Brown Chibale Kapika

Mr. Brown Chibale Kapika

Brown Chibale Kapika
Brown Chibale Kapika
It was a very shameful, and embarrassment to all civilized Zambians over the speech our President Mr. Sata he made during the charity event at statehouse denouncing a great former President of United States Mr. George W. Bush including the USA, by saying ‘Mr. Bush came to Zambia to pay back for what colonialist stolen from Africa’.
What an abusing language from a head of state – Mr. Sata!

It was very wrong and careless indeed, for Mr. Sata to utter such words to Mr. Bush though Mr. Bush is a former head of State of the most powerfully nation in the world as such, he still commands a lots of respect.

To Mr. Sata, diplomacy is very important; remember you are not a cadre, but the head of state, the President of Zambia. You have to control your language and tongue.

President Sata abuse Mr. Bush

We are living in very serious times. You have to put other jokes aside. I am advising you Mr. President to apologize to Mr. George W. Bush, the wife and to the people of Zambia for your poor remarks.

As concerned Citizens of Zambia, let Us wait and see what follows.

I am sure Mr. George W. Bush will not come back to Zambia again, and he is obviously wondering what is wrong with our leader, hoping there is no collective bargaining.

Out of 13 million Zambia, one can destroy the image of all. ‘’we have to be praying for Mr. George W. Bush … for the work is doing to our nation, our leaders have failed us’’.

Mr. Brown Chibale Kapika
BCK, President Adedo Zamucano Political Party

By Mr. Brown Chibale Kapika

Mr. Brown Chibale Kapika

It is now or never for the Zambian judiciary system to show professionalism to all the victims of corruption who suffered at hands of MMD plunderers. We have to thank God for liberating us from MMD criminals and the brave Zambians who marched together on that noble election day to change government.

We appeal to the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC), Zambia Police (ZP), Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) and  Office of Public Prosecution to strongly  show and demonstrate  their skills by speeding up investigations and bring all  MMD  cuprites to court.

The PF government is performing very well on their crusade against corruption but they can do even better if all bad eggs are thrown into prisons quickly and later concentrate on national development of creating more jobs and better infrastructure.

Our security forces remain too slow to move MMD corruption suspects, as its now very clearly that these criminals really stole trillions of kwachas from the people of Zambia.

President Sata has played his part to appoint those officers at ACC, ZP, DEC, and both offices of the AG, DPP to carry this operation as quick as possible.

Finally, we appeal to the speaker of National Assembly, Director of Public Prosecutor, and Republican President Sata to immediately withdrawal former President Banda’s immunity for the sake of justice so that he can face his corruption charges.

Mr. Brown Chibale Kapika

Once and again, corruption is born at another advanced level with PF Government. Within a short period of time in governance, the PF government has started appointing wrong people into high government offices. The administration is not moving so perfectly and honestly towards Zambian People who brought them into power just few months ago.

Zambians are not happy about how this PF government is running the national business. It seems like we have started playing MMD songs side 2. The same corrupt characters and culprits from UNIP and MMD have bounced back on the Zambian political arena.

Zambian  people  chased UNIP from power  because of dictatorship and overstaying  of Dr. Kaunda, but  KK’s government was the most disciplined and didn’t tolerate corrupt characters, as a result we achieved , ‘’One Zambia, One Nation’’.

All Zambian 73 tribes lived together side by side for 27 years without problems. There was no tribalism or nepotism, and all high profile positions were open to every Zambian citizen. Scholarships and bursaries were open to all students at the University of Zambia and other Higher Institutions regardless of tribe.

What the new PF Government has to put first on its agenda is that, the People of Zambia voted for them to clean out corruption and recycled politicians out from government business and to create space for the younger generation to come in. It is logical that young people of Zambia should learn how to rule themselves before it is too late. The old have to leave for the young people.

The people of Zambia want to see that, there is transparence in all government and private sectors. They want to see honest and trust, equal rights or opportunities, balance of powers towards their engagement of PF government into power. They had hopes of new Zambia, hopes of better life, and dreams of great futures, free from corruption.

