Chingola Police Tie Hands Of Suspect To The Roof



CHINGOLA Police are keeping a suspect in an isolated cell room with his hands tied to the roof, apparently, because they fear if he touches his private parts he will disappear from them.
A source at Chingola Police has told Tumfweko and says he must not be named.
A suspect Victor Phiri 20 years old was arrested three days ago in Lusaka and ever since he was apprehended, he has been tied to the roof, with his legs tied together because the police believe that he uses charms to avoid the law.
The source has also said that no visitors are allowed for the suspect as the police have even threatened to arrest anyone who wishes to exercise their right by visiting Victor Phiri.
And when Phiri appeared before the Court in Chingola for mention, he was covered in a black plastic with both his hands and legs chained.
25 heavily armed police officers refused to compromise by letting the suspect off chains despite the court ordering so.
He is suspected of murder, rape and theft.

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