Doctor warns against male boosters

Male boosters

Male boosters

A SENIOR physician at University Teaching Hospital (UTH) has warned against the rampant usage of men’s sex boosters and steroids being sold in some named Chinese shops and gyms.
Swebby Macha, Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist said most sex boosters and steroids had undefined chemical composition and had detrimental effects to the reproductive system of men.
He said steroids had a bad effect that could lead to cardiac complication and weakening of men’s reproductive organ.
“That is why these steroids or drugs are not allowed in sports in the first place, but you will find people using them to develop extra flesh power, without knowing they can even affect their kidneys,” he said.
Dr Macha said most of the powdered non-conventional sex boosters that are especially sold on the streets have no proven chemical content.
“You will be disappointed to even learn that some of these so called boosters in form of dust don’t even have any chemical composition to increase one’s libido are mere sawdust which can have undesirable consequences,” he said.
Dr Macha said the best way of dealing with such reproductive health challenges or building up bodies is by extensive physical exercising that would improve the blood circulation around the body and fitness.
He said there was also need for nutritionists to educate people on the importance of taking vegetables and a lot of fruits in reproductive health.
However, a Chinese trader at a named shop along Kafue road in Lusaka said it was not true that the sex boosters had undesirable side effects as they were made from pure herbs.
“This one has no side effect and is very good it is made from herbs only so it’s effective and health,” he said.
But Dr Macha insisted that subjecting some of these medicines to proper clinical trails would reveal a lot of impurities since there was no medicine that has no side effects.
He appealed to men especially youthful not to get carried away by the advertisement on the purpotted efficacy of these medicines.

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