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What is Article Sponsorship?

Article Sponsorship on UKZAMBIANS is a way for your organization to gain the attention of readers on a specific topic. Sponsorship is available on an individual article basis, and typically includes the organization’s name, a brief description, and a link back to your website. Here’s an example:

What’s the difference between sponsoring an article and placing a more traditional advertisement?

We want our Article Sponsors to represent an added value to our readers. Therefore, the sponsor of a particular article should in some way complement the content of the article.

This could be a very narrow relationship, such as financial savings, culture, fashion or health topics  focused on helping the UKZAMBIANS community.

Can anyone sponsor an article?

We make this determination based on the content of the article and nature of the organization. If we don’t think it’s a good fit, we can help you create a more traditional advertising solution.

How much does it cost?

Sponsoring an article is a unique way to associate and connect your organization with the UKZAMBIANS community and our readers. Furthermore, your sponsorship helps us continue providing all articles on UKZAMBIANS free of charge, and allows us to continue publishing the best work of the UKZAMBIANS community.

Sponsorship Rates:


6-month 12-month
Articles -9-12 18-24 articles 36 – 48 articles
Readership reach – 30,000 Readership reach – 60,000 Readership reach – 120,000
Rate – £1200 Rate – £2400 Rate- £4800


Can I get a discount for sponsoring multiple articles?

Yes! We strongly encourage our sponsors to consider sponsoring multiple articles or blocks of articles on a particular topic. Please contact us we are flexible to offer manageable discounts.

Number of Articles 6-month Sponsorship 12-month Sponsorship
2-4 10% 12%
5+ 15% 20%


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