President Lungu’s Ineligibility Won’t Make HH Win 2021

Hakainde Hichilema

Hakainde Hichilema

Prince Ndoyi the MMD youth who has made it his business to remind the UPND of their chances of wining the 2021 election is at it again.
In the latest statement Ndoyi says the chances of UPND president Hakainde Hichilema remains the same even if incumbent President Edgar Lungu was eliminated from the race by virtue of his ineligibility because their candidate will be the same person who has lost five times.
Ndoyi wonders what will be different and make Zambians vote for a person who they have rejected five times even if the ruling party presented a new comer to compete with him in the next elections.
He noted that the insistence by the UPND regarding the eligibility or ineligibility of President Lungu might be misconstrued to present their president as being scared of being walloped by the same individual three times.
“Our view from the outset is that HH and his UPND must be made to understand that in the unfortunate circumstance that President Lungu is declared ineligible, UPND’s chances to win remain the same. This is because they have featured the same candidate five times and so there is nothing different they have to offer to the ordinary Zambian electorate.
“It is GBM’s duty as Vice President coupled with his experience politically to help the UPND leadership to understand that it is a political blunder for them to insist on President Lungu’s ineligibility. Because this has the potential to create a perception that they are afraid of his candidature. It is truly a mark of fear and desperation on their part, like President Lungu so rightly put it. Why the panic? Does it mean if Edgar Lungu won’t be eligible then HH and his UPND stand a chance to win? President Lungu’s eligibility certainly won’t make HH win,” he said.
He advised the UPND to take self introspection as the eligibility issue might also apply to their leader who has not gone to a convention to seek mandate from the membership.
“Why should the candidate who will be adopted by Patriotic Front worry HH and his UPND? What does that say about themselves?Are the UPND indirectly admitting that once beaten twice shy? Have they failed to win at elections, now they want to use the elimination method by making their opponents ineligible thereby gate crushing into State House.
“We would like to urge HH and his UPND to instead concentrate their energies on checking their own eligibility to stand within their party. Seeing that they have stood countless times without a convention within their party, and still intend to stand in 2021. This is far much equally a moral issue as it is a constitutional one. Maybe it’s time GBM was adopted as their candidate for a change,” he said.
He also said instead hoping for weaknesses and/or misfortunes from their opponents the UPND should develop a strategy of their own for 2021.
“The UPND must develop a political strategy for 2021 of their own, unlike waiting on the weaknesses and misfortunes in other political parties. It won’t help them if there will be any. With such it is suffice to say all guesses in the MMD/PF Alliance are eligible to win, even the perceived incorrect ones against HH and his UPND.
“As young democrats, surely there should be no sense of satisfaction in what is happening. In fact, they should take this moment to look at themselves in the mirror and ask: How much do their own party’s internal battles resemble the fight happening within the other parties? As Democrats we should be asking ourselves how tolerant we are of dissent within our own party and how much we are really willing to reach across the aisle,” he said.

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