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The virus that could help stop HIV

We’ve all heard of friendly bacteria, but a friendly virus? Called the pegivirus, catching it doesn’t make you sick. Instead, it can help the immune system to keep HIV infections in check. Discovered in 1995, scientists do not understand how … read more »

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Ancient Romans had no need for dentists, because of one food they didn’t eat

Modern dental hygiene would have been quite unnecessary for ancient Romans living in Pompeii, as research has revealed that they had impressively healthy teeth. Scientists appointed by the Archaeological Superintendence of Pompeii have used CAT scans to examine 30 Pompeii … read more »

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How to test for HIV in 15 minutes

It’s the ultimate weapon in the fight against HIV. HIV self-tests that allow people to find it out whether they are HIV positive within 15 minutes. The test can be taken without the supervision of a doctor. Did you like … read more »

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A new study about blood pressure will completely change the way doctors practice medicine

It’s easy to get confused by the overly dramatic daily news about health and medicine. One day coffee is great for you, the next day it interferes with sleep and leads to illness. One day the plague is back, the … read more »

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Food that power your brain

A 12 year old Indian origin girl from Essex, in the UK, has been making headlines for having an IQ that is probably higher than Einstein’s and Stephen Hawkins’. Lydia Sebastian gained the highest possible score of 162 in the … read more »

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Insurer Says Clients on Daily Pill Have Stayed H.I.V.-Free

Demonstrating that taking a daily pill to prevent H.I.V. infection can work in the real world, San Francisco’s largest private health insurer announced Wednesday that not one of its 657 clients receiving the drug had become infected over a period … read more »

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ColaLife Zambia receives prize in global US$1 million Healthcare Innovation Award

A Zambian initiative run by UK-based charity ColaLife has been awarded US$370,000 for its pioneering work to bring affordable diarrhoea treatment to families in remote rural areas using the supply and distribution networks normally used to transport soft drinks. ColaLife … read more »

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Sondashi demands clinical trials for his HIV/AIDS remedy

The inventor of the Sondashi Formula 2 000, Ludwig Sondashi, says his remedy should be taken for clinical trials because initial tests have proved that it can cure HIV and AIDS. Dr. Sondashi has told the parliamentary committee on Health, … read more »

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Kasonde tips reappointed nurses

Health Minister Joseph Kasonde has advised all the reappointed nurses who were fired for taking part in the strike to negotiate the conditions of service to suit their needs. Dr. Kasonde says the nurses were not re-instated but reappointed and … read more »

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