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Acting Republican President Edgar
Acting Republican President Edgar

Acting Republican President Edgar Lungu last night led hundreds of Zambians at National Heroes Stadium in Lusaka in hoisting the flag to mark Zambia’s Jubilee independence anniversary commemoration.

Mr. Lungu arrived slightly after 22:00 hours to join First Republican President Kenneth Kaunda, Vice President Guy Scott and Former Mozambican President Joackim Chisano and other invited guests for the function.

Earlier , Dr. Kaunda’s arrival at the stadium cheered the crowd after a footage showed that the First Republican President was clad in the same attire he used to wear before and during independence in 1964.

Zambians clad in national colors filled the stadium to witness the ceremonial hoisting of the flag in the stadium which has only been witnessed by freedom fighters at Independence.

Traditional dances and performances were exhibited showcasing Zambia’s historical emblems spiced up by local and foreign musicians.

Video Footage and pictures of the five Presidents namely Dr. Kaunda, Frederick Chiluba, Levy Mwanawasa, Rupiah Banda and Michael Sata were beamed on the screen to show the peaceful transition of power in the last 50 years.

At 23:59 hours the Acting President descended from his VIP seat to the playing field to lead the jubilant crowd into a countdown to the hoisting of the flag.

The raising of the flag was accompanied by the National Anthem, blowing of vuvuzelas and beating of drums while all the lights were switched off.

The display of fireworks in the air was one of the spectacular things to watch as the skies of Lusaka were lit and colored .

At the same time the booming sound sent the crowd wild as they shouted after each spark of the fireworks.

The ceremonial hoisting of the Zambian flag symbolizes the patriotism and the nation’s natural resources.

This year’s raising of the flag at midnight last night was the fiftieth time the Zambia’s flag was being hoisted since 1964 when Zambia gained independence from the British colony.

Opposition Movement for Multiparty Democracy President Nevers Mumba and Ambassadors and high commissioners accredited to Zambia were among the dignitaries that attended the flag hoisting ceremony.

The Non Governmental Organizations’ Coordinating Council (NGOCC) says it will be premature for them rejoice over the release of the final draft constitution by government until when they have seen the document.

NGOCC Board Chairperson Beatrice Grillo has told QFM News in an interview that there is nothing to be excited about following the release of the final draft constitution.

She says the excitement can only come when Zambians have received the document in their hands.

Ms Grillo has however described the move by government to finally release the draft constitution as a step in the right direction.

Meanwhile Ms Grillo has appealed to Zambians to pray for President Michael Sata who will not be around during the golden jubilee celebrations, owing to the fact that he is having a medical checkup abroad.

She has also encouraged Zambians to continue promoting peace and unity during and after the jubilee celebrations.

Ms Grillo explains that though the country has had some challenges in the past, there is need to rejoice God’s favor over Zambia.

Ms. Grillo has also paid special tribute to all freedom fighters and past presidents whose contribution seen the Zambia be where she is today.

Ms Grillo has however described the move by government to finally release the draft constitution as a step in the right direction.

Government has finally released the long awaited final draft constitution.

Acting Justice Minister Ngosa Simbyakula tabled the draft constitution document in parliament today to coincide with the country’s golden jubilee which falls tomorrow.

However the road-map for the constitution making process which one of the demands of the stakeholders has not been presented

Dr Simbyakula says the release of the draft constitution will allow the Zambian people go through the document.

Justice Minister Edgar Lungu had last week assured the grand coalition that government would release the draft constitution during the independence week.

And All People’s Congress Party (APC) President Nason Msoni says his party has decided to participate in jubilee celebrations under-protest in view of government’s decision to release the final draft constitution.

Mr Msoni says his party will join in celebrating the country’s jubilee under-protest owing to the fact that government has not released the roadmap for enacting the new constitution.

Meanwhile Mr Msoni has wished President Michael Sata a quick recovery.

And former Open Society Foundation Executive Director Sunday Chanda says President Michael Sata and PF Government must be commended for honouring the promise to release the final draft constitution today, the 23rd of October 2014.

Mr Chanda says this decision is remarkable and demonstrates Government’s goodwill to give Zambians a new constitution.

He says all well-meaning Zambians will be expected to commend this decisive step and further commit to engage in progressive debates around the contents of the constitution.

