Good Samaritan steals baby

Baby thief

Baby thief

A WOMAN purporting to be a ‘Good Samaritan’ stole a two-month-old baby girl at Lusaka’s Kanyama Clinic.
The mother of the child, identified as Grace Stumbeko who could not hold back her tears, emotionally told journalists that the incident happened on May 29, 2017 around 10: 00 hours when she visited the clinic.
Ms Situmbeko said that after she was examined by the doctor, she was told to go to the pharmacy to collect her medicines.
She said while in the queue, she heard the baby crying when a heavily-pregnant woman approached her offering to nurse the baby.
Ms Stumbeko added that after giving her baby to the woman, she monitored her from a distance for some time after the baby stopped crying.
She explained that when it was her turn to collect the medicine, she was sure that she would find the woman who was nursing her baby at the same position when she returned.
However, when Ms Stumbeko returned to the place, she found the woman had disappeared together with her baby.
Upon inquiring from the taxi drivers, she was told that a woman carrying the baby befitting her descriptions had booked a cab to Lusaka’s Chibolya Township.
Ms Stumbeko said the taxi driver told her that the woman who had allegedly stolen her baby had been spotted acting to be the mother of the child.
Amidst tears, Ms Stumbeko told this reporter that with assistance from a taxi driver she tried to follow the woman but all in vain.
“When we reached the house where she was dropped, we were told that no woman with such description lived there,” Ms Stumbeko said.
She appealed to well-wishers to help her find the missing baby by reporting any suspicious woman carrying a baby.
Ms Stumbeko described the purported child thief as tall, light in complexion, a bit fat and a heavily-pregnant woman whose pregnancy she was convinced it was fake.
She said she has since reported the matter to at Los-Angeles Police Post, Tricia police post, Chibolya police post, Kanyama west and Kanyama central police post.

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