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National Action for Quality Education in Zambia (NAQEZ) has called for the dissolution of the Zambia Institute of Advanced Legal Education (ZIALE) Council.
Executive Director Aaron Chansa has described as an academic scandal the recently released results.
He said the failure rates recorded at ZIALE reflects very badly on the institution adding that it is a huge indictment on the capacity of the ZIALE council and Lecturers.
“These failure rates are not acceptable and therefore NAQEZ proposes the following, 1. Parliament must amend the Zambia Institute of Advanced Legal Education Act so that the country can have another institution to be training legal practitioners in Zambia. 2.ZIALE must find independent people to be marking these exams. There is a very strong perception in the country that there is a cartel of senior Lecturers at ZIALE which artificially restricts the number of lawyers to enter the labour market. 3.A properly researched and well structured syllabus must be formulated to create clear standards.,” he said.

He added that a closer check of records for past performance of students at ZIALE reveals a similar bad trend.

“In 2016,the failure rate stood at 93% while 2015 produced the same 93% failure rate. In 2015,the rate was at 77% .In 2017,the failure rate was 98%. NAQEZ recalls a time in 2017 when the Justice Minister summoned the ZIALE council to establish what was really wrong at the institution, after results were very bad. On 18th July,2009,former Chief Justice, Ernest Sakala, urged the ZIALE council to reform in order to address the low pass rate,” he added.
Chansa has expressed fear that ZIALE will be an affront to the growth of the legal profession in Zambia especially that the country needs more lawyers to drive down legal costs and accord many Zambians access to legal services.
Only four out of 384 students that sat for the legal practitioners’ examinations passed.

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One response to “More Condemn ZIALE Failure Rate”

  1. Ian says:

    I myself thinks that,this is a problem with am institution not with the students.Institution seems like regulates the number that is need in the sector unlike producing more that at some extent can form their own law firms. ZIALE portries failure,which shows that the universities were these students come fails to give standard education.

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