Mr Chanda says the decision by Government to release the draft constitution has added immense value to the Independence Celebrations.

MMD President Nevers Mumba has demanded that the PF government gives the Zambian people their freedoms back in line with the biblical declaration of Jubilee as the country commemorates 50 years of independence.

Dr Mumba says Jubilee entails returning all possession taken away from individuals and ensures that not a single person is oppressed by another.

He says the country should apply itself to the true meaning of Jubilee, as it opens a new page.

Dr Mumba in a statement issued today states that Jubilee is not a political slogan but a Biblical truth, which literally means a time of renewal.

He says the MMD demands that the abuse of the Public Order Act be stopped, and people given back the freedom to hold meetings without facing the brutality of the Police.

The MMD leader says in this year of Jubilee, freedom must be restored including media freedoms.

Dr Mumba states that the MMD pioneered press freedom in 1991 which the PF government has taken away by dragging journalists and publications to court on flimsy charges and blocking critical media websites.

He says without press freedom, a nation can never be truly free as the media are the watchdogs of society to make the governments accountable to the electorate.

He has further demanded that the wage freeze imposed on the public service be lifted, so that workers can freely bargain for better pay in this Jubilee year.

Dr Mumba adds that as the country looks to the next fifty years, Zambians should insist on leadership of morality and integrity to move Zambia into the future.

Edith Nawakwi
Edith Nawakwi

Let me begin by paying special tribute to our gallant men and women who risked their lives to fight for the Independence that we enjoy and cherish today. Their patriotism and selflessness teaches us that though we have individual dreams our future is inextricably intertwined and we rise and fall as One Zambia, One Nation.

As we celebrate our Golden Jubilee we need to take time to deeply reflect on why 50 years after Independence over 60% of our people are living in extreme poverty. We are a better country than one were over 50% of expecting mothers give birth without the care of qualified midwives; we are a better country than one were 50% of our newly born babies receive no post-natal care.

We are a better country than one were thousands of students with distinctions are turned away from the doors of our universities because their parents cannot afford to pay tuition fees and the government denies them Scholarships. We are a better country than one were over 40% of our children are undernourished.

We are a better country than one were divergent views are suppressed or are met with brute force. We are a better country than one were our farmers have to protest just to get their hard-earned dues. We are a better country than one were over 46% girl children below the age of 18 are either pregnant, married or have had a child. Zambians we are a better country than this.

We all have a sacred duty to ensure that the next 50years should not look like the past 50 years. We have to summon that inner spirit of ubuntu to love and care about one another. We have to evoke the spirit of patriotism and selflessness and in the words of Kennedy, ask not what this country can do for us but what we can do for the country. We ought to realize that we are the change we seek.

For those that have been privileged with the favour to rule over us they must always remember that power belongs to the people, that they are only temporal custodians of our reigns. They should use that power cautiously and to the benefits of our people and not for personal gain.

We have to thank God for blessing our land with plenty of natural resources and unlimited potential. But we have to realise that it will take you and me to work together to maximize the benefits of these resources.

Now is the time to revolutionaries our Agriculture and mechanize and commercialize it to create jobs and wealth at household level. Now is the time to build processing and manufacturing industries right here in Zambia and not to step aside and watch while foreigners ship our minerals.

Now is the time to enact a Constitution that will not only epitomize the aspirations of the people but will guarantee the social, economical and civil liberties of all our people. Now is the time to provide a world class health care system and preserve sanctity of life, for a healthy nation is a wealthy nation.

Now is the time to make education a basic right and ensure that a child’s dream should not be shattered by lack of money to pay school fees but by her own failure to work hard to get the type of education she wants. Now is the time to unleash the tourism potential and create jobs and wealth at household level.

Let us remember, that it will take not only government but all of us to create that Zambia we want. As citizens we need to summon our moral and intellectual courage to work hard and stand up and fight all forms of social, political and economic Justice.

To all our freedom fighters, we say thank you so much for all that you sacrificed.

May God bless us Zambia.

Edith Z. Nawakwi
FDD President.

Zimbabwe's first lady Grace Mugabe
Zimbabwe’s first lady Grace Mugabe

Zimbabwe’s first lady Grace Mugabe on Thursday announced her candidacy to succeed her husband, 90-year-old president Robert Mugabe, when he leaves office.

