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ANNA Mwale-Excuse Me

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Leading Harvard physicist has a radical new theory for why humans exist

Where do we come from? Well, it depends on who you ask. For example, an astrophysicist might say that the chemical components of our bodies were first forged in the nuclear fires of stars. On the other hand, an evolutionary … read more »

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Orchestra pit given new lease of life A fascinating piece of theatrical history was uncovered this week with the reopening of the Lusaka Playhouse orchestra pit for the first time in many years. The nerve-centre of musical performances is believed … read more »

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DR Congo:Veteran singer Pascal Tabu Ley Rochereau dies

Congolese music giant Pascal Tabu Ley Rochereau has died in a Belgium hospital where he has been undergoing treatment for a stroke he suffered in 2008. His former band manager, Mr Mekansi Modero, who is now based in US said … read more »

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By Austin Kaluba Considering that ZAMROCK has been discovered internationally, lets enjoy one ZAMROCK classic Mboto from Mukusi. Named after a hard wood found in Western province, Mukusi proved to be a force to reckon with when ZAMROCK was the … read more »

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Zambian truck driver in court for making love with 2 women on the same bed, same time

A Kabwe teenager has filed for divorce against her 21-year-old husband who happens to be a polygamist on grounds that he was in the habit of making both her and his other wife sleep in the same bed and then … read more »

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Old Grooves: The 5 Revolutions – Kulemela Kwa Bambo Wanga

The Five Revolutions was a popularly known Zambian Ndola-based band comprising of Chris Mbewe (guitar, vocals), Zion Lofwa (bass), Abel Mukubwe (drums), Hank Mukumbo (guitar), John Mwansa (vocals). They released several hits in the mini music renaissance of the 70’s. … read more »

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Amanaz – Khala My Friend (from “Africa”) – Old Grooves

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By Austin Kaluba Amanaz was a Zambian rock band in the 1970s comprising among others the guitar wizard Isaac Mpofu and another surviving member vocalist Keith Kabwe.This CD on which this song appears has been reissued by Egon, a collector … read more »

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By Austin Kaluba Janet , sang in ci-Nsenga –a popular tribe in eastern province of Zambia was a big hit. In the didactic song, an aging mother counsels her wayward daughter to change her immoral ways. Janet is having an … read more »

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