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Dr. Canisius Banda

Dr. Canisius Banda
Dr. Canisius Banda
It is NOT in dispute that Zambia needs infrastructure such as roads. That such investment must come with sound planning and fiscal discipline in its implementation is the very definition of good governance. However, what is obtaining in this sector in Zambia today will bring tears to any sane and discerning citizen.

There is gross ineptitude, failure and sickening corruption in the execution of the Link 8000 project in Zambia today. About 99% of all roads under this project are NOT DESIGNED. Note that to design a road, it takes about 6 months. And the PF [Zambia’s ruling party], because of a morbid craving for a quick buck and gross incompetence ignored this vital requirement of project management. Instead, these roads are being constructed under PROVISIONAL BOQs [Bill of Quantities], with what is called, for example, the ‘cut and fill’ not included in the costing on commencement of construction.

In simple language, this is akin to giving the contractors a blank cheque. This is how corruption is facilitated. As a consequence, all these roads are OVERPRICED. For example, per kilometre of road in Zambia, we are spending 700 thousand US dollars more than South Africa [USD 1.5 million per Km in Zambia; and USD 800, 000 per Km in South Africa. But in the end, note the paradox, the quality of road is better in South Africa than here in Zambia]. Eiish!! It hurts! Further, for each contract awarded to a contractor, at least 20% of the road works must be SUBCONTRACTED to a Zambian.

NOTE that the subcontracting is NOT open to all Zambians. Those subcontracted, for each contract, are hand/cherry-picked by the PF. This policy of subcontrcting was introduced to be open and to empower Zambian regarless of political affiliation. has been abused. And now, the horror continues, about 98% of all those Zambians subcontracted [PF cadres] have failed to perform the contracts. Instead, they have resorted to selling the contracts back to the main contractor. If ever you were looking for policy failure under the PF here is one.

The PF, under this mechanism, have failed to empower Zambians as envisaged. Reasons for this, range from lack of technical as well as financial capacity of the subcontractors to sheer ineptitude. As if this was not enough, the money the Zambian government pays the main contractor, mainly foreign, plays very little role in the Zambian economy because, immediately we pay, it is tranferred out and banked in the source countries of these companies [Capital flight].

Very little trickles back on a need-to-use basis only. Illustrated above is merely a synopsis of the rot that is extant in the PF government. There is need to quickly remedy all this for the sake of bettering the lives of ordinary citizens of our Republic. So if ever you were looking for yet one more reason to vote out the PF and reorder Zambia, start afresh as dictated by the Jubilee spirit, here is one.

VOTE UPND and all this rottenness will end. The UPND will continue with infrastructural development but in a phased, fiscally disciplined and sustainable manner. Take heed! Aluta continua! Lord hear us!


By Lucky Mulusa


It cannot be ignored that the adoption of President Rupiah Bwezani Banda as the Presidential candidate in the forthcoming Presidential by-election following the demise of President Sata, MHSRIP, has ignited serious debate in the country.

We have carefully considered the current challenges of the nation and come to the conclusion that, the nation:

Is in turmoil;
Is too divided;
Has lost its international credibility;
Its citizens have lost their pride as Zambians;
Governance has broken down; and that
Economic fundamentals have been weakened and the resilience of the economy compromised.

We have also noticed that personal interests of a few have replaced national interests thus posing serious danger to the welfare of society.

We feel that the profoundness of our challenges in this short term of just one year six months requires a person who:

Will not need to start learning the job of a President; nor
Have added distractions of concentrating on making oneself marketable for the 2016 general elections; nor
Be forced to make grand economic promises they may not fulfill in such a short period of time.

We feel that the nation needs someone who will concentrate on correcting the wrongs committed by the current government in their three years of misrule, while delivering a people driven constitution free of hindrances that may be caused by any personal interest’s conflict with any of the provisions of the new constitution.

We also need someone to unify the nation by removing the regional and tribal polorisation that has engulfed the nation.

