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Lungu exposes opposition constitution plot

PRESIDENT Lungu says he should not be held accountable for failure to deliver a new constitution if the Patriotic Front (PF) government’s efforts are frustrated by the opposition in Parliament. And President Lungu says everyone has a role to play … read more »

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Here’s How Often Happy Couples Have Sex

Couples who constantly “Netflix and chill” aren’t necessarily happier. In fact, having sex once a week is just about perfect. That’s the takeaway from a new study, based on surveys of more than 30,000 Americans gathered over 40 years, published … read more »

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Happiness and lasting relationships rely on one habit

Think back to the last time your partner did something nice for you. Now think about how you reacted to that little act of kindness. Research suggests that people who are grateful — not just by saying a quick “thanks” … read more »

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Indian doctor arrested over baby decapitated at birth

Police have arrested a doctor and nurse in northern India over allegations they decapitated an infant by being too forceful during delivery, officials said Wednesday. Gynaecologist Tayyaba Iqbal and a nurse named as Madhuri allegedly used a wrench and thick … read more »

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5,000 bags relief food delivered to Lundazi

GOVERNMENT has released over 5,000 bags of relief food to three hunger- stricken villages in Lundazi district in Eastern Province. Lundazi district commissioner Janet Palukani said the food will be distributed in Mwanya, Kazembe and Chitungulu villages. Ms Palukani said … read more »

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Petauke snake friend to hang for murder

A39-YEAR-OLD Petauke fisherman who murdered his colleague using a puff adder, a deadly African viper, is to hang by the neck until he is pronounced dead, the Chipata High Court has ordered. The puff adder, also known as Bitis arietans, … read more »

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Kwacha gain impressive

YOUTHS for Transparency and Integrity (YTI) says the appreciation of the Kwacha is encouraging and is a sign of Government’s effort to stabilise the local currency. YTI acting director Ndembela Daka is confident that the Kwacha will soon stabilise because … read more »

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‘We shall overcome’

PRESIDENT Lungu says Government is implementing measures aimed at turning the economy around to ease the hardships people are experiencing. And the President has castigated his critics for blaming him for the problems the country is facing and for failing … read more »

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Did Angelina Jolie Really Say That?

As the world was shaken by the Paris attacks that took place on the weekend, the tragic incident was the highlight and most talked about topic on social media, seeing all kinds of reactions, including quotes by the stars. A … read more »

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