“People say I want to be president, why not? Am I not a Zimbabwean?” the 49-year-old said when addressing veterans of the country’s liberation struggle in Mazowe at about 40 kilometres north of Harare.

Mugabe called on Vice President Joice Mujuru – regarded as one of the top contenders to succeed the president – to resign.

“There are plenty of people who can run this country, not Mujuru,” she said, adding that her husband’s deputy would take Zimbabwe “back to where we were before independence.”

Robert Mugabe, who has ruled Zimbabwe since 1980, has travelled several times for medical care abroad, sparking speculation that he could step down before his term ends in 2018.

Mugabe has meanwhile been appointed to head the women’s league of the ruling party Zanu-PF.

The first lady’s political ambitions have faced resistance from Mujuru and others who participated in the liberation struggle against the white minority government of the then Rhodesia – today Zimbabwe – alongside Robert Mugabe.

Mugabe has also come under fire for a doctorate she obtained from the University of Zimbabwe in September – allegedly just months after she enrolled there.


Post Editorial

Miles Sampa warns that any government that ignores its citizens in the diaspora does so at its own peril. We agree.
Diasporas can and, in many cases, do play an important role in the economic development of their countries of origin or ancestry.
Beyond sending remittances, diasporas can also promote trade and foreign direct investment, create businesses and spur entrepreneurship and transfer new knowledge and skills.
While we continue to see our nationals abroad as a loss, more and more are recognised that an engaged diaspora can be an asset – or even a counterweight to the immigration of skilled and talented migrants. Yet while others like Miles recognise the value of our diaspora members, very few of our politicians have programmes or initiatives to engage our diasporas and find areas of mutual interest for practical collaboration.
Migrants and other diasporas have for years been instrumental in helping family and friends at home get by. We have many people in this country who have been educated by their brothers and sisters in the diaspora. And we have many people in this country who would have died a long time ago if it was not for their family members in the diaspora sending them money and medicines. But the contributions of our diasporas go beyond this and could have a significant impact on development, if tapped into.
Imagine if one in every ten members of our diaspora could be persuaded to invest a thousand dollars in Zambia every year, how much investment money we would raise as a country!
Many Zambians living abroad feel a strong sense of connection and want to contribute to development at home. Among Zambian professionals in the diaspora, there is a real desire to use their expertise and skills to make a difference here at home. They are looking at what they can give, but also at what they can get in return. They are thinking about how they can invest their money, how they can be the business link between here and where they live.
Through entrepreneurship, skills and technology exchange, increased trade links, philanthropic foundations, investment and heritage and tourism links, Zambians in the diaspora can easily give back.
But how many of our politicians and government leaders have managed to engage them meaningfully? At least Michael Sata has managed to get a member of the diaspora to be our Secretary to the Cabinet. Dr Rowland Msiska was doing very well in our neighbouring countries, advising governments, restructuring their systems of administration until Michael invited him back to a much lower job and salary of permanent secretary. But how many of our politicians have managed to engage those in the diaspora successfully in poverty reduction efforts and development?
There is need for our leaders in government and in politics in general to be more proactive if we are to reap concrete benefits from our diaspora.
Our leaders in government and politics need to find out more about our diaspora population and to build solid relationships with them to implement coherent engagement policies, rather than treating them as selfish people who have run away from their country in search of fortunes and an easier better life.
There is need to develop good communications with our diaspora on a regular basis and do a bit of social marketing. And because of poor communication, there isn’t a wide knowledge among our diaspora members of what is going on here, of what government is doing or its initiatives.
We cannot continue to rely solely on emotional bonds to get people in the diaspora involved in the development of our country or their country. We have to start reaching out to them through targeted campaigns, seeking investment in development projects, formal diaspora policies, dual citizenship for diaspora members and supporting global diaspora networks to forge strong connections with our foreign-born population.
We need to provide our diaspora with information of investment and trade opportunities in Zambia.
And foreign-born Zambians shouldn’t find it so difficult to visit Zambia. A certain national status should automatically accrue to them at birth, allowing them similar rights and privileges as those who live and work here. We should let them enter the country without a visa, work without a permit.
Our government can do more to remove obstacles and create opportunities for diasporas to engage in economic development by taking specific actions to understand where and who our diaspora populations are, build solid relationships with diaspora partners and facilitate their involvement in what is going on in Zambia today. There is need to consolidate their sense of belonging and stop making them feel like they are traitors. We need to build institutions to implement coherent diaspora engagement policies. And suchb diaspora policies can only work if the diasporas are engaged as full partners – when diaspora engagement is a two-way street.
There are great benefits from meaningful diaspora engagement that should not be lost to ignorance and inertia. There are demonstrable links between the presence of a diaspora and increased trade, as diaspora members create connection between producers and consumers in the countries of origin and destination. Diaspora populations also buy the products of their countries of origin and introduce these products to new markets in the countries of settlement. And diasporas invest directly in their countries of origin and persuade non-diaspora investors to do the same, boosting investor confidence in emerging and undeveloped markets.
It can also not be denied that diasporas often gain valuable skills, experiences and contacts abroad that they can transfer back their countries of origin by seeding businesses and entrepreneurship, training and mentoring workers from their countries of origin and boosting emerging industries.
So Miles is right when he says that Zambians in the diaspora are a vital element to our country’s development and that they are special Zambians because they are exposed, they have the knowledge and skill and they need to be put to good use by any government in power.