President Banda lost elections in September 2011 and handed over power peacefully. Given the state of the nation and the threat to democracy, President Banda fits the bill for the transitional leader we need to prepare the nation for an uninterrupted governance of the Jubilee leaders.

The clarion call for national unity requires wise, tested, and elderly statesmanship as similarly demanded by Mr. Elias Chipimo, Mr. Sakwiba Sikota and many others for the transitional period to 2016

The issue of the Golden Jubilee has been highly misunderstood and it is being misused in an attempt to sneak through weak arguments. Nowhere in the Bible does the Jubilee talk about discrimination against old people. Inheritance is not synonymous with discarding the aged from whom the young should inherit.

The Jubilee talks about orderly intergenerational inheritance and not a chaotic one. That is the role President Banda is expected to play in the next one and half years – i.e. restore and handover a functional state to the young generation who should then rule for the following five and or ten years and not one and half years or six and half years.

We need peace, forgiveness and reconciliation as we enter the other half towards a century of nationhood. President Banda who is willing to sign social contracts with civil society and any other organisations whose aims are to enhance the welfare of society through good governance fits the bill.

We have also noticed that the death of President Sata at the age of 77 years has suddenly created a rule in peoples’ minds that anyone of that age who assumes the Presidency will die in office. To those with such strange conclusions, we wish to state as follows, that:

Our late President Sata, MHSRIP, did not die of old age. From the explanation of his son, Mulenga Sata, the President died of a heart attack. This is a medical condition that has no age restriction.

Furthermore, given the concerns expressed by citizens regarding the apparent deterioration in the physical appearance and mental state of the President, and attempts by a concerned citizen, Brebner Changala, to have a Medical Board of inquiry constituted to investigate the suitability of the President to continue in office, we feel that management of the late President’s health was less than deplorable.

Many will agree with us that a relatively young Mwanawasa also died from complications of a stroke at the tender age of 59 years and was buried on the eve of his 60th birthday. Death therefore is not a preserve for the aged alone but can strike anyone at any time regardless.

In conclusion we wish to remind those that are commenting and may have had roles that contradict their current positions to have introspection and not just speak for the moment.

While respecting Mr. Andrew Banda’s personal right to hold his own political views that may be contrary to his father’s views, we find it strange that he uses arguments that do not accord the same respect to his father’s right to hold his own political views and the right of association with people with similar views.

In our view contrary to Mr. Andrew Banda’s view, President Banda is not senile. He is a very wise and intelligent man who cannot be misled by those who are politically less experienced than him. We also hold the view that President Banda achieves a job fit disposition for the person we feel Zambia needs for the next one and half years before the general elections in 2016.

Lastly, we wish to celebrate the gift of the aged in our midst and we would like to tap their experience and wisdom where possible for the betterment of society. We deplore any form of discrimination on any basis as guided by our constitution.



Emmanuel Mwamba
Emmanuel Mwamba

I have heard a lot of condemnation and shallow attacks coming from Chanda (purported Permanent Secretary of Information and Broadcasting) and his brother Anthony Kasolo (Deputy PF Secretary General) from their various portfolios attacking a distinguished and honourable man.

First of all (and I am aware that LAZ is pursuing this matter), it must be stated that Kasolo’s transfer from Luapula remains illegal and flies in the face of the law. Probably the country will later have to deal with the consequences of the actions he is purporting to be carrying out.

A smear has been raised against Dr. John Mulwila, this brave son of the soil by people that are no even fit to clean his shoes or tie his shoe laces.

Chief among the allegation is that Dr. Mulwila is UPND.
Offcourse such a dastard attack requires to be repudiated, but I know Dr. Mulwila would not in a million years, bother to even respond to such an attack from such a cabal.

Yes, Dr. John Mulwila was the Vice-President of UPND, and was Deputy to Anderson Mazoka (1998-2001). At this stage, it was fashionable for one to be MMD, especially those from Northern province and Kasama, but Dr. Mulwila took a strong principled political stand.

