Flinto Chandia put to rest

Flinto Chandia

Flinto Chandia

Flinto Chandia, the renowned sculptor, painter and musician was put to rest at Leopards Memorial Park yesterday at a funeral service attended by scores of artists.
Chandia was found by one of his daughters hanging outside his studio at his Avondale home, which he shared with his Canadian-born wife Laura was 64.
Flinto was featured in the Extraordinary Project, an exciting collaborative art project by photographer Gareth Bentley and writer Johan Rahm.
Flinto Chandia is not only one of the most famous artists in Zambia, he was also among the best educated.
As a young and aspiring artist, he was awarded a scholarship to study arts in the UK for three years.
It was while in the UK that he joined the Jimmy the Hoover band contributing massively to their hit Tantalise that charted.
Since returning to Zambia, Flinto Chandia has had a long and successful career and has held exhibitions all over the world. He is the recipient of a Ngoma award and has received a medal of recognition from the Zambian President.
In 2009, President Rupiah Banda awarded Flinto with a medal for his contribution to Zambian art.
He was born in Kitwe on March 11, 1955 to a woman who was a traditional potter herself and grew up in Chamboli township alongside Akwila Simpasa, one of the country’s foremost artists alongside Henry Tayali.
The Meriden BIAO Bank, under Andrew Sardanis, played a pivotal role in supporting the Zambian artists.
At Chaminuka Game Nature Reserve, which Sardanis runs, there is a collection featuring the works of many of Zambia’s greatest artists such as Tayali, Godfrey Setti, Patrick Mumba, Patson Lombe, Shadreck Simukanga, Enock Ilunga, Raphael Mutulikwa, Stary Mwaba, Mulenga Chafilwa, Stephen Kapata, Peter Maibwe and of course Flinto.
When news of Flinto’s death filtered through, Sardanis was among the first persons to respond to the distress call.
Flinto worked with Sardanis’ son, Stelios, on the famous Meridian BIAO jingle about the bank being a truly pan-African bank.
Other than artists such as Tayali, Flinto Chandia is arguably another Zambian artist with some of the most expensive works in the Chaminuka and Meridian Biao Bank headquarters collection at the current COMESA [Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa] headquarters.

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