ZNBC and HH in near stand off



There was a near standoff between ZNBC management and the UPND President Hakainde Hichilema’s Press office this morning over the recording of the Sunday Interview programme.
This was when ZNBC management through its TV controller, Ms Rose Chumpuka stated that only ZNBC press equipment would be allowed to record Mr. Hichilema’s interview.
According to Mr Hichilema’s Press Aide Brian Mwiinga, this raised suspicions as there has been an existing mistrust between the public broadcaster and the general public especially on issues of reporting or stating facts as said.
In the process, it was resolved that the interview goes ahead and Mr. Hichilema be interviewed but immediately the program is done, a copy of the same interview in its raw (unedited version) is made available to Mr. Hichilema’s Press office for file and reference purposes.
Both parties agreed to this and the Interview will go on.
Mr Mwiinga confirmed that the pre recorded interview once done, will run this Sunday.

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