The MMD government was kicked out of power because of bad governance and poor leadership. They were not listening from each other within their own camp, and not even from people. They were listening from the sounds and drums of corruption among each other. Now where are they today? They have packed and gone forever and ever, and they will never ever return back into power just like their ancestors UNIP and this can also happen to the PF government in 2016. If they fail to be listen to the people of Zambia, they will pack and go like their ancestors MMD.

So my advice to the PF Government it is now or never, they should start hearing and listening from the public because already so many government appointments are falling on wrong people. The same people who have been involved in dirty corruption activities from MMD Government.

The President has to revoke these appointments and re-appoint clean people. The people of Zambia are very tired and being disturbed of seeing corrupted and recycling politicians still championing and bouncing back into the new Zambian government.

The people of Zambia voted for PF government to bring forth and true totally reformation, score highly economic development throughout the country and improve life and conditions of people national wide.

The people of Zambia gave their mandate not for nothing but to see that the new government operates into a straight and promised way. There is no government in the world today being ruled by one character. There must be different characters to run the government. This is what we call modern and constitutional democracy, a government runs from public opinions and objectives from its own people. The government should  relaying on its own people ‘feelings to deliver the best to all, either poor or rich, a child from village or town  have to have equal opportunities, because our national resources belongs to every Zambian citizens, and national incomes must be disturbed equally to every Zambian through  national infrastructure.

On appointment issues, the president has to be very carefully because this can be a setback towards the fight against corruption. Before making government appointments on suspected corruption individuals, he has first to let their names cleared by the commissions of inquiries, and the court of laws of Zambia, then the appointments can be recommended by him, of course every Zambian citizen is free to hold or been appointment for any position in Zambia, but we have to make appointments based on good records of people, not on names based or hand picking appointments.

In Zambia, we have a lot of well trusted youths, men and women who are capable of executing public offices in honest and trusted ways. The question is when will these young youths going start learning government jobs? The PF government has to stop appointing incompetent people in sensitive and professional fields.

May god bless the people of Zambia, and much love.

Mr. Brown Chibale Kapika  –  BCK

President for Adedo Zamucano

Secretary General for Civil and Human Rights Organization (





Joseph Kabila

I. His origins:

Mr. Brown Chibale Kapika

Joseph Kabila, in his real name Hyppolite Kanambe Kazemberembe, was born on 4th June 1971 of a Rwandan father on the name of Christopher KANAMBE and a Rwandan mother named Marceline MUKAMBUKUJE. His father was an opossant to the Rwandan former president Juvénal HABYARIMANA. He met Laurent Désiré KABILA, opposant of the Zairean former president MOBUTU, in the resistance movements based in the mountains on the rwando-zairean border, where they fought against their common enemies: MOBUTU and HABYARIMANA.

After the death of his friend Christopher Kanambe in 1977, Laurent Désiré Kabila married (in the traditional customs) his widow Marcelline and adopted (in the same traditional customs) her two young twin children, a girl and a boy: Jenny KANAMBE and Hyppolite KANAMBE.

II. A neglected youth:
LD Kabila, who wed – several women (of which more than 13 -) when he went underground-and of which he got a number of children (more than 25), had only a limited – time to take care of the latter. So as he had not been able to finish his studies beyond the secondary level, the young Hyppolite Kanambe was forced to do several jobs for his living- amongst which as a taximan,as a barman and of mechanic in the cities of Dar-are – Salaam and of Kigoma in Tanzania.

-Indeed, his”foster father” (hear ‘step father’), LD Kabila, lived with all his family in exile in Tanzania during Hyppolite’s childhood and adolescence. Kabila spent more of his time in exile in the traffic of the gold and diamond rather than fighting MOBUTU’s regime; which often led him to cross the forests and the mountains of Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda and Uganda, to exercise his fraudulent business.

