I have the power to pardon convicts and NOT suspects-President Lungu

President Lungu-Press Briefing-at-City-airport-in-Lusaka

President Lungu-Press Briefing-at-City-airport-in-Lusaka

President Edgar Lungu has reiterated his message that he has no power to intervene in what the Police are doing with the incacerated United party for National Development leader Hakainde Hichilema. In a speech in Kasama, the President said that although some people are saying President Lungu has the power to intervene in the criminal justice here in Zambia, he does not and will not. He stated that the only power he had was to pardon a convicted person after wide consultations.
Below are some of the excerpt from the speech
When we came for campaigns here in Kasama, I was with Hon Felix Mutati who stood here and told me that our people here in Kasama needed 3 things; a Hospital, University and a Stadium.
So I told Hon Mutati who is now my Minister of Finance that with your appointment, you have an opportunity to deliver to the people of Kasama the development MMD had not delivered in 20 years, I even told the Paramount Chief Chitimukulu when I visited him sometime back.
I have instructed the Ministers for Health and Education to take the lead and complete all work in progress in this region.
The votes Northern province and Kasama gave us the Patriotic Front Ninkongole. I am indebted to you and since I can not come here and start dishing out money to every single person, I can only repay your support with development in the region.
There is a saying in bemba – weumpako, isankupeko. Weumpako, isankupeko. Weumpako, isankupeko. Na weuntana, isankutane! My only desire is to serve our people. We want to finish all work in progress and begin new Projects.
Concerning bamukukulu, I want to repeat what I said when I arrived in Kasama this morning . There is no one above the law! Up in heaven, there is God Almighty, then there is the law and then all of us in that order.
Some people are saying President Lungu has the power to intervene in the criminal justice here in Zambia – no Bwana, I am a lawyer myself and understand my job. Yes, I have the power to pardon convicts and NOT suspects. And I can only pardon a convict after wide consultations.
Let us allow the Judiciary to do its job, the Executive to work and the Legislature to do its part.
Let me ask you; how many of my own cadres are before the Courts of law today? How many have been convicted? Have you ever heard that President Lungu picked up a phone to call any Police officer to drop an investigation or prosecution – so what is so special about the current one?
I know what is happening because I am in charge!
I am cadre number One, you mess up PF, I will deal with you. I am also civil servant number One, you mess up the civil service, you face me. So I don’t expect a civil servant to say “I can not read the PF party manifesto.” You are there because of the party.

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