Dismiss UPND MPs and Greg Mills’s Misplaced Assertions Regarding HH’s Arrest

Sunday Chanda

Sunday Chanda

By Sunday Chanda
Lusaka, 15th April 2017 – Firstly, we are calling on Zambians and the International Community to dispel lies being propagated by some UPND MPs and foreign mouthpieces of capital. The UPND Parliamentarians call for the release of opposition leader Mr Hakainde Hichilema claiming that the grounds he is being held on are trumped up charges is nothing but very childish propaganda as it lacks both merit and logic. We call on these UPND MPs to act honourably and not stoop to levels where they lose all objectivity. There is prima facie evidence in the public domain to counter their misplaced justifications. The Video clip from prime TV that went viral on social media and the interview of Mr. Hichilema on the same station is very revealing and quite telling on how much misconduct and deliberate the actions of the UPND leader and his convoy were in daring and disrespecting the Motorcade of the Head of State President Lungu were. Further, the Mast newspaper edition of Sunday reported about HH boasting about sneaking into the arena with his vice President Mr Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba and later walking away on the President because he does not recognise him as the Head of State is further proof of his misconduct and bad judgement because what he did in essence is that he actually walked out on the Litunga as the Host of the ceremony. It is furthermore with much shock that we see them talking about the arrest of HH heightening tension and mistrust and deepening the regional division in the nation. Who can promote tribal politics and regionalism better than Mr Hichilema’s political leadership?
Secondly, let us be clear that the arrest of UPND leader Mr. Hakainde Hichilema has nothing to do with the lack of demise of good governance in the country. It is a fallacy that Mr. Hichilema was arrested because democracy has perished in Zambia. While it is not our intention to delve into the manner the arrest was arrested as that is for the Zambia police to say, his arrest does not even have anything to do with refusing to acknowledge President Edgar Lungu as the duly elected President. It is not even about a challenged election because there is not a petition to challenge the election in any Court of law in Zambia. It’s a notorious fact that President Lungu does not need Mr. Hichilema’s acknowledgement for him to deliver. The arrest and charges that followed are a result of gross criminal misconduct endangering the life of the President and that of ordinary Zambians.
Thirdly, it is therefore unacceptable that some elements with financial arrogance should mislead the world in their attempt to give President Lungu and Zambia a bad name. The Anglo American and Brenthurst Foundation founder, Greg Mills has been linked to supporting opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) leader Hakainde Hichilema with the intention of positioning and later imposing him as president of Zambia. It was clear the foundation’s motive in Zambia and Africa in general was to fund and support selected opposition leaders, puppets, to oust legitimate political leaders in order to advance their Capitalist Anglo American’s interests before those of the nation. It is deception for Mr. Greg Mills, the head of the Brenthurst Foundation in Johannesburg, who spent months before the last elections advising UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema and later called for civil war in Zambia to have the audacity to mislead the international community regarding the state of governance in Zambia. It is an open secret that Brenthurst Foundation was established by the Oppenheimer family, the multi-billionaire South African dynasty that founded Anglo American. It is an open secret that in the August 11 2016 polls, Brenthurst Foundation backed UPND presidential candidate Hakainde Hichilema. In 2014, Mr Hichilema is reported to have attended a series of secret meetings in South Africa with a number of foreign mining businessmen and arms dealers believed to hold similar grievances against President Lungu and the PF. Let Mr. Mills confirm or deny that such meetings never took place.
Fourthly, as if that was not enough, Brenthurst Foundation through Mr. Mill is on record as having called for civil war in our when he stated that Zambia’s opposition “may well abandon democracy when they realise that violence may be their avenue to protest a stolen election.” This was such an open incitement to violence propagated by a foreigner. It’s understandable when you back a losing horse in a race. But we want to remind Mr. Mills that Zambia is for Zambians and he should quit masquerading as an angel of light to the unsuspecting public. This is the same Mills who encouraged the Zambian opposition to “abandon democracy”, resort to violence and trigger a civil war. He is not Zambian and would not feel the impact of any civil strife. He and his colleagues would be enjoying coffee Brenthurst Foundation in Johannesburg while innocent blood is being spilt just to enthrone a puppet they can control.
On September 5, 2016, a post was published on Brenthurst Foundation’s official Facebook page promoting an article on Zambia’s election. Written by the foundation’s director Greg Mills and issued on an Australian magazine, the article was little more than a reiteration of all Hichilema’s false allegations: “flawed election”, “binned ballots”, “widespread intimidation”, “tampered results”, and so forth. The director of Brenthurst Foundation echoed Hichilema’s obsession that the entire international community conspired to inhibit the UPND leader from being president. African democrats – claimed Mills – can’t rely on international observers who declared the Zambian elections credible and transparent. “They were in Zambia simply to legitimise the result”.
Lastly, Greg Mills concluded his article with a pathetic appeal to the foreign investors in Zambia. According to Mills, PF victory in election “should make investors wary”. Political and commercial partners should abandon Zambia, if Mills’ friend Hakainde Hichilema is not installed as president.
The Author is the Media Director of the Ruling Patriotic Front

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