III. Back to the native land
In 1995, Hyppolite Kanambe decided to get back to his motherland the Rwanda, where he was welcomed by his uncle James KABAREBE, Colonel and Head of the intelligence services of the Rwandan Patriotic Army (APR), who accommodates him in his own home.

At first, Kabarebe finds for his his nephew a job as “driver boy”, in other words drive assistant of a delivery truck transporting goods in Kigali, before employing him as his private chauffeur.

In 1996, when the Americans launch their military base to prepare the invasion of Zaire, Paul Kagame appoints Colonel James Kabarebe as Head of the military operations and responsible of the “Zaire File”. He supervises the recruitment and the training of the new recruits of the military base. This is when he takes the opportunity to register his nephew Hyppolite Kanambe to the training program, in order to incorporate him, at a later stage, to the invasion operation of Zaire that is being primed.

Hippolyte Kanombe served in the Rwandan army in 1995. Several witnesses also stress the indisputable fact that Hippolyte Kanombe alias “Joseph Kabila” is fluent in kinyarwanda, the lingua franca of Rwanda.


These dark zones one do not want to enlight Laurent Désiré Kabila’s death has already poured a lot of ink without the mystery which surrounds him was unveiled. Far from us the idea to supply here the hidden causes and the definitive identity of the real authors of this tragedy which henceforth makes the Congolese politics a saga. However, while discovering some circumstances which preceded and followed the tragedy of Laurent Désiré Kabila’s murder in the direct line of Joseph Kabila’s ascent towards the summit of the power, we can only be upset with the concordance, the coherence and the convergence of these facts which place Laurent Désiré Kabila’s “son” in the very center of the scene.

Thus let us examine the main elements that were set before the tragedy strictly speaking:

ACT I : Kinshasa, October 2000 : Mrs SIFA Mahanya’s arrest

Mrs SIFA MAHANYA, presented wrongly as being Joseph Kabila biological mother (we shall come back to it), is really Congolese and it is one of the numerous declared or known “wives” of LD Kabila with whom she had 6 children named: Joséphine, Cécile, Masengo, Gloria, Kiki and Maguy.

Mrs Sifa lived with her husband in the Marble Palace, the official residence of the Head of State when at the end of October of the year 2000, Laurent Désiré Kabila has a severe discomfort after a meal. The medical examinations immediately practised diagnose a poisoning. The investigations led by the presidential security staff raise a bundle of serious indications of assumption converging on Mrs SIFA, who is accused of attempt murder on her husband and is immediately arrested on order of LD Kabila and imprisoned in the prison center of Makala in pavilion N. 10.

ACT II : Kinshasa, 11 January 2001 : the exfiltration of Mrs Sifa from the prison center

Behind his “father”’s back, Joseph Kabila organises the prisoner to be removed from her cell, with the complicity of the director of the prison, Mr. Kelly DIDO KITUNGUA. Mrs Sifa Mahanya is immediately secretly transferred to Lubumbashi where she is accommodated in a discrete place.

ACT III : Lubumbashi, 12 January 2001: LD Kabila is advised to to cancel his trip to Cameroun

The day after the removal of Mrs Sifa Mahanya, Joseph Kabila contacts his “father” who was preparing to fly to Cameroon to take part at the Summit of the French-speaking world. Joseph advises Laurent Désiré Kabila not to go to Cameroon on the basis of reliable intelligence in his possession information, about a plot against the president of DRC. Laurent Désiré Kabila who deeply trusts his “son” cancels his trip to Cameroon. From Lubumbashi, where he was, the Head of State get back directly to Kinshasa.

ACT IV : Kinshasa, 15 January 2001 : Joseph Kabila orders the disarmament of the garrison of Kinshasa, then he leaves hastily to Lubumbashi.

