PF, UPND Rivalry Extended to SA

UPND members with HH

Ruling Patriotic Front, South African branch has warned the opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) against holding their planned protest at the Zambian Mission in Pretoria.
PF South Africa Chairperson, Sydney Njamba has warned that the protest undermined the credibility of Zambia as a country and it would be a careless action againstbthe country to allow the protest”.
The UPND has planned to protest at the Zambian High Commission in Pretoria on Friday 19th October 2018.
But Njamba has said his members will not allow anyone to discredit the country especially on foreign soil.
“This is what we fought against when National Union of Mine Workers of South Africa(NUMSA) and Democratic Alliance (DA) tried to hold protests at the Zambian Embassy. We will not allow anyone to discredit our country including the UPND! “.
Njamba said members of the UPND planning the protest were disloyal to the country and lacked a basic sense of patriotism to Zambia.
“The embassy has invited us for various programs leading to the independence celebrations on 24th October 2018.” He said.
“It is embarrassing for any Zambian based in South Africa to engage themselves in unpatriotic and disloyal activities when we are celebrating our independence this month” he said.
Mr.Njamba warned that UPND tactics to discredit the country should not be tolerated as the damage being done to the country were long-lasting.
“We know this plan is from their Lusaka office who are working with their neo-colonial allies. They are daily writing propaganda articles against Zambia and planting them in foreign newspapers in order to show that Zambia has broken down. The protests are part of their wider plans”
“We urge our brothers to join us at the prayer meeting to be held on Saturday instead of engaging in their planned protests.”
The UPND in South Africa have circulated a notice that they will carry out a protest at the Zambian Mission in Pretoria on Friday 19th 2018.
The notice said the protest will be held between 0930hrs to 12hrs.
Godwin Mankomba and Evans Kalaba as convenors have applied on behalf of their party that, they will hold a protest against alleged corruption, abuse of the public order act, break diwn of rule of law and police brutality by the government of President Lungu.
But Mr. Njamba said if UPND or any citizen had any concerns with governance issues of Zambia, they should take their protests back home and not on foreign soil.
“We have never seen any America, UK, South African or Nigerian citizens protesting against their own country on foreign soil. This culture the UPND is bringing is alien and should not be tolerated. And if anyone does that, they will meet us head-on. Our country is bigger than any individual and their sectional interests”. Njamba said.

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