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Dora Siliya pose with Mike Tyson raises storm

Agriculture Minister Dora Siliya has found herself the target of outrage from some Zambians after photos of her posing with former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson emerged on social media. Ms. Siliya who is currently on holiday is pictured smiling … read more »

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Greyhound-Black and White

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Gang of white men beat up a Black Zambian in racism row at Horseshoe

A group of four white men ganged up against a defenceless male Zambian beating him up to pulp after an altercation at Horse Shoe restaurant in Lusaka. The unidentified white men beat up the Zambian only identified as Eamon mercilessly … read more »

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Photos from the colonial archives

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Quote of the day

    The man who removes a mountain begins by carrying away small stones. – Chinese Proverb

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Zambia women’s ‘day off for periods’ sparks debate

Discussing female menstruation publicly is something of a taboo in Zambia. This is no doubt why a provision in the country’s labour law that allows female workers to take off one day a month is known as Mother’s Day, even … read more »

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Trump Tweetwatch: N Korea nuclear plans ‘won’t happen’

Donald Trump often tweets several times a day but doesn’t dwell on policy issues and rarely speaks to the press. So his 140-character messages are the main insight we have into the thinking of the US president-elect. But what can … read more »

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A-Lister Celebrities Turn Down President-Elect Donald Trump’s Invitation To Inauguration

The inauguration of Donald Trump is just weeks away—and just when you thought the president-elect was through with hearing the word “no” from celebrities who’d refused to perform for him—George Lopez took to Twitter Tuesday to also turn down Trump’s … read more »

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Trump trashes Obamacare as Democrats plan its defense

As Congressional Republicans prepare to repeal Obamacare, President-elect Donald Trump is reminding his Twitter followers that some Democrats, including former President Bill Clinton, have criticized President Barack Obama’s signature health care law. “People must remember that ObamaCare just doesn’t work, … read more »

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