During this period, Guy Scott was co-leader with Ben Kapita in Lima Party (1996-2002) President Michael Sata was Minister without Portfolio and was National Secretary of the MMD (1996-2001).
PF was not born yet.
Sylvia Masebo was an MMD councillor. It would be foolish to speculate where others were. Yes it is true that, Dr. Mulwila was UPND, just as Scott belonged to the Lima Party. So yes you can state the facts, but please put them in proper historical context.

Dr. Mulwila ( and his law firm Ituna Chambers) has over the decades shown that he is not driven by opportunism, money or short term political expedience or excitement and cannot be cowed into fear by cheap political attacks.

It must be put on record that to become ZNBC Board Chair, I am aware that Dr. Mulwila’s name was proposed by President Michael Sata.

It has now become acceptable to ignore, abandon, or reject President Sata’s wishes, vision or aspirations, but for goodness sake, people like Dr. Mulwila were appointed for a season such as this, when Guardians of the truth would be few, or cowed into fearful submission.

Evil only prevails because good people do nothing, and because those that ought to act fail to do so and those that have been directed by their superiors engage in illegal and wrong things fearing that if they didn’t do so, they would lose their jobs.

And for the record, the fresh but illegal directives (published below) from Chanda Kasolo must be rejected with the contempt they deserve or flatly ignored.
The transition is for only two months, why demonstrate this excitement. why make decision that can haunt you and your entire life?


PUBLIC media houses should seek guidance from the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Services before they publish stories of a political nature, Permanent Secretary Chanda Kasolo has advised.

And Mr Kasolo has condemned the manner in which Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) board chairman John Mulwila expressed concerns over the
intimidation of journalists by some senior PF officials.

During a media briefing in Lusaka yesterday, Mr Kasolo said Dr Mulwila made serious allegations that have to be corrected.

“The ministry is the appointing authority of the board of ZNBC and we give policy directives on how to operate the institution,” he said.

“I shall not let government organs fan discord in the political arena, the public media must act responsibly, especially during this time of campaigns when tensions are high.

“So ZNBC and other public media houses should seek guidance on how to handle stories of a political nature.”

When asked how often media houses should seek guidance looking at the unfolding events that comprise mainly stories of political nature, Mr Kasolo said the media should ask themselves whether the stories they intend to publish will cause violence or create anarchy.

“They shouldn’t be coming for consultation all the time, but only in difficult political situations. For example, last week Dr Scott issued a statement and Mr Edgar Lungu also issued a statement. After consultation, I advised ZNBC to run Dr Scott’s statement so as to avoid creating a bad picture about the country but I was blamed ‘that I am gagging the media’ which is not true,” he said.

Mr Kasolo said he is a democrat who believs in having opponents ‘fighting’ on equal footing.

And Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Matibini has directed Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services Joseph Katema to issue a ministerial statement by tomorrow on the conduct of senior government and PF officials who allegedly stormed the ZNBC news room, reports KABANDA CHULU.

This followed a point of order by Kasempa MP Kabinga Pande, who wanted to know if Minister of Youth and Sport Chishimba Kambwili, PF deputy national secretary Anthony Kasolo and PF Member of the Central Committee Sylvia Masebo were in order to allegedly instill fear and intimidate journalists.

Meanwhile, Minister of Chiefs and Traditional Affairs Nkandu Luo and Minister of Foreign Affairs Harry Kalaba have condemned the alleged storming of the ZNBC newsroom.

But Mr Kambwili, Mr Kasolo and Ms Masebo speaking at a press briefing, denied storming the ZNBC newsroom and said they went to the national broadcaster at the invitation of Kenneth Maduma, the director of news and current affairs to clarify a story.

“We went to ZNBC to clarify a story and Mr Maduma made us wait for him in the newsroom, where we started highlighting some bias in their news,” Mr Kambwili said.
Mr Kasolo accused Dr Mulwila of abusing the national broadcaster.

Ms Masebo, who is PF chairperson for elections, confessed calling Mr Maduma to question him why he had aired an erroneous story.

