Flinto Chandia

Flinto Chandia

Musician and sculpture Flinto Chanda who committed suicide will be put to rest at Leopards Memorial Park tomorrow after burial services at Henry Tayali Arts centre.
Musicians lined up for the funeral service include BSharp, Mwale- Sisters, Maureen Lilanda, Rikki Ililonga and Jagary Chanda.
Flinto who leaves behind a wife and three children.
The professional artist born in 1953 played in bands on the Copperbelt in the seventies and then moved to England to pursue an art scholarship where he formed a Band called Jimmy The Hoover with friends Dunbar, Simon and Karla in the UK and produced the world hit “Tantalize” which was number 3 top of the pops UK and almost hit the USA charts.
His band was signed under same music label as Boy George’s band popular for hit song “Kama Chameleon” which was number one (1) world hit then. Due to his status as a student, Flinto was sent back to Zambia were he continued to do his art .
He was a fine bass player and one of Zambia’s best sculptors. He also designed the logo and emblem for Ngoma Awards. Some of his close friends were the boxing champ late Lottie Mwale, veteran muscians Rikki Illilonga, Emmanuel “Jaggary” Chanda and also close to artists like B-sharp’s Sir Jones, Ian Nyirenda, The Mwale Sisters,Maureen Lilanda etc.
Speaking on behalf of other veteran artists, writer and former National Arts Council (NAC) chairman Mulenga Kapwepwe who was flanked by veteran sculptor and educationalist William Miko said ,” The loss of Flinto was a big blow to the arts fraternity”. Ms Kapwepwe urged the family to remain strong.

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