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My daughter shot her hubby five times accidentally- Precious’s Mom

The Lusaka High Court today heard that murder suspect Precious Liteebele shot her husband accidentally. This is in a case in which precious is charged with the murder of her husband, Lubinda Liteebele, whom she allegedly shot five times on … read more »

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Tyrone Taylor-Big City

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Photos from the colonial archives

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IMF is not a solution-FDD

The opposition FDD says the country’s solutions to its economic challenges is not the IMF as the conditions will affect the country’s social and economic priorities. FDD Spokesperson Antonio Mwanza says conditions imposed by the IMF can effectively control a … read more »

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Quote of the day

    Make sure you have finished speaking before your audience has finished listening. – Dorothy Sarnoff

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President Lungu names 8 more Ministers, Dora Siliya is new Agriculture Minister

President Edgar Lungu President has named eight more Cabinet Ministers bringing the total number of those so far appointed to full Cabinet Ministers to 16. In a statement released to the media by State House by his special assistant for … read more »

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Nevers Mumba is Positioning Himself to Replace Dr Canicious Banda in UPND

By Sunday Chanda Mr. Nevers Mumba’s name will remain associated with betraying the people who trust him and abandoning those who serve him. Mr. Nevers Mumba misleads unsuspecting people with his demeanour that masks a highly deceitful character who uses … read more »

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Africa highlights: Zimbabwe in push for diaspora’s cash

With Zimbabwe’s sources of revenue drying up, the government is now focusing on remittances from the diaspora in an attempt to ease the cash crunch that many people are facing. Exporting firms are in decline, and the manufacturing sector has … read more »

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South African union backs unionist-turned-tycoon Ramaphosa as next president

JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) – South Africa’s deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa saw his chances of becoming the country’s next leader increase on Monday when the powerful mining union he helped found before he made a fortune in business backed him to succeed … read more »

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