“I didn’t abuse Mr Maduma. I called him to stop the nonsense of alarming the nation with a false story. There is only one PF,” Ms Masebo said.

Meanwhile, Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA) Director General Josephine Mapoma has encouraged media houses to be firm and report the truth, reports LINDA NYONDO.

Ms Mapoma said in a statement yesterday that media houses should stick to their editorial policies as they disseminate information.

She commended ZNBC management for the decision to only accept statements that are dully signed as opposed to people storming the newsroom.



Katanga Governor Moise Katumbi has vehemently denied funding the Presidential campaign of Former First Lady Christine Kaseba.

In a statement released through his lawyers William Nyirenda and Company of Kitwe, the T.P Mazembe owner has denied any hand in the PF succession battles.

Press Release from the Office of Hon. Moses Katumbi – Governor of Katanga Province in the Democratic Republic of Congo

It has been reported in certain sections of the Social Media that I Moses Katumbi has funded and/or is funding the Presidential bid for the former First Lady Dr. Christine Kaseba.

I wish to state that Zambia is a sovereign state and its citizens exercise their rights within that sovereign state. No outsider therefore can and should be allowed to interfere with the rights of Zambian citizens in the exercise of their democratic rights.

Against such a background, I Moses Katumbi categorically deny ever funding nor promising any funds to Dr. Kaseba to finance her presidential ambitions. There is therefore no truth in the allegations made in certain sections of the Social Media.

Moses Katumbi

Katanga Province

Democratic Republic of Congo
25th November 2014



Patriotic Front (PF) Northern province Secretary Everist Chela has appealed to Acting Republican President Guy Scott to consider recognizing Mwamba Sosala as Chief Chitimukulu as a matter of urgency.

Mr Chela made the appeal this morning in a news bulletin aired on MANO Community radio station.

Mr Chela said Acting President Scott should quickly recognize the embattled Chief as Chief Chitimukulu to avoid losing the majority votes which were given to the late President Michael Sata and Malole area Member of Parliament Christopher Yaluma which were the highest country wide in the 2011 tripartite elections.

And a concerned Kasama resident has warned that the Patriotic Front risked losing the forth coming presidential by-election to the opposition if it continued not to recognize Mwamba Sosala as Paramount Chief for the Bemba speaking people.

The concerned resident who spoke to ZANIS on condition of anonymity said the late President Michael Sata was ill advised not to have recognized Mwamba Sosala as Chief Chitimukulu.

He has since appealed to Acting President Guy Scott to immediately recognize Mwamba Sosala as Paramount Chief Chitimukulu in order to win the votes from the Bemba speaking people who feel they have been let down by the PF government.

Back again. One of South Africa’s most famous singing groups ‘Mafikizolo’ return to Zambia this December 2014.

Mafikizolo, is back with a brand new banging album after a well deserved two year break and this time they want to take their loyal fans on the musical journey of their lives. The transport for the journey is a Six Mabone – a classic car of the 60s-which is the title of their seventh album.


Theo Kgosinkwe, the male member of the duo, says: “In the 60s, Six Mabone had the same status as BMW today. And our music is enjoyed by the young and the old. We are taking our fans back and forth.” The latest album is the second without Tebza who was killed in a road rage accident three years ago.
The new album has blues and swing elements and most of the songs were recorded with a live band.

Nhlanhla Nciza, the female member of the group, insists that although they brought new elements on this album but they have used the same formula like their previous platinum selling albums.
She said: “There is a bit of afro pop, kwela and marabi which have become our trademark. They say you must not fix something that is not broken and we are not going to mess with our winning formula.”
The album features a remark of Miriam Makeba’s classic Walila – and they deserve a round of applause for doing justice to the song. Anybody who does a remark or remix of Miriam Makeba’s song has to know his story very well and be brave enough to do so.

Mafikizolo are expected to make a high profile return to Zambia this December (2014) after a successful array of LIVE performances in mid-2013.

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