British Envoy Takes Back Toxic Tweets

Joe Malanji

Joe Malanji

British High Commissioner Fergus Cochrrane-Dyet has blamed his blamed his social media troubles on media manipulation.
A subdued Dyet fell back on his hard hitting anti-government tweets that have landed him in trouble with government.
Foreign Affairs Minister Joe Malanji summoned Dyet for a talk over with the British envoy softening his stance.
“The relationship between the British government and government of Zambia is a good one and a very good, his office and mine are nearby, if there is an issue he can call and we discuss” said Dyet.
“The way it originates (online publication) is to distort information very much in order to cause a roar, my tweets have been manipulated by punctuation to suggest that I was associated the Minister of information Dora Siliya, which was not correct” he said.
The British envoy however, maintained that corruption levels in Zambia are alarming and have a potential to reduce investor confidence to international firms intending to invest in Zambia.
“There is corruption in this country and quite serious and the government is tackling that and that information that the minister has shared with me is re-assuring and very welcome, high corruption levels are eroding investor confidence” said Dyet.
“Freedom of the media and you know the UK and the rest of the European Union, we believe very passionate about the freedom of the media, freedom expression. However, there are responsibilities on Journalists and I think it is important for media personnel to act responsibly in order to avoid tarnishing the image of the media in Zambia” he said.
And Mr. Malanji has assured the High commissioner that systems are in place to ensure that corrupt activities are addressed because no responsible government takes pride in the misuse of its national resources.
“There is no president who can say corruption must come on board when he knows that is a cancer, whichever country you go to corruption is a cancer. It goes the opposite direction of development. It is only prudent that Freedom of expression must not be abused, because very soon the Law will catch up with you,” said Malanji.

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