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UKZAMBIANS Media offer diverse range of available advertising opportunities on the website online and in our monthly UKZAMBIANS Print Magazine.

On the website we accept , Animated or static GIF; JPG image file banner; An audio creative must have an on/off button, or a mouse-over;May contain HTML, Flash, GIF and simple JavaScript; Flash: Adobe Flash version 8 animation (SWF incl. GIF backup), etc


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  1. Vasanti Chikhalya says:

    Hi would like to change my appointment date. How do I go about changing it.

  2. kmk123456 says:

    Dear Sir/Madam, I am trying to send an email to your website contact address, however the email bounced back with a permanent error due to full mailbox. Do you have an alternative contact email?

  3. Michael says:

    Hi, i have a odd question and wonder if someone can assist me. I used to work in Zambia and now I’m living in the U.K. I though had some Kwacha left upon coming to the U.K. (Around K800) and wonder if anyone know where I can exchange this money since the banks for some reason doesn’t buy or sell Kwacha. So if anyone has some tips or maybe is going there soon let me know since I’m not going there and have no use of it ( can do a better rate then the official one :).

    Kind regards

  4. Rachel says:

    Hi dear team,

    It is really a privilege for me to reach you via this email for getting an information from you.

    I am Congolese from DR Congo living in Lubumbashi which is in the neighborhood of Zambia.

    I just want to know if I can submit my application for UK Visa from Lusaka since I am living in Lubumbashi.

    I look forward to hearing from you soon!

    Kind regards,

  5. Metiyachique says:

    Hi there,
    I have just tried to email you for a feature but my message was blocked as your inbox is full. Please could you let me know how best to submit my email?
    Many thanks,

  6. Evans Mwape says:

    The practice of giving bribes to journalists in Zambia to help manipulate their editorial content has taken another twist as Eastern Province PF Chairperson Andrew Z Lubusha yesterday on Monday the 5th of December held a Press Briefing at Eastern Comfort Lodge of Kalongwezi in Chipata where he treated the Journalists to a rare luncheon and later on gave each journalist present personally a K200.
    Being bribed by politicians or corporate managers and how this whole process makes it increasingly difficult to separate journalism from propaganda from public relations for illegitimate private gain. One can only harbour guesses as to who exactly those journalists are who have sold themselves out to vested interests who seek to unleash chaos upon our great nation, Regardless of who the journalists are, they must be thoroughly investigated to find out if they have compromised our national interests with other organizations as well.
    The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country.” Until now, the media was a great tool for this invisible government to rule the masses with dubious propaganda. But with the rise of Social Media which has laid the foundation for the Free Market of opinions, the Cathedral is finally about to crumble. We are since appealing to the media institute of southern Africa Zambia chapter to investigate this matter.

  7. Jonas Makasa says:

    I was sick when I read that post paper is under liquidation. Now am ok we have something that we can read. Zambians rejected the one party system in 1991, which means to allow diverse views because each one of us we are different that’s why we see the world different. If Lungu and his govt see the world as it is people also see it different. So we don’t want to be forced to read times of Zambia or Daily Mail. People should choose what they want to read.

  8. Andrew lubuza says:

    An andrew lubuza from zambia DVD wireless Home theater ,model number
    HT806THW.200_240v_50/60Hz 85W,has a problem .the DvD is not working have traid to repair but faild,is it possible to purchase the same DvD only from your campany.and how do I go about it.?

  9. Please view our site we like your initiative we want more zambian parters

  10. Gary Mitchell says:

    We can increase rankings of you website in all major search engnes at a very affordable price.Email us back to get a ful proposal.

  11. Dear UKZambians,

    my name is Emile Ollivier and I am volunteering at Humanity Africa, a UK-based registered social enterprise aiming to alleviate poverty among poor rural farmers in Mkushi, Central Zambia. Our project’s goal is to ensure food security for these communities by providing training on sustainable agriculture, livestock and poultry rearing.

    We are currently building our infrastructures in Mkushi (farm and accommodations) and expanding our exposure in the UK in order to attract funding and develop partnerships. Thus, I am contacting you to know if you could help us to get in touch with some Zambians living in the UK who could be interested in partnering or collaborating with us in any sorts.

    Moreover, we are also very interested in gaining exposure through your website with a small article or just a link-sharing, even just a tweet. That would mean a lot to us.

    I look forward to hearing from you,

    Many thanks.

  12. Albert Colin says:

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  13. Hi
    My names are musonda edward mulenga owner of Edward property solutions in zambia. We deal in
    Real estate and property management. I am currently marketing two beautiful pieces of land in kafue
    and Mpongwe. The kafue district land is a beautiful 20ha kafue river frontage in kafue district.
    The Mpongwe land is 500ha with a stream that flows throughout the year.
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  14. Emily says:

    Dear UKZambians!

    I’m writing to you from a charity called African Revival. We believe education is the key to overcoming poverty, and we have been working with schools in Zambia and Uganda since 2004 to enable every child to have equal access to quality education.

    We have a fantastic upcoming opportunity, for which we’d love to have your help! We are through to the 2nd round of the Department for International Development’s (DfID) UK Aid Match funding scheme. If successful, every £1 we raise from October-December 2015 will be doubled by the UK government. The appeal we are running is called “EveryGirl” and will focus on improving the educational opportunities of 3,000 girls in rural Zambia.

    Part of the application process is to illustrate to DfID that we will be able to secure opportunities to view the doubling message, and for that reason they recommend securing communications partners. Communications partners will help us spread our appeal message and generate donations – through general PR, advertising, engaging in social media campaigns and promoting to their customer base. As a leading publication of interest to the Zambian diaspora in the UK, we thought you would be make a fantastic communications partner.

    Benefits of being a communications partner:
    – Excellent CSR opportunity
    – Staff engagement – genuine opportunity for staff to engage with fundraising and awareness raising which boosts staff morale and engagement
    – Great online and print content in the form of case studies and project updates from Zambia
    – Positive PR and involvement in a vibrant, positive online campaign
    – Opportunity to raise profile beyond existing base
    – We will publicise our partnership with you and thank you on our website, mail-outs, social media, newsletters (both printed and online) and in relevant appeal literature throughout and after the campaign

    What do communications partners help with?
    – Sharing online content on Facebook and Twitter
    – Issuing shared press releases to relevant media
    – Communicating content about the appeal in planned communications – customer mailings, features on websites, newsletters, e-newsletters, online news
    – Any other opportunities to spread and share the appeal messages

    We would love to have your support to help these Zambian girls!

    Many thanks,

    Emily Brewster
    Fundraising & Communications Officer
    African Revival

  15. Brenda Thijssen Phiri says:

    Please send your contacts or application form

  16. jeremiah says:

    I was reading Jun Shimizu’s integration in Zambian society by Zumani Katasefa how can I take to shimizu (can you help me out?)

  17. Brian Malama says:

    Hi, Kindly assist us with some pictures from this weekend events will credit them as courtesy UKZAMBIANS.

    Fashion shows, comedy, dance.

    I will highly appreciate, I once worked in league with you guys whilst in Wales under I.O.M, unfortunately I as the one to be removed.

    Am now with the Zambia Daily Mail

    As photo Editor.

    Kind regards

    +260 955 622 246 or 0977 650 548

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