Final Fredoh - LazUK 50th Flayer 2014

COA of ZambiaIt is finally happening! 
Great News for the Zambian Diaspora Community in the UK! Aunty Dorothy of Fredor Restaurant, supported by the Government of Zambia and the London Association of Zambians UK (LazUK)
is hosting:
Zambian’s Official 50th Jubilee Celebration Party
Saturday 25th October 2014
8PM Till Late!!!
Sarah Banqueting Suites
502 – 508 Tottenham High Road
London N17 9JF
Due to the Zambia High Commission in the United Kingdom’s part sponsorship of the event, the entry price has now been reduced to £10, from £25 at the door!!!

Those who have already paid the original £20 for advanced tickets must come with their tickets for a refund on the day!!




LazUK October 2014

London Association of Zambians UK (LazUK) 50th Logo

The London Association of Zambians UK (LazUK) is a non-partisan community based Network of Zambians in London whose aim is to create an inclusive, supportive and diverse network, which will promote UK Zambian Diaspora community cohesion beyond this year’s Zambia’s 50th Golden Jubilee.

For more information on LazUK, please email:

Follow @Laz_UK on Twitter and answer the following question:


Zambian Parliament
Zambian Parliament

Acting Justice Minister Ngosa Simbyakula tabled the draft constitution document in parliament today to coincide with the country’s golden jubilee which falls tomorrow.

However the road-map for the constitution making process which one of the demands of the stakeholders has not been presented.

Dr Simbyakula says the release of the draft constitution will allow the Zambian people go through the document.

Justice Minister Edgar Lungu had last week assured the grand coalition that government would release the draft constitution during the independence week.

And the Opposition Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) has expressed disappointment that government has released the draft constitution without a road map on the enactment of the new constitution.

Speaking in an interview MMD President Nevers Mumba said his party was disappointed with government for releasing the draft document without a road map when it had 3 years to come up with one.

Dr. Mumba said the absence of a road map on the enactment of the new constitution signifies that the PF are not ready to conclude the process that has staled for a long time.

“We are deeply disappointed as MMD that they have decided to release the draft constitution in the absence of the road map signifying that really they are not ready.

“They have had 3years to work on the road map and three years to give us the draft constitution so the least they could do is to not only give us the draft constitution but also the road map that is going to take us to the enactment of the new constitution,” Dr. Mumba said

” We demand that this government quickly moves on providing the road map so that we can know how and when the people will have their new constitution,” he added.

Meanwhile the opposition leader has hailed stakeholders including CSOs and fellow opposition parties for pressuring government into releasing the draft constitution.

He observed that without the pressure that stakeholders put in the PF government would have continued lying to the people hence credited should be given to the stakeholder for standing up on behalf of the many voiceless Zambians.

“Although they have released it there is no much credit being given to this government because without the pressure we have put on them not only would they have lied by not providing it within the 90 days they promised but they would not have given us this draft constitution if we had not fought so hard and I congratulate the Civil Society, my colleagues in other political parties for an excellent job for fighting that government responds,” Dr. Mumba said.

