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LONDON CALLING: Stop Romanticizing Everything African Please

By Austin Kaluba Whenever I hear a song or poem romanticizing everything African, my blood runs cold because just like Europe, Africa has got its own share of social ills both man-made or externally orchestrated. A classic example of this … read more »

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Sorry for the long silence. I have been busy working on my short stories to be published in England. I have also been researching stuff for Old Grooves and Down Memory Lane. This week I will look at colonial Zambia … read more »

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LONDON CALLING – Are African intellectuals copycats?

By AUSTIN KALUBA AFRICA is the most insulted continent and a subject of countless studies that usually produce distorted ‘findings’ about the largely misunderstood region.

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LONDON CALLING – On Which side is Sata in the GBM / Kabimba tussle

BY AUSTIN KALUBA One is a Zambian multimillionaire, while the other one holds an important position in the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) only second to the head of state, the almighty Michael Chilufya Sata. Both have inflated egos and feel … read more »

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Old Grooves: The 5 Revolutions – Kulemela Kwa Bambo Wanga

The Five Revolutions was a popularly known Zambian Ndola-based band comprising of Chris Mbewe (guitar, vocals), Zion Lofwa (bass), Abel Mukubwe (drums), Hank Mukumbo (guitar), John Mwansa (vocals). They released several hits in the mini music renaissance of the 70’s. … read more »

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Where was Zambia’s current governing party, the PF, formed?

Our political correspondent Austin Kaluba traces the significance of political parties in Zambia; from UNIP that values Mulungushi Rock, to MMD’s reverence of Garden House Motel. but ask where the PF was formed. Is it at Farmers House? To UNIP … read more »

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LONDON CALLING- African Leaders and the Question of Morality

BY AUSTIN KALUBA In many European countries, politicians have resigned on their own or forced to step down when they transgress from expected moral behaviour.

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OLD GROOVES- Mpondolo-Mosi Oa Tunya

By Austin Kaluba The song Mpondolo comes from Mosi Oa Tunya and its intro is a beautiful plucking of the karimba-thumb piano by the late Derek Mbao, the front man of the band. I consider Mosi Oa Tunya (MOT) to … read more »

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Old Grooves – Uhuru Road- Spuki Mulemwa

By Austin Kaluba I have played this old goodie Uhuru Road from my good friend Spuki Mulemwa, a Zambian reggae star who once played with a German-based African band called Vitamin X. I consider Uhuru Road the best reggae track … read more »

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