We are talking to President Trump-HH

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Opposition UPND President Hakainde Hichilema has claimed that he is talking to US President Donald Trump.
Mr. Hichilema said that President Trump would soon deal with some African countries that he claimed were festering with dictatorship tendencies.
The UPND leader said that his party would take legal action if Zambia follows through its intention to withdraw from the International Criminal Court.
Mr. Hichilema said that his party would not allow President Edgar Lungu withdraw Zambia from the ICC.
He said that he had alerted the international community and they had guided him take legal action if such a move would be implemented.
“I would not want to disclose so much but just know that we are talking to President Trump. Once he has settled down, he will deal with all these African dictators who are abusing human rights,” Mr. Hichilema said.
Addressing a media briefing at his residence in Lusaka on Monday, Mr Hichilema observed that President Lungu’s administration was the worst the country had ever seen.
“My fellow citizens do not fear. PF under Lungu has performed the worst in this country, the worst ever leadership, the worst whether you like it or not; I love it because it is so factual you can’t speculate. I can just give you a few facts that the economy has shrank from 7.5 per cent to less than 3 per cent. It’s a fact that today that you are likely to die when you go to UTH than three years ago, it’s a fact, and electricity today is more expensive than ever before proportionately. We are worse than what we were two, three years ago,” HH said.
“We have been lumbered with the worst guy, he’s clueless, this guy is clueless, take it from me. He is a clueless hyena. Write properly, I am calling him a clueless hyena. We can only take ourselves out of this mess. If he didn’t interfere with our processes, by now you would have seen some changes.”
And Mr Hichilema has responded to Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo’s threats to arrest him for treason calling him weak and too small.
Mr Hichilema has since advised Mr. Kampyongo to look back at some powerful former Home Affairs Ministers and see that he is far from being a powerful Minister.
He also advised Mr. Kampyongo to go and change the constitution if he wishes to arrest any person for exercising their constitutional rights.
He has also bemoaned the lack of credible leaders in the PF Government causing the country to shrink economically and politically.
“Just look at the people that surround Lungu (President Edgar Lungu). They are all of low calibre,” he stated.
He said the PF and Lungu have got no idea how to turn around the mess they have created in the country because President Lungu is surrounded by people who forcefully put him their using violence and evil means.
“Look at His advisor is Kaizer Zulu, who needs no introduction when it comes to violence? Look at the guy in charge of Defence, Davis Chama, this is the person who shot someone in Mulobezi and he is rewarded with a position and he is now charge of an armoury. Kampyongo tried to kill us in Shiwangandu by stoning our helicopters on two occasions times and he has been rewarded with a position. If that kapoto (position) was taken from Kampyongo he will go to Katondo street today to change money because that is what he knows,” Mr Hichilema said.
He admitted that late President Michael Sata was a far better leader than President Lungu although he differed with him on a number of occasions.
“Admittedly, I had a rough time with the late Sata but today I now believe that he was a better leader than Lungu. It is sad that the Lord took him away and I wished God had allowed him to finish his 5-year-mandate than leaving it in the hands of a clueless hyena,” he charged.

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  1. SENIOR BINO says:

    HH mind your language. How do you call a President a hyena. If Sata was here you were going to denounce him in same manner. You are a novice in politics. Trump has America to run not any African State. Leave him alone. There was no violence when Lungu was properly elected by people of Zambia. Leave UPND and you will see it flourish in some one’s hand. You are a finished lot, root, ox and lastly chameleon.

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