The day before the tragedy, on order of Joseph Kabila, all military of the FAC garrison of Kinshasa are disarmed without any explanation. Much more, colonel Eddy Kapend receives Joseph Kabila’s strict orders to proceed to the arrest of the Head of the External

Management Intelligence (ANR / OF), Mr. Ismaël Tutwemoto. It is Mr. Leta Mangasa, the ANR Chief General Administrator general-in chief who executes this arrest.
After having taken all these apparently “inexplicable” measures, Joseph Kabila quickly and discreetly flies to Lubumbashi from where he makes a mysterious trip outside the country.

ACT V : Kinshasa, 16 January 2001 : Laurent Désiré Kabila is killed

In the middle-day, shots blast between the Marble Palace walls, the presidential residence. Laurent Désiré Kabila, seriously wounded to his head, dies a short time later, even before being loaded on the helicopter which transports him to the Private hospital Ngaliema.
It is at nightfall that Joseph Kabila gives the order to open N’Djili airport closed since the announcement of the attempted coup, specially for him, to allow the landing of his plane from Lubumbashi! This behavior of Joseph Kabila seems at the least strange!

How come a son, who scrupulously watched his “father” security until the day before, and who advise the cancellation of his trip to Cameroon because an imminent deadly danger, how come after the announcement of the attack on his “father”, this “son” remained cloistered in Lubumbashi, at only 2 hours flight from Kinshasa, and joins the capital only at the end of the day, several hours after his “father”s death? Where had he spent the day? What did he match do all this time? Where did he really come from? Was Lubumbashi not a diversion?

So many questions over the underlying causes of Laurent Désiré Kabila’s death should have been investigated. However, for our
country, we have been working for years now. And today, numerous recorded testimonies are examined and scrutinized.
The formal testimonies of the Congolese medical staff who had received Laurent Désiré Kabila body at the helicopter landing strongly confirm that the Congolese president had died well before his arrival to the private hospital.
However, Joseph Kabila, who had taken control of the operations around ” his father “, ordered the transfer of Laurent Désiré Kabila’s body to Harare in Zimbabwe! He then multiplied deceitful communiqués addressed to the Congolese people to persuade them that his president was well. Dominique Sakombi knows about it!

Why thus this masquerade and this macabre movements’ around the mortal remains of a president of the Republic? Another mystery! But the detailed file of the Laurent Désiré Kabila murder will be the subject of another statement.

ACT VI : Kinshasa : During the funerals, Sifa Mahanya is presented to the public as the “weeping widow”, and then as Joseph Kabila’s “biological mother”!

During Laurent Désiré Kabila’s funerals starting in Harare and ending 23 January 2001 with the burial in Kinshasa, Mrs. Sifa Mahanya, the prisoner removed from her cell 5 days before M’Zee assassination and

hidden in Lubumbashi so far, gets out of her hiding place and is propelled on the national front scene. She is suddenly presented to the national and international press as ” the weeping widow ” of the deceased president and the biological “mother” of Joseph Kabila who has just taken his “father”’s seat in the conditions which we know. And here we are, the buckle is buckled!
However, in his lifetime, throughout the war and during his mandate to the head of the country, Laurent Désiré Kabila never officially introduced the ” first lady ” to the Congolese people, in other words: his official wife among his dozen of wives! And, the one that was presented as “the weeping widow” had been removed from prison where she was held for attempted murder on her husband by poisoning. And the author of this removal is the very one who has taken the seat of the victim, and of which Mrs. Sifa gives for the very first time, the honorable testimony of being “the biological mother”. Do you get the picture?

The final stage setting for this strategy contains vulgar mistakes which call to all Congolese in the tragedy the Democratic Republic of Congo is going through.

May GOD Bless Congo and the People of Africa

Mr. Brown Chibale Kapika

President of Adedo Zamucano

Secretary General for Civil And Human Rights Organization (


Mr. Brown C. Kapika
Mr. Brown C. Kapika

We hereby kindly advise President Sata to appoint Dr. Roger Chongwe to head a team of Experts to revisit the Mvunga, Mwanakatwe, Mungomba Constitution and a recent Draft Constitution before drafting a New Constitution of Zambia.

