Greg Mills – a Political Mercenary in the Neighbourhood

HH with Greg Mills

HH with Greg Mills

By Sunday Chanda
The world is aware that South Africa’s apartheid mercenaries and beneficiaries of apartheid regime are agitating for regime change in African States through hired mercenaries and political stooges.
The objective is for them to come back through the backdoor using stooge Opposition political parties and regain ownership of mineral rights in countries such as Zambia.
So, when one embarks on, or is paid to roll out propaganda as South African Greg Mills, in his political mercenary style, has gotten in the habit of doing lately at the behest of an entrenched South African white racist conglomerate, there must be minimum standards to meet before broadcast—accuracy and professionalism.
In his article ‘Edgar Lungu – A tyrant rising in the neighbourhood’ and reported by REUTERS, we note with utter disgust that in his desperation to smear Zambia and President Edgar Lungu black, Greg Mills, a ‘vuvuzela’ of white monopoly capital who once called for civil war as an option in Zambia in the aftermath of last year’s election, which his candidate Hakainde Hichilema lost, will stoop as low as possible and get his nose brown relentlessly to get his monthly cheque from his sponsors to put bread on his table.
Racist Mills sponsors are the Oppeinheimers, this is a documented fact attributed to, even in his paid for Reuters editorial.
Mills the mercenary is not concerned about Zambia’s wellbeing – he does not care about our country; he does not care about us because he does not live with us and he is not one of us. All he cares about is monopoly capital irrespective of attached cost.
His mission is to advance an agenda of a South African Boer Conglomerate that got stupendously wealthy on the back of the apartheid regime which saw thousands of black South Africans including innocent women and children die needlessly. They died in order to afford the Boer families the rich life style they enjoy today at the expense of the 80 percent poor indigenous South Africans.
The Conglomerate’s agenda and that of so called Think Tanks run by mercenaries like Mills is to capture Zambia’s mineral rights at all costs even if it meant shading blood of women and children. Greg Mills insinuated in one of his articles in which he contemplated civil war after his bet lost in the last election.
Greg Mills is wrong to think Zambians do not connect the dots.
He cannot deny his connection to the worlds number two copper mining giant, Anglo American plc., (also linked to the Oppeinheimer family) which in a spectacular fashion dumped Zambian miners risking up to 10,000 jobs in 2002 when copper prices slumped globally. Zambians and international audience will recall that Anglo-American abandoned Konkola Copper Mines in 2002, ostensibly to collapse the Zambian economy as they believed the severely weakened economy then and a largely isolated country following the infamous third term attempt by late President Frederick Chiluba which saw the election of late President Levy Mwanawasa, would not survive without konkola, the biggest forex earner then.
Zambians will recall that on August 24th, 2015, while addressing a rally at Kaunda Square Ground in Chiwempala township in Chingola, Greg Mills’ friend Hakainde Hichilema promised the people of Chingola that he would bring back Anglo American to replace KCM if voted into power in the 2016 general elections.
This must open the eyes of even those that are blind to Greg Mills connection to Anglo-America plc., and Hichilema.
Right minded folks that care for the poor in Zambia must then ask the next question, “what was in the deal for Hichilema to make such a passionate public pronouncement considering Anglo American’s bad history of leaving Zambians hanging to dry when times are bad like in 2005?
Could it be that Hichilema did not care about this dark past or there were other considerations unknown to Zambians but only known to him, Anglo American and political mercenary Greg Mills?
Is it coincidence that Greg Mills is reading from the same page as Hichilema? Was Greg Mills involved in the Hichilema Presidency campaigns and to what extent? We must remind Greg Mills that Zambians may be patient but they are not stupid and can tell a white supremacist from miles away.
But this response is not about his financier’s apartheid legacy but Greg Mills supremacist tendencies, blatant lies and seemingly racist slurs against Zambia’s democratically elected President and Zambians in general.
Ours is about setting the record straight, which we thought Reuters would do through basic fact checks before publishing Mills’ inflammatory and deeply divisive missive. It’s about saying to Mills, ‘stop spreading lies about Zambia and we will not tell the truth about you’.
Mills, behaving like a typical hired political mercenary, was deliberately distorting facts when he referred to concerns raised by election monitors of the August 2016 poll, making it appear like election observers rejected Zambian polls when they in fact endorsed them publicly.
The August 2016 poll that saw President Edgar Lungu trounce the pro-Anglo candidate Hakainde Hichilema from opposition UPND was witnessed and endorsed as free and fair by the following organisations and countries of great repute:
The entire AU, SADC, EU, the United States of America, the United Kingdom, China, Russia, the State Department and many other election observers local and international too numerous to name.
This is a matter of record even in a book recently authored by award winning journalist and diplomat Anthony Mukwita entitled “The Edgar Lungu Book of Congratulations” which captures all these endorsements and Greg Mills should feel free to grab himself some copies.
The Constitutional Court which this political mercenary refers to went to a vote after the constitutional 14-day period to hear the case which had elapsed on ‘effluxion of time’ and the result was a tight 3 to 2 with President Lungu carrying the day. In the words of the majority judgement of the Constitutional Court, which is the judgement of the Constitutional Court, it was said “In the absence of any evidence to support the allegations, the Court could not make any findings of fact or make a determination in accordance with article 101 (6) of the Constitution…our position , is therefore that the petition stood dismissed for want of prosecution when the time limited for its hearing lapsed, and therefore failed by reason of that technicality…this is because the Petitioners failed to prosecute their own case within fourteen days of it being filed. That being the case, there is no petition to be heard before this Court as at today”.
