President Lungu is aware of the Mukula logs incident in Kafue-State House

Patriotic Front cadres who yesterday impounded nine trucks loaded with Mukula logs pose for a victory Picture

Patriotic Front cadres who yesterday impounded nine trucks loaded with Mukula logs pose for a victory Picture

State House says investigations have been completed into the incident where truckloads of Mukula logs were intercepted yesterday in Kafue District by some individuals.
Special Assistant to the President for Press and Public Relations Amos Chanda disclosed to ZANIS in a statement that the Joint Operations Committee (JOC) immediately instituted investigations into the matter last night.
Mr Chanda said President Edgar Lungu was made aware of the incident in which some members of the public in Kafue District intercepted trucks laden with Mukula logs on Kafue Road.
He said the Committee which comprises various security wings tasked to control the illegal trafficking of Mukula logs in the country will soon issue a comprehensive statement regarding the Mukula logs incident.
Yesterday, Patriotic Front youths impounded nine trucks loaded with Mukula logs which they say were being allegedly being illegally exported.
The PF youths also alleged that a named State House official, who was driving a Land Cruiser Reg No ALG 3464, was escorting the trucks to ensure smooth passage at check points.
The cadres, who filmed themselves after impounding the trucks, complained that senior members of the party were benefiting from the illegal export of Mukula whilst disadvantaging others.
“Right now, no one is trading in Mukula, but right behind me with Elijah and Mumba, there are nine 40 foot trucks loaded with Mukula which was prohibited. So tell us, is it only ZAFICO which has a license to trade in Mukula? We need to know because us as PF youths countrywide, we are youths of action. They told us that there is no trading of Mukula so there are illegal traders,” a woman said in one of the videos.
“As PF youths who mean well for the President of Zambia, we want to protect President Edgar Chagwa Lungu, anyone who is transporting is illegally doing so these trucks are not going anywhere. As PF youths, we will not sit down and allow people looting money outside the country when we can actually do this within ourselves within our country. So we won’t let go of these trucks. We will die from right here. They impounded two trucks of Mukula from me but others are exporting.”
The trucks are currently parked at Chilanga Police station and the cadres have vowed that they will not be released until they get answers.

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