Man prays to divorce his wife

Courts of law

Courts of law

THERE was drama in a Local Court in Lusaka when a woman narrated that her husband phoned men asking them to kill her but would later kneel down to prayed to God that it was better she goes on her own instead.
Tinasila Lungu, 25, of Kabanana township, who sued her husband, Enoch Zulu, 37, for divorce, told the court that her husband abandoned her for two weeks and caused problems on his return.
However, Zulu said that he still loved his wife.
The two got married in 2005 and they have two children and dowry was paid.
Lungu told Matero Local Court Senior Magistrates Miyanda Banda and Pauline Newa that Zulu ran away from the matrimonial home after he was given K25, 000 from his employers.
He went to stay with a girlfriend and opened a Tavern for her, but only gave his wife K500. She explained that on April 1, this year Zulu returned home and ordered her to leave. She said that he then phoned men instructing them to kill her.
‘’Later my husband knelt down and prayed to God that he did not want to continue in marriage with me and that it was better I leave on my own without being killed. For six years he has not been active in bed, we were sleeping separately,’’ she added.
In defence, Zulu said problems started six months ago when Lungu went to a funeral in Chaisa township with a boyfriend not knowing he had put her phone on recording.
He explained that after a week Lungu started phoning the boyfriend, pretending that they were cousins.
He added that when he demanded to know her cousins` phone number she refused to give it to him.
‘’I saw that Lungu was not faithful to me, that was how I stopped sleeping with her. I got K25, 000 from work to finish my house and I left Lungu for just two weeks but I still love her,’’ Zulu said.
In submission, Lungu said she wanted to divorce Zulu because when they were reconciled in court on April 9, this year he did not return home.
Passing judgment, the court reconciliation failed and that Zulu had already been staying with his girlfriend for three years. The court also observed that Zulu did not make love to his wife, the reason she went to other men.
The court granted divorce ordering Zulu to value the house and give 40 per cent to Lungu after selling it.
The court said that Zulu should be paying children maintenance fee of K300 per month. Household acquired together to be shared equally.

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