Stop issuing Fake Honorary Degrees- Luo

KK poses with Professor Nkandu Luo and univsersity staff

KK poses with Professor Nkandu Luo and univsersity staff

Minister of Higher Education Nkandu Luo has directed the Zambia Qualification Authority to put an end to people getting fake honorary degrees. Professor Luo says it’s shameful that some people have gone to an extent of buying degrees so that they can be called Doctors.
Prof Luo she will soon issue a policy statement to halt the trend. The Minister explained that doctorates are earned and not acquired through dubious means. Professor Luo was speaking at the Mulungushi University 9th graduation ceremony where First Republican President Kenneth Kaunda was conferred with doctor of philosophy degree in Political Science.
Prof Luo Said Mulungushi University has demonstrated how it is done by citing the various achievements by Dr. Kaunda when conferring him a doctorate. Professor Luo said government has changed the modalities of identifying vulnerable people to benefit from bursaries and loans. She told graduands that officers will now be recruiting from provincial centers.
And First President Kenneth Kaunda has challenged universities in the country to play a constructive role in preventing tragedies occurring in the world today that are fuelled by hatred arising out of the artificial differences of religion, race, colour and tribe.
Dr Kaunda said Africa appears to be receiving more of these troubles that are now threatening the very fabric of society.
ZANIS reports that Dr Kaunda was speaking at the 9th Graduation Ceremony for Mulungushi University shortly after he was bestowed with the Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Political Science by the country’s third public university.
Mulungushi University conferred Dr Kaunda with the Doctor of Philosophy Degree ‘Honoris Causa’ in Political Science in recognition of his contribution to the liberation of Zambia and the entire African continent.
He said the world is full of turmoil evidenced from the terrible sufferings, needless conflicts and wars among and within countries.
Dr Kaunda urged universities in the country to establish think tanks that could carry out researches to examine the root causes of conflicts in Zambia and the African continent.
The former President said it was sad that even little children who are supposed to enjoy being citizens of their countries are dying in millions along with loss of property.
He advised the universities to mainstream the core values of national unity, stability and harmony into their academic programmes for the benefit of the country and the continent.
He also advised the students to be responsible, accountable, and ethical in order to remain relevant to the global dynamics and the nation.
Dr Kaunda who described the conferring of the honorary doctorate to him as a profound experience recalled that Mulungushi will always be remembered for the country’s journey to self-rule and the bonds of friendship with some African leaders.
Meanwhile, Mulungushi University Deputy Vice Chancellor Judith Lungu described Dr Kaunda as an illustrious and rare member of the league of visionaries whose names are etched in the annals of Africa’s history.
Delivering the citation in honour of Dr Kaunda for the bestowal of the honorary Doctorate Degree by the third public university, Dr Lungu said the first republican President was a towering figure in the movement to emancipate Africa and its people from oppression and humiliation.

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