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Liverpool were given a painful lesson in how far the Champions League has moved on in their absence as they were completely outclassed by holders Real Madrid at Anfield.

Television screens inside Anfield’s lounges relived Liverpool’s 4-0 win against Real in the last 16 in 2009 in an attempt to set the mood before kick-off – but there was never any hope of a repeat.

Cristiano Ronaldo led Real’s charge with a superb opener after 23 minutes and Karim Benzema added two before the interval to leave the hosts facing a desperate exercise in damage limitation.

Rodgers bemoans ‘sloppy’ Liverpool

It was the first time Liverpool had been three down at half-time at Anfield in their long and glorious European history – a fact no doubt noted by Real coach Carlo Ancelotti, who was in charge of AC Milan in Istanbul in 2005 when the Reds claimed the Champions League after facing a similar heavy deficit at the interval.

Here, in contrast, the Italian was able to enjoy a comfortable second half as Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers’s brave pre-match words about not being underdogs were put into context.

With just three points from their opening three games, Liverpool’s ambitions of reaching the knockout stage of a competition they cherish so much are in real peril.

And the performance of Mario Balotelli meant it was another night that left question marks over Liverpool’s decision to pay £16m for a striker who simply does not deliver when it matters.

He was substituted after 45 minutes and the sight of him swapping shirts with Real defender Pepe as the teams went off at half-time will not have been well received by home fans.

Real’s domination was so complete, and the final phase of the game such a procession, that Ancelotti felt secure enough to remove Ronaldo after 75 minutes to protect him for this weekend’s ‘El Clasico’ with Barcelona.

To their credit, The Kop set aside old differences with the former Manchester United star to applaud his departure on the night when he scored his 70th Champions League goal, leaving him just one behind another Real Madrid legend, Raul.

Cristiano Ronaldo scored the opener for Real Madrid at Liverpool

Ronaldo received warm applause from Liverpool fans when he was substituted in the second half

Liverpool, without the departed Luis Suarez and the injured Daniel Sturridge, look a shadow of the side that almost claimed the Premier League last season, with the pace and pressing conspicuous by their absence.

Anfield shook to the sound of ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ long after the pre-match music stopped – but that was the high point of a harrowing first 45 minutes for Liverpool.

The hosts came out swinging, looking to land an early blow, but Real, without the injured Gareth Bale, rolled with the punches before delivering a masterclass in possession and attacking potency.

The 10-time European champions had shown ominous signs even before Ronaldo opened the scoring on 23 minutes. He started the move in midfield, finding James Rodriguez, who lifted a perfect chipped pass for the Portuguese to meet it on the run and hook a brilliant finish beyond Simon Mignolet.

The second goal arrived seven minutes later when Benzema sent Toni Kroos’s long cross looping beyond Mignolet with a far-post header to leave Anfield silent.

Liverpool’s early vigour had evaporated and Real were in no mood to let them off lightly – but it was the sort of shambolic defending that has characterised the season for Rodgers’s side that gave the visitors their third before the break.

A posse of Liverpool players attempted to deal with a corner but Pepe won out and, with Mignolet floundering hopelessly, Benzema stabbed home from close range.

Philippe Coutinho almost lifted the gloom with a fine effort that struck the post with Real keeper Iker Casillas beaten but it had been a chastening experience for Liverpool and their fans.

Balotelli’s replacement Adam Lallana at least helped his side raise some sort of gallop but it was still Real posing the threat, Mignolet blocking Ronaldo right in front of goal after another lacerating piece of attacking play.

Listen to 5 live coverage of all the goals (UK only)

Cristiano Ronaldo and Mario Balotelli ahead of the Liverpool-Real Madrid game

Liverpool had won all three previous meetings against Real Madrid, keeping three clean sheets in the process

Cristiano Ronaldo scored the opener for Real Madrid at Liverpool

Cristiano Ronaldo’s opener against Liverpool took his tally to 55 goals in 55 Champions League games for Real Madrid

Karim Benzema scored twice in the first half for Real Madrid against Liverpool

Two goals from Karim Benzema meant it was the first time Liverpool have conceded three goals before half-time in the Champions League since the 2005 final

Mario Balotelli was taken off at half time for Liverpool against Real Madrid

Mario Balotelli had swapped shirts with Pepe at half-time and did not emerge for the second half