In order to avoid an expensive exercise over the drafting of the New Constitution of Zambia, we are appealing to the President to reduce or avoid all costs or expenses in the appointment of sitting constitution experts.

There should be no more travelling around the country for people’s inputs before experts come up with a draft Constitution. Instead of wasting tax payer’s money in this way, a team of expert must organise themselves by holding six meetings within two weeks and come out with some solid conclusions or amendments before passing  it to parliament for possible enactment.

We just need to add some more information to this constitution including the following:

Point One: Dual Citizenship, including Children of Zambian Parents being born Abroad
Point Two: Illegalized Homosexuality by Zambian Law
Point Three: Restrict Marriage Law among women under the Age of 18 years of age
Point Four: Implementation of Social Security to Old People (Zambian Citizens) over 65 years of age.
Point Five: Reformation of Labour Law
Point Six: Implementation of Pension Reforms
Point Seven: Reduction of Presidential Terms to Four Years, and to maintained two Terms in Office.
Point Eight: illegalized Prostitution by Zambian Law.

We hope that, this message reaches the Zambian President and Constitution Experts.
May GOD Bless Zambia and the People of Zambia.
Mr. Brown Chibale Kapika – BCK
President Adedo Zamucano
Secretary General for Civil and Human Rights Organisation (

By Mr. Kapika

Brown Chibale Kapika

ADEDO ZAMUCANO is busy observing how the PF Government is approaching many important aspects and issues in its governance of the Nation.

We are observing how the PF Government is firing and appointing people in many high profile and sensitive positions whether this system is been done on merit or hand picking or tribal basis.

However, it is important for every Zambian to know about these issues concerning how the PF Government is handling this Government Business, otherwise in some other areas we will be losers.

We believe that all appointments the President is making should be falling on trusted, honest, qualified people with the vision to push our Nation further, or on those people with vision without qualification but trusted ones to save our Nation further.

We need leaders who are clean, – those who fear GOD and respect human life.

However, to improve the Zambian Government, Mr. Sata has to close down Zambian Embassies and Consulates abroad which are not profitable to save the money for Tax Payers.

He also has to open very few Embassies to Nations where our national economy can be benefiting, because many Zambians Embassies are sitting Embassies and contribute nothing to Our Nation. And to this end we have to be very selective before entering into relationships with other Nations by making proper calculations, and analyzing what business this Nations can offer to the Zambian Economy.

Moreover about the New Constitution, the people of Zambia must be protected first. We have to ensure that include evil acts including homosexuality, sodomy, child sex abuse, and incest as criminal offenses. If any person is found practicing homosexual acts he must be immediately caught and send to prison for twenty years without bail, like rapists. As a result to send the messages and warnings to the West including tourist and many others to show the World that Zambia will never tolerate such animal behaviour among same sexes.

In prisons too, sodomy or homosexuality must be condemned. The New Constitution must implement that prison inmates caught acting or involved in these acts in prison should be brought to court and sentenced for ten extra years with hard labour and immediately be transferred to Mukobeko prison in Kabwe.

The constitution must also amend an act of segregation among prison inmates in different groups as a result to avoid sodomy or homosexuality, and an act to promote and introduce separation among prisoners depending different offenses they committed.

The Child Sexual Abuse, or impregnating girls under the age of sixteen by men over 18 years old should become a constitutional crime, as a result involved culprits in such offenses should be sent to prison not less than five years, to stop old men impregnating Young girls. This can automatically improve the standards and numbers of Young girls remaining in schools until the age of eighteen to less matured women. And Child Sexual abusers must not be separated to sodomy or murder or rape, culprits or suspects involved should be sent to prison not less than twenty years. Implementing such an act will bring forth respect and fear among Zambians and foreigners in their homes or public to carry such animal behaviours within their families or other people.

Incest acts between family members has become very common in most rural areas around Zambia, as a result in secret men are impregnating their own daughters without possible prosecution by the law, and some closer family relatives are marrying each other too. The New Constitution must bar incest acts by law and introduce a stiff punishment to those people concerned.

