President Lungu cannot be impeached

Amos Chanda

Amos Chanda

STATE House special assistant for press and public relations Amos Chanda has stated that President Edgar Lungu cannot be impeached since he enjoyed the majority support of the National Assembly of Zambia.
Mr Chanda said and that such a motion to impeach President Lungu could not succeed under the current complexion of the Parliament and those wishing to move a motion in Parliament to impeach him were doing so in futility.
He said President Lungu had a comfortable working majority in Parliament and that those plotting for such a motion were wasting their time.
“The futility of such a motion is as sure as it is that the sun rises from the east and sets in the west. Those who want to exercise their democratic rights and do political antics were just wasting their time and this gives us time to pursue our programmes,” he said.
Mr Chanda said government would only be worried if those pushing for a motion to impeach the President raised credible policy alternatives to keep the government on its toes.
He said it was clear that people pushing for President Lungu’s impeachment had voluntarily chosen to waste their time.
Mr Chanda said regime changes that took place in Zimbabwe and South Africa could not be likened to Zambia because using any other method to change government would be undemocratic.
Mr Chanda also said that President Lungu would not go on the top of an anthill to announce measures that had been put in place to fight corruption.
He said President Lungu has increased interaction between the institutions of the Auditor General’s Office and other state fund control entities.
He said the Head of State was very clear that he did not want unnecessary excuses over public service deliver.

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