Iris Kaindu bares it all

Iris Kaindu at a press conference

Iris Kaindu at a press conference

CONTROVERSIAL public figure Iris Kaingu says the recent exposure of her naked self in body paint was a clear representation of a woman who was proud of her body.
And she warned the prude; look away now, there’s more coming.
“People in society should expect more of that because it’s an ongoing project aimed at promoting women and making them feel competent,” she said.
She said rather than being condemned for her actions, she should be celebrated for daring to be herself, something which she said many women aspired to but were too scared to do.
Ms Kaingu, daughter of former education minister and Mwandi Member of Parliament Michael Kaingu told journalists at a press briefing held at Lusaka’s Best Western Plus Hotel that the pictures depicted Zambia’s culture before the arrival of missionaries who taught the natives to cover up.
“Before missionaries came on board, we were not clothed and we used to wear animal skins and I believe everybody is familiar with their cultural value. I am passionate about Zambian culture and those pictures tell it all,” she said.
She went on to say women in Zambia were not celebrated enough and that she felt most women were discouraged from being who they wanted to be, especially by fellow women.
“I want to promote a society that fights against early marriages, gender-based violence and a society that protects and promotes each other,” she said.
She said she wanted see a world where women were celebrated for who they were and for their achievements and dared the cyber bullies to stop the constant references to her father.
She challenged the people trolling her online to stop be brave enough to face her in person.
“Zambians need to change at the way they see things. We must be a society that builds and not destroys. To do this, we must see the positive in such pictures,” she said.
Ms Kaingu explained that she was on a project to try to break down the gender stereotyping and urged those with a negative perception about women to look at her actions in a positive way.
She said she would not be deterred by derogatory references to her sex tape scandal that happened several years ago.
“People must not stick to the past and keep bringing up the issue of the sex tape because that happened five years ago,” she said.
And the man behind the controversial artwork on Iris, Caleb Chisha said Kaingu was not his first project.
“It’s not the first time I’ve painted a naked woman because that’s my job and I’m used to it. It is time people appreciated art and culture,” he said.
Recently, Iris Kaingu sparked social media after her naked photos showing her body being painted in animal patterns went viral.
Ms Kaindu first came into limelight after a video showing her in a sexual act with an unnamed fellow student at a Lusaka college.

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