Lundazi Polygamist Commits Suicide after Adultery Conviction

From the courts

A Lundazi polygamist has committed suicide after being fined K2, 000 by the Local Court for committing adultery with another man’s wife.
Eastern Province Deputy Commissioner of Police Sharon Zulu named the deceased as John Mhone.
Zulu said the 74-year-old father to the deceased, Everson Mhone of chief Mphamba’s area reported that his son John Mhone’s suicide case on 16 December 2018 at 18:00 hours.
“John Mhone the deceased, is believed to have had two wives but committed adultery with another man’s wife within the village, the matter was taken to local court where he was found guilty and was fined K2 000 by the court. Now on the fateful day, he went to visit his second wife in a drunken state and started complaining to his wife that it could have been easy if he just died,” Zulu said.
The wife said Mhone was complaining about where he was going to get the money and pay the fine.
Zulu said Mhone was found hanging on a mango tree within the yard on December 17, 2018.

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One response to “Lundazi Polygamist Commits Suicide after Adultery Conviction”

  1. J Bittner says:

    So tragic! I have had personal experience with suicide in my family. I can’t think of anything more sorrowful than one who has a broken heart so badly broken that they feel there is absolutely no way out of their situation other than death. It sucks that saying you want to die is ignored or passed off as an “attention-getting” tactic. It should be taken very seriously and one should always be given hope and help from someone, somewhere! Even though I live in the USA and have no idea who these people are…my heart goes out to them. I pray the survivors can find some peace in their hearts and their lives.

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