Lungu warns diasporans

Zambians in the diaspora

Zambians in the diaspora

President Edgar Lungu is concerned that some Zambians in the Diaspora
are plotting to fight the Government, and in turn ‘crucify’ citizens back home as a result of their misconduct.
The President has, however, called on Zambian diplomats to challenge the people opposing his Government from abroad.
Mr Lungu said the diplomats should explain the development achievements that the country had continued to achieve under the Patriotic Front (PF) administration.
The Head of State said many Zambians were living in the Diaspora, and the diplomats should embrace everybody, including those wanting to fight the Government, by talking to them so that they could refrain from denting the country’s outstanding image.
“Find out what is it that is bothering them so much that they want to orchestrate or crucify the people back home, but bring them on board, talk to them,” Mr Lungu said. “Tell them that Zambia is an open space.
I have said so because there are so many Zambians that want to fight us by pontificating how bad we are.”
President Lungu was speaking at State House yesterday when he swore in former deputy minister of Foreign Affairs Rayford Mbulu as Zambia’s
High Commissioner to Ghana and former Defence permanent secretary Rose
Salukatula as the Ambassador to Sweden.
The President also appointed Andrew Chellah as his Special Assistant
for Project Implementation and Monitoring at State House.
Others were Eric Wamundila as documentarist under the policy analysis and co-ordination division, Cabinet Office, while Boyd Chirwa was appointed as public policy specialist under the same division at Cabinet Office.
Mr Lungu said those in the Diaspora scheming to fight the Government should come back home to make known their concerns.
He said people talking the loudest had even failed to excel in the Diaspora, but wanted to be popular with irrelevance.
Meanwhile, the President challenged Mr Chellah, Mr Wamundila and Mr Chirwa to deliver to the expectation of citizens for the betterment of the nation.
Mr Lungu said the appointees should critically understand their job description and realise that their appointment was not a ceremonial
venture, but a calling that required them to impress Zambians.
By taking oath, the Head of State said they were born again in the ‘kingdom’ of the people of Zambia, and needed to remain professional in their duties better than their predecessors.
He cited an example that Zambia had other Heads of State before him, and being the sixth President, he wanted to be different in a special way by building on the positive strides to uplift the livelihood of all citizens.
This, he said, should be emulated by those serving under his administration not to also dwell much on the past, but to focus on the present in a bid to satisfy the needs of the people.
President Lungu urged Mr Chellah to remain focused going by what his predecessor Lucky Mulusa (now National Development Planning Minister)
did, to work hard.
Mr Mbulu told journalists that he would work to boost Zambia’s image and market the investment opportunities.
Ms Salukatula will, meanwhile, remain focused to enhance bilateral ties between Zambia and Sweden in key economic sectors.

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