The issue of homosexuals and lesbians was not on the ALN agenda-Charles Kakoma

Charles Kakoma

Charles Kakoma

The opposition UPND says the ruling Patriotic Front has been sent panicking after being exposed by the African Liberal Network (ALN) for their dictatorship, abuse of human rights and corruption.
The ALN released a resolution at the weekend that denounced dictatorship in Zambia which upset the PF and in response accused the Liberals of meeting in Accra to talk about homosexuality.
A UPND delegate who attended the meeting, Charles Kakoma said the issue of homosexuals and lesbians was not on the agenda and was never discussed.
Mr Kakoma who is also UPND Spokesman said what appeared to have annoyed the PF was the resolution on bad political governance in Zambia which the African Liberal Network issued.
He said the deliberations of the General Assembly of the Africa Liberal Network were live on Twitter and documented on other media for anyone to follow.
Mr Kakoma said it was trash journalism for the PF to try to manipulate the statement from Africa Liberal Network by infusing in homosexuality to suit the PF agenda on propaganda.
Mr Kakoma said the injustices being committed by the PF and it’s government are being noticed by the world and no amount of denial or propaganda will help the PF.
“There were three resolutions and one declaration passed. These resolutions were on the political situation in Zambia, the political situation in Somalia and the effect of climate change in South Africa. The declaration was on Africa embracing market economics,” Mr Kakoma said.

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