David Livingstone’s writings sighted at Kilwa Island

Kilwa island

Kilwa island

Nchelenge District Commissioner Derrick Mwelwa has disclosed that David Livingstone’s writings have been seen in the slave caves of Kilwa Island in Nchelenge District.
The District Commissioner disclosed this during the convergence of all Luapula based District Commissioners, Council Chairpersons and Council Secretaries in Mansa on Friday last week.
He said the writings of David Livingstone, in his own handwriting, are engraved on the walls of the caves of the Kilwa island which should make a good case for tourist attraction.
Mr. Mwelwa added that the writings indicate that David Livingstone after parting company with Henry Stanley came to Kilwa Island and spent a night in the caves where he left the writings on the walls of the caves indicating that he had enjoyed a peaceful night sleep in the natural caves molded by mother nature.
The District Commissioner further explained that the Kilwa caves are referred to as slave caves because the spot was used as a slave trading area where some traditional leaders who were selling slaves used to meet with their slave buyers which made it a meeting point between the slave sellers and their buyers.
Mr. Mwelwa said slave trade at the time was a normal trade where human beings were being sold just like any other commodity and Kilwa Island was a hive of activity as a market for the trade.
He appealed to the Heritage Conservation Authority to take interest in the Kilwa caves and document the writings properly for historical purposes and increased knowledge on the historical sites that David Livingstone stepped his feet on when he was in Zambia.
But Former Nchelenge District Commissioner Royd Chakaba disclosed that the Kilwa caves were surrounded by a lot of myth which require further research for proper documentation for the appreciation of the future generation.
Mr. Chakaba added that during his tour of duty in Nchelenge as District Commissioner, he was not accorded the rare opportunity of entering the Kilwa curves because it was believed that one could only do so with the authorization of the Chief without whose permission one could not come out of the curves alive but get swallowed up by the caves.

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