Defiant Chilufya Tayali dares HH to take him to court

Chilufya Tayali

Chilufya Tayali

EPP leader Chilufya Tayali has said that he will not apologise for telling the United Party for National Development(UPND) leader Hakainde Hichilema that he is full of evil.
In a defiant response to the 48 hour ultimatum asking him to apologize and withdraw his recent statement that the UPND President is a Freemason, the EPP leader said that he was ready to go to court and tell the Judge the malice and evil of the UPND and its leader.
“I am therefore ready to go to court and tell the Judge the malice and evil of the UPND and HH, so that they can know that their way of doing politics is not acceptable. Our Country cannot be held at ransom by UPND and HH regardless of whatever power they may have. I will fight evil wherever it resides,” he wrote.
According to Mr Tayali’s facebook posts, Mr Hichilema supports all the evil that UPND cadres do in his name and he has never condemned the cadres for the evil they do because he is full of the same evil.
“UPND have actually engaged a batch of people to just scandalize their opponents. All they do is think of bad things to do or say about others. Look at how many people have been a victims of these online media, compromised journalists like Kaseba and cadres. The situation is almost out of control”, wrote the EPP leader.
“Anyone who opposes the UPND becomes a target of the arsenal of insults and scandalisation. Not even the President is spared from their malice. This is not acceptable”.
Mr Tayali also wondered why UPND members supported him when he allegedly defamed the Inspector General of Police Mr Kakoma Kanganja and yet when he attacks Mr Hichilema, it is no longer freedom of expression.
“..I did not defame Kanganja, and championed freedom of expression, why are you crying that I have defamed him [HH]. It is only freedom of expression when I tell off those in Govt, but if it is on HH then it is defamation – hypocrites,” Mr Tayali wrote.
Mr Tayali said that he intends to get an honorary LLB out of his performance in squeezing the UNPD leader about his evil acts adding that enough is enough, Mr Hichilema will have to answer his questions.
“I will get some young lawyers to help me with legal jargons, while I deal with the Masonry issues, yes, we will talk about that. I want him to tell us about Golfview Lodge (Prayer meeting place for the Masons) and when he was ordained as an elder, he better prepare his baptism as well, because I will need it, ” he added
“What was the connection of HH and Mazoka, you can fool many people but not all the time, let us go to court and talk about it in white and black, ” he said.

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