Immunity must be totally kicked out from Our New Zambian Constitution. Immunity against prosecution among African Presidents is fake and it blindfolds Citizens of Nations to respect thieves because it is a satanic evil act in amended into the Constitution to promote Corruption and theft among African Leaders.

This is why Zambia presidents take advantages in office, abusing Public funds because of this evil stupid title of immunity. This title should be removed out from Constitution so that our sitting presidents should be prosecuted by the law when in Office if they commit Crimes. No one must be above the Law.
In addition, we have to amend a policy into Our New Constitution to reduce and fix parliament Salaries including allowances for the President, Ministers and Members of Parliament to normal wages. We can only do so by using the university of Zambia lecturer’s salary systems to be introduced for president, ministers and members of parliament wages and allowances. And we have to fix the Presidential Pension just like UNZA Lecturers, and no more building Houses for former Presidents.
I am wishing that, this demand shall will be passed and included into Our Zambian New Constitution, and may GOD bless Zambians.

Mr. Brown Chibale Kapika – BCK

Mr. Brown Chibale Kapika
Mr. Brown Chibale Kapika

It took 20 years to liberate the people of Zambia from rotten Government of thieves and thugs. Zambians now have happiness as they start to experience their right to live and prosper, right to freedom and joy, rights for good futures together with families, right to justice and equality, right to decide the good or bad, right for respect and life as human beings through the coming of President Michael Chilufya Sata.

Mr. Sata has come at a right time when the people of Zambia really need him to reform our nation to be a better place to live in. This man is working so hard and moving at supersonic speed making everything working on time. Within few weeks of his leadership, Mr. Sata has almost changed the face of a collapsed Zambia.

The country collapsed for 20 years because of voting for idiots who didn’t have hearts for Zambians. The thugs who had criminal minds, instead of saving innocent people they enriched themselves. These thugs didn’t have sympathy or mercy for the people of Zambia. The thugs were foreigners.  They did not fear GOD. The thugs were so selfish. They failed to differentiate between life and death among innocent young children, men and women of our beloved country Zambia.

But now their time has turned upside down, and it’s high time they are sent to underground prisons. We needs to start building undergrounds prisons to save these thugs together with their families and everyone involved in massacring government money for the past 20 years. We don’t need to show mercy for these people.

For the past twenty years we lost millions of innocent people through sickness, poverty and hunger under the leadership of MMD. The MMD failed to control the situation apart of entertaining corrupt epidemic HIV virus which infected almost all leaders in government.

Our State House was like a bar of corrupt prostitutes, it was pumped with dirty thugs and thieves. Big dirty deals worth of millions of government dollars were passing through their relatives and friends. Government ministries too, were chambers of corrupt prostitutes.

The government stopped function due to corruption and was run bankrupt for the past 20 years. It was a hit and hide game among corrupt prostitutes. Immediately national incomes enter from our resources or donations from abroad the faster these corrupt prostitutes and their juniors chewed  into their pockets as they wait for more to come. It was disastrous to innocent Zambians. The went for medical treatment abroad while prisoners were for the poor.

It is now or never, things have to change in Zambia. But before that, the laws of Zambia have to take their firm position. People who saved from the previous regimes of  Mr. Chiluba, Mr. Mwanawasa, and Mr. Banda must be thoroughly investigated together with their families and friends. We have to dig out the truth where these people acquired their wealthy. If these people obtain their wealthy through dubious means of corruption, and their monies from government then these people must immediately be arrested and prosecuted by the courts of laws, when convicted they should be sent to mukobeko prison. Lots of innocent people died because of these evil satanic selfish fools who governed Zambia.

I am therefore, calling President Sata to appoint the commission of inquiry to investigate financial mismanagement or misconduct from the previous MMD government backdated from 1991.

May GOD bless Zambia and the beloved people of Zambia!

Mr. Brown Chi bale Kapika – BCK