Kalaba and Kambwili’s corruption allegations a ploy to to disturb President Lungu’s …



LUAPULA Province Minister Nickson Chilangwa says PF rebel members are using corruption allegations against the PF government as a gimmick to disturb the peace of development in the country.
Mr. Chilangwa who is also Luapula Province PF Chairperson said in a statement that claims of corrupt practices in the PF government was merely a ploy by ex – Ministers Harry Kalaba and Chishimba Kambwili to disturb President Edgar Lungu’s speedy implementation of his development agenda.
Mr. Chilangwa said Mr. Kalaba and Mr. Kambwili had realised that President Lungu was working with a sense of urgency to develop all the 10 Provinces of Zambia hence the ploy to interrupt his work rate.
He said the people of Zambia had seen through the duo’s lies and were not interested in its wild claims because they had seen that President Lungu was committed to changing the face of Zambia.
“It’s cheap propaganda, there is no corruption in PF as alleged by those two [Kalaba and Kambwili], it’s merely a political gimmick they are using as an attempt to weaken President Lungu’s Presidency. Thank God, the people who voted for President Lungu are not interested. Our people are cleverer than Harry Kalaba and Chishimba Kambwili and will not buy into their cheap lies,” Mr. Chilangwa said.
He said Zambia was on the right track of development especially in infrastructure which had never happened since independence.
“Where there is kleptocracy as the order of the day, you will tell by massive run-down infrastructure and poverty. We found very few roads in 2011; we have built more than enough. We are building more roads, bridges hospitals, schools and schools. Our social protection is second to none. Look at how many people are on social cash transfer; so many. We are the first government to award civil servants good salaries. Before we came civil servants were lowly paid. What corruption are they talking about? asked Mr. Chilangwa.
He said President Lungu was a caring leader who would not tolerate corruption in his government knowing the vice’s implications.
Mr. Chilangwa warned the people of Zambia never to be used by selfish people to gain political mileage.

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