This was on the back of the respected Electoral Commission of Zambia tallying the 16th August votes and placing Lungu ahead of Hichilema, the perpetual loser at 1,860,877 votes of the total votes cast while Hichilema trailed behind with about 47 percent of the votes cast and counted.
The ECZ also shows that of the ten provinces of Zambia, President Lungu carried seven provinces while Hichilema, a “regional political leader” whose party the defunct Post Newspaper Editor Fred M’membe fondly called “Bantustan party” only attracted three provinces. This is a fact.
There were reports of PF polling agents being beaten and chased from tallying centres, giving rise to possible manipulation of figures in favour of the UPND especially Southern Province where the voter turnout was miraculously high at 72.26% compared to the 44.44% turnout in the rest of the Country.
How can you expect to rule a country with votes from three provinces, mercenary racist Greg Mills?
Of course, this would not matter to political and racist mercenaries!
Greg Mills goes ahead to ignorantly allude to the fact that The Post was shut before the elections, another fact Reuters should have verified, because The Post went belly up under its own tax debt of about $36 million.
An average hospital saving lives of thousands of Zambians such as the Levy Mwanawasa Hospital in Lusaka is costing US$48 million to upgrade into a University Teaching Hospital, accommodate 3000 students, expanding from 239 to over 800 bed space and bringing about specialised medical services on board to the health facility. That’s close to the change US$36million can bring to the lives of Zambians but of course this would not matter to Greg Mills, why would it?
The Post Newspaper matter is a matter of public record, as the rogue newspaper was shut down by the Supreme Court Not President Lungu, and it was after the polls not before the poll as racist Mills claims.
Greg Mills, a typical vuvuzela high on apartheid money must not forget that since President Lungu announced pre-emptive emergency measures to curb unrest and safeguard Zambia, no civil rights have been violated on record.
What the mercenary racist is doing from the bottomless pit of money from the apartheid era is not different from what the Hutu ran radio did in pre-Genocide era of Rwanda. Greg Mills is trying to behave in the same way as the extreme Hutus that used the media to promote genocide not so long ago but just a touch bit more dangerous considering he has access to international media such as Reuters.
We have noticed Greg Mills cannot use Obasanjo anymore because like the Openheimers, we exposed Obasanjo’s blood-thirsty history in Nigeria.
The international community Greg Mills seeks to mislead should know better that President Lungu means well for Zambia as the people have clearly shown by voting him into office twice in 20 months in 2015 and 2016 August respectively.
With due respect, South Africa has a lot of problems and challenges which we do not celebrate but which we think Greg Mills should concentrate on before we can even start asking what his position is on people with queer sexual orientations that he is inclined to. Maybe he should write about that in his next epistle and the public will understand better why the dislike for President Lungu, who has openly spoken against homosexuality.
Greg Mills must think twice before he makes the next comment because we are equally capable of launching a formal complaint against him to the government of South Africa where he is issuing inflammatory remarks against Zambia from.
Zambians will not stand by and watch those that got rich on apartheid try and bring back a dark era in Zambia. Political mercenaries like Greg Mills have no place in shaping Zambia’s discourse and neither are we moved by their connections. The earlier Greg Mills realized Zambians are a resolved people who cannot be moved by agents of capital the better.
Under President Lungu, Zambia is on course, it will get better and shall prosper and create jobs and reduce poverty. Not even Greg Mills’ slurs can deter us from our journey of hope as a Country.
Once more, we place on record that political mercenaries and their apartheid rich sponsors must stop telling lies about Zambia and we will stop telling the truth about them. There must be honour even among paid-for political mercenaries charged with churning propaganda wheels on apartheid money. Zambia is a peaceful nation, leave it to Zambians.
We challenge Greg Mills to deny if he was not the publicist for the mercenary group from South Africa that almost staged a coup in Equatorial Guinea. One plane was detected at Ndola airport disguised as mine workers whilst the main hit squad was grounded at Harare international airport where the plotted were rounded up and surrendered to Equatorial Guinea. The world will recall that Mark Thatcher, the son of former prime minister was involved, arrested and arraigned before court in South Africa in Cape Town but he was released when prosecutors reached a pre-trial bargain. Greg mills was the publicist for these mercenaries. The reason for wanting to take power in Equatorial Guinea was to exploit the small country’s vast oil and gas reserves!
The time for these plunderers is well and truly over and so Zambia is not one of those client states they wish to control. Their puppets are mistaken to think that we are up for grabs. Zambia has been independent since 1964, some 30 good years ahead of South Africa. In other words, a whole generation gap between the two countries exists.
So, we may excuse Mills naivety in thinking of us the way he thinks of others! That is not say we approve of his and his clients’ view of the legitimately elected government of South Africa but just to emphasize that whilst the residual elements of the grotesque apartheid regime can keep some sphere of influence in SA, Zambia is still a generation or perhaps more than 30 years ahead of the thinking of racial bigots such as him!
Lastly, a word of advice to international media too, please do basic fact checks even if articles like those by Greg Mills are sponsored. It’s your reputation at stake! Political mercenaries will simply move to another pay Master and bark as loud as money can pay!
The Author is the Media Director of the Ruling Patriotic Front Political Party in Zambia

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