Mount a statue for KK

Kenneth Kaunda

Kenneth Kaunda

Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) has called on government to honour first republican president Kenneth Kaunda with a statue that will befit his legacy.
YALI executive director Andrew Ntewewe described Dr Kaunda as an outstanding man that Zambia needs to appreciate and pass on his great deeds to the future generation.
Mr Ntewewe was speaking in a telephone interview that both houses that Dr Kaunda lived in Matero and Chilenge were in a dilapidated state adding that something powerful like a statue would add value.
“He who doesn’t know where they come from cannot know where they are going and history that Dr Kaunda and other four fathers have left is something that must be spoken about in all corners of the country,” he said.
He added that Dr Kaunda’s legacy was not only in Zambia but Africa as a continent for the fight against colonialism, apartheid and unfair rule of one man towards another as it is a legacy that should always live and be remembered.
Mr Ntewewe explained that better means and ways must put in place like erecting a statute as it will not be the first in Africa but follow suit like neighbouring South Africa
South Africa had honoured their first President late Nelson Mandela popularly known as ‘MADIBA’ to keep memories of such great legacies alive.
He said the statute of Mandela in South Africa reminds them of the fight against apartheid and what he stood for saying Dr Kaunda’s statute would remind Zambians and the future generation of the fight against colonialism and the struggle for independence.
“These are things we need to take seriously for our history purposes because our children will need to see and not only read about him in books,” he said.
He cited USA that had erected statues of the Martin Luther King memorial, Abraham Lincoln memorial and many others.
Mr Ntewewe further urged the government to consider putting a structure in form of a statute to honour Dr Kaunda as he was the father and hero of the nation for fighting colonialism in Africa and Zambia as well as the struggle for Zambia’s independence.

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2 responses to “Mount a statue for KK”

  1. malama salome says:

    its waste of time for the government of zambia to honour KK with the statue. what benefit will it bring in the country, who doest know that kk was the first president of zambia were is government going to get money to do that…. let government continue with the working they are doing. after you are going to be the same people slandering government that thy dont have vision they are wasting money on things that dont matter…….

  2. Bennett M. Simfukwe says:

    Yes indeed, I agree with the contents of the article. Above all the suggested action should not be withheld until Dr. Kaunda passes away as it is foolishly done in most cases. So please do what is being suggested right away.

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