Stop giving land to Chinese-Haabazoka

Economist Lubinda Haabazoka has predicted that in the next ten years, the land question will become relevant in Zambia as it in Zimbabwe and South Africa.
Dr Haabazoka said it is worrying that all the prime land in Lusaka is in the hands of the Chinese.
He predicted that the land issue will be relevant in Zambia in the next ten years as it is in other neighbouring countries such as Zimbabwe and South Africa.
“Look at Lusaka, all prime land is in Chinese hands. You can’t blame the Chinese. You have to learn from them. Give Zambians soft loans to go and buy real estate in China. If laws in China won’t permit, then change your laws as well not to permit them,” Dr Haabazoka suggested.
He added, “We need to be clever in our dealings. I can rest assure you that in 10 years time, the land question will be relevant in Zambia as it is in Zimbabwe and South Africa coz we are giving away land at a fast rate.”
Dr Haabazoka however commended the Zambian government for tightening the issuance of work permits to foreign nationals.
“One thing I would like to commend government on is the tightening of the issuance of permits to foreign nationals!!! Kudos to home affairs, especially in the mining industry, we have enough experts! Our Zambian engineers are being paid K3000 per month whilst expatriates can get as high as $7000 a month on average. Let’s take over our affairs!!! Let’s stop blaming neighbours for our poverty,” he charged.
He continued, “I have seen pictures of Africans being mistreated and sold off as slaves in Libya!!! I have no pity at all. Why blame Libyans and not governments in their countries of origin? You won’t see Southern Africans in boats crossing into Europe. There are countries doing very bad in Southern Africa but you won’t find their citizens on boats crossing into Europe.”
“And the issue here is not about distance. It’s because other African countries are preoccupied in improving their countries than running to the states or Europe. West Africa including Somalia and Eritrea are very rich countries. Citizens in these countries should make their governments work for the people. How much money are their leaders sending to offshore accounts? Cameroon has a president who has been in charge since time in memorial!!! The guy needs to go. What are Cameroonians doing about it?”
He said, “Look at our friends in Congo DR, very rich country but they allow a person to stay illegally in charge. Every time I pass through Joburg airport, South African black airport staff ask me why us Africans from other countries like traveling too much?”
Dr Haabazoka advised that African should stop listening to politicians who blame the west for their internal problems.
“We need to stop listening to politicians who blame the west for internal problems. Mugabe did so but lived lavishly and shopped in Europe. The whole of west Africa has beautiful Atlantic Ocean sand beaches. How many have been developed to attract tourists? In Liberia people go to the beaches to answer the call of nature! Why should Liberians fight each other instead of developing their nation? Is America to blame?”

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