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ZAMBIA: Business Review by Uncle Mike

WRONG MOVE BY BOZ…WHO OWNS FOREX? > The current wrangle caused by Bank of Zambia (Boz) to introduce a bill to control foreign exchange outflows and inflows is a big blow to a liberalized economy. The move by our bank … read more »

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Kenya election reactions: West cautious while China, African countries positive

Western nations were Sunday silent on how they will work with the new Kenyan government to be headed by President-elect Uhuru Kenyatta even as the Chinese congratulated the Jubilee flagbearer. Even though Britain, the United States of America, Canada and … read more »

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Harnessing remittances for Africa’s development

By Mthuli Ncube More than 30 million Africans (about three per cent of Africa’s total population) are living outside their home countries. This figure includes those living within other African countries. These African migrants send money to their families in … read more »

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ZAMBIA: Business Review by Uncle Mike

BILL TO INTRODUCE CONTOL OF FOREIGN EXCHANGE… There we go again. Currently there is a bill before parliament presented by the minister of finance to amend the bank of Zambia act. Specifically the bill Proposes the re introduction of foreign … read more »

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Business brief

By Uncle Mike COPPER PRODUCTION DOWN OR IS IT DEMAND?… It was first reported last week by the ministry of commerce that copper export proceeds for 2012 dropped and this was attributed to lack of demand for the product. A … read more »

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“No witch-hunt in the corruption crusade” says Guy Scott

VICE-PRESIDENT Guy Scott has said that there is no witch-hunt in the corruption crusade the PF Government has embarked on. Dr Scott said Government had found a lot of prima-facie evidence against several leaders who served in both the previous … read more »

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Diaspora Bonds in an African Context

The Chief Economist Complex of the African Development Bank Group has released an Economic Brief on the application of diaspora bonds in an African context. Drawing lessons from diaspora bond issuances in Israel, Ethiopia and India, the paper, entitled “Diaspora … read more »

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George Osborne in pledge to help world’s poor fight tax abuse

The chancellor George Osborne has pledged to join forces with the developing world to crack down on multinationals avoiding tax in some of the world’s poorest countries. Fresh from the G20 meeting of finance ministers in Moscow, Osborne reveals in … read more »

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AIDS Healthcare Foundation pioneers new approach to HIV/AIDS prevention message Shoppers and travellers at Lusaka’s City Market and InterCity Bus Station received a Valentine’s Day surprise today (February 14) when an energetic “flashmob” of 37 young advocates moved through the … read more »

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