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I am a visual artist. In my current work, I utilise recycled drinks cans (coke, Fanta and beer cans) to create images that highlight parallel perspectives to social, political and existential norms. I also make sculptures from found objects and revel in the countless possibilities, beyond the mediums of paint and canvas with which art can be created. Read my interview with UKZAMBIANS

The Rise of The African Glossy Magazine

By Jackie Mwanza I absolutely adore fashion and because I am still a wannabe successful, rich artist I curb my fashion appetite by indulging in an item of clothing from Primarni (Primark), once in a while, or failing to stretch … read more »

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[wide] [/wide] By Jackie Mwanza I spent the first couple of years in the early 1990’s visiting my family who lived in Brussels at the time, at least 3 times a year. It was there that I dated a Belgian … read more »

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Imperial Child to Superwoman

[wide] [/wide] By Jackie Mwanza The 25th of March 2007 marked 200 years – to the day – that a Parliamentary Bill was passed to abolish the slave trade in the then British Empire. This marked the beginning of the … read more »

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By Jackie Mwanza For as long as I can remember there had been a running family joke about my auntie who married a Kaluvale man – my father revelled in professing how impressed he had been that his in-law had … read more »

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Fly to Zambia, just for a laugh!

By Jackie Mwanza I have just spent the last two hours watching ‘Dorika and the Big Dudes’ on You tube and can safely say I have executed my daily exercise through laughter. The likes of Bob Nkosha, Joseph Simukonda, Isaac … read more »

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Ichisungu: Teenage Mutants, Zambian’s in the Diaspora have stopped initiation ceremonies

By Jackie Mwanza I moved to England as a young teenager. I was already a woman, technically and had had a small scale initiation ceremony back home to acknowledge my coming of age. I felt rather special – my mum … read more »

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Recycled Art: Yes, we Can!

By Jackie Mwanza Like most kids in our neighbourhood my siblings and I used to take pleasure in making toys out of rubbish. There we were innocently saving the planet by reusing old mealie meal sacks to make kites, old … read more »

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LUSAKA: Concrete Jungle

By Jackie Mwanza If a city is definable by its’ major monuments, what would Lusaka’s emblems be. On billboards all around London there are constant advertisements for holiday destinations all over the world – visit Paris (with a picture of … read more »

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Doors to the past (Time capsule)

By Jackie Mwanza Anyone old enough to remember Lusaka in the mid 80’s (particularly 1985) may recall countless men & women donning a t-shirt with the image of a skinny, shoulder length haired, white guy with his arms stretched out … read more »

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