said.

He promised that once the UPND forms government it would ensure that majority Zambians are employed.

Mr Kapita said currently many people in Zambia were not employed a situation he described as pathetic. /ENDS

THE Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) has revealed that the forthcoming general elections could result in a transfer of power from President Rupiah Banda to PF leader Michael Sata.

And the EIU states that Sata’s popularity has grown as public discontent with the government has increased.

This is contained in the latest EIU country report on Zambia for May 2011.
On political outlook for 2011-2012, the EIU report has stated that the first half of the forecast period would be dominated by the elections, which are likely to take place in mid- 2011.

“Political squabbling will intensify but stability will remain intact. Following months of discord, the alliance between the two largest opposition parties – the Patriotic Front (PF) and the United Party for National Development (UPND) – has ended,” the EIU stated.

“Despite this, the elections are likely to be closely contested and could result in a transfer of power from the President, Rupiah Banda, and the ruling Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) to the PF and its leader, Michael Sata.”

The EIU stated that Sata’s nationalistic rhetoric has raised some concern in the past but he is highly unlikely to depart radically from the MMD’s fairly pragmatic policy agenda.

“Following the elections the government’s focus is likely to revert to policy. A referendum is expected in 2012 on changing presidential elections from the first-past-the-post system to one in which the winning candidate would require more than 50 per cent of the vote,” reads the report in part.

“A fragmented opposition would then no longer guarantee victory for the ruling party. The population is widely expected to approve the change. Labour unrest and demands for higher wages could increase in the run-up to the elections.

Stability is likely to be maintained as the government intervenes to quell any unrest, although underlying discontent will persist.”

On election watch, the EIU maintained that the presidential and parliamentary elections were likely to be closely contested.

“The MMD will benefit from the advantages of incumbency and its formidable electoral machinery. However, the PF and Mr Sata should put up a strong challenge to the MMD,” the report stated. “Mr Sata narrowly lost the 2008 election and his popularity has grown as public discontent with the government has increased.

“A controversial reversal of his position on mining taxes – Mr Sata previously advocated higher mining taxes, but now supports a stable tax regime – has not dented his popularity.”

The report stated that the electorate is disillusioned with the MMD but is also disenchanted with the opposition’s enduring failure to offer a united front against it.

The EUI stated that the run-up to voting would be marred by bias in the state-owned media and the incumbent’s use of public resources to fund their campaigns.

“Some election-related violence could occur, especially if the government sticks by its decision to ban parallel vote tabulation whereby polling booths are monitored to ensure that the results announced at individual polling stations are consistent with the nationwide result, which would entrench the opposition’s suspicions of electoral fraud,” stated the latest EIU report in part./Postzambia

Republican President Rupiah Banda has distanced himself from the attacks on the Catholic Church by some MMD members and is sympathizers.

Speaking at the Lusaka International Airport today shortly before his departure for Namibia where he is expected to attend a SADC emergency meeting, President Banda said he will never attack the church regardless of their stance on various issues.

And President Banda has said his government will not be deterred from carrying out its developmental programmes by its critics.

He said this following Patriotic Front leader Michael Sata%u2019s claim that the recently commissioned K 1 trillion Urban Road Rehabilitation Programme is aimed at hoodwinking voters ahead of the forthcoming tripartite elections.

in a rare turn of events, President Banda became emotionally CHARGED WHEN he was asked by journalist to clarify on whether government ministers have been abusing public resources to carry out their trips across the country on MMD party duties.

The President said the ruling party has financed all the trips being undertaken by ministers and when asked further to explain why government vehicles are being used on MMD trips, President Banda warned journalists against taking advantage of his openness to the media and vowed not to answer any questions from journalists.

PATRIOTIC Front (PF) leader Michael Sata has proved that he will be a danger to national security if entrusted with power to run the country going by his failure to uphold confidentiality in his own party.

Lusaka Province MMD task force spokesperson Chiwele Maimisa said it was not surprising that Mr Sata had been discovered by his own central committee members to cause confusion in the opposition party because the PF leader did the same way back during the days when he served as a constable in the colonial government in which he used to leak information leading to the arrest of Zambians.

And United Party for National Development (UPND) national youth chairperson, Joe Kalusa said Mr Sata was a danger to State security and should not be allowed to become Republican president after admitting that he had been personally leaking sensitive information against rival individuals in the country’s biggest opposition party.

On Wednesday, Mr Sata admitted that he had been leaking confidential information within the party’s central committee, saying he had been doing so to promote transparency.

Mr Sata also said he used to do the same when he was MMD national secretary.

Mr Maimisa said it was pleasing to note that Mr Sata had finally chosen to expose his true character of being a danger to national security and an untrustworthy person by admitting to leaking information which had in the end cracked his party hierarchy.

“It is not surprising that Mr Sata’s tricks have caught up with him because this is the man who used to report to the colonial masters every bit of information when others met to liberate the country.

“Zambians should be extremely careful with this man because the liberation he is talking about now may just mean taking the country back to his colonial masters going by the issues he went to advocate for during his recent trip to the United Kingdom,” he said.

Mr Maimisa said it was true that some PF Members of Parliament were currently disgruntled and were planning to leave the party, especially that Mr Sata did not seem to be set to go to the party national convention.

“In fact some MPs are now planning to petition the PF central committee to elect a person to be floated as a presidential candidate in this year’s elections because they feel Mr Sata is undemocratic and wants to continue imposing himself on the members,” Mr Maimisa said.

And Mr Kalusa said an opposition leader who admits having leaked information that is responsible for causing divisions among his leaders could plunge the country into chaos should he assume State power.

Mr Kalusa said even when UPND and PF ran the pact, Mr Sata leaked sensitive information to a private newspaper, a habit which showed lack of leadership skills. He warned Zambians that the country could degenerate into turmoil against other states should the PF leader become president.

He said Mr Sata should know that he would not become president of Zambia and that the challenge would only be between President Banda and UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema.

Mr Kalusa said the weaknesses that had exposed Mr Sata, including his support for homosexuality, should make the PF leader forget about becoming president of this country.

Mr Kalusa also said in his usual dictatorial way of running the party, Mr Sata whose party had failed to hold the national convention, recently appointed Rebby Chanda as PF Copperbelt provincial chairperson despite having been rejected by the PF members who attended the provincial conference in Mufulira, in preference for former Masaiti PF secretary Sturdy Mwale who had since been suspended for challenging Mr Sata’s preferred candidate and tribesman.