Freemasons challenged to explain secret signs

Freemason symbol

Minister of National Guidance and Religious Affairs Godfridah Sumaili has challenged the Freemason Brotherhood Society in Zambia to explain to the public the secret signs that they use in their ceremonies in grand lodges dotted along the country.

Commenting on the society’s call for the general public to join the organisation that is steeped in mystery and the insistence by members that they were not Satanists, Ms Sumaili said any secret society did not mean well and that the Freemasons should be open with their signs and rituals.

“We do not want our people to be exposed to values that are not Christian so anything contrary is not welcome,” she said.

THE Freemason Brotherhood Society in Zambia has called on the general public to join the society adding that the society admitted anyone who believed in the Supreme Being.

Freemasons District Grand Master Ganapati Pai dispelled public rumoured perceptions that it was a fellowship of Satanists.

Mr Pai said in an exclusive interview with the Sunday Times that the Freemason was open for people from all different religions to join their society.

“It does not matter which god you worship to be part of the society we do not do prayers,” he said.

He said the society was not attached to any religion and that they did not discuss religion matters.

“We have no specific religion it does not matter which church you go to or what religion you belong to, all are free to join,” he said.

He said people who were interested in joining the society should apply online and pay a K 2,000 for the brotherhood togetherness fee and an annual subscription of K500.

Mr Pai said there was nothing to hide from the public and that the group was not a secret society but used secret signs for identification and recognition.

Mr Pai said the signs were only revealed to the people who joined the society to be identified.

He insisted that freemasons were not satanists but that they were a brotherhood society who believed in togetherness.

“Some of the leaders of this country are part of us and we embrace anyone as long as they believe in the supreme God,” he said.

Mr Pai said people should not question the freemasons’ mysterious signs as that was what they used for identification.

He also said the mysterious signs used were not for public and that people should not dwell much on such issues.

He said the freemasons allowed people to practice their own religion and he hoped many brothers could join the society.

Mr Pai said the society was not what people thought it was an all-embracing grouping.

Reedemed Methodist Bishop Paul Bupe said it was shocking that Freemasons were calling people to join the society without disclosing their mysterious signs.

Bishop Bupe revealed that the Freemasonry was not a society but a religion because they worshiped Isis the Egyptian goddess.

He said Zambia was a Christian nation and that worshiping foreign gods was not our culture.

Bishop Bupe said it was unacceptable to be part of the mysterious brotherhood which was not even properly understood.

He said every religion had rules and wondered why
freemasons said they accepted all religions.

“How is their brotherhood and what goes on in the organisation? Everything about this is strange and very unacceptable,” he said.

He called on the general public to be careful not to join
religions which were weird.

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