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President Lungu not handed over power-State House

State House and the Police Service have warned those fabricating and publishing false statements about the Presidency and warned that they would be arrested and prosecuted. A statement emerged on social media indicating that Republican Acting President Matibini has asked … read more »

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President Lungu to be sworn in

Patriotic Front legal adviser Tutwa Ngulube has charged that there is nowhere in the law where the swearing in of President-Elect should be postponed in an event of a petition. Mr Ngulube who was elected as PF Kabwe Central MP … read more »

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Zambian opposition’s petition against Lungu

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Photos from the colonial archives

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Tribalism and the Tonga People, A Curse or a Natural Phenomenon?

By Toshiki Kucheba 11th August 2016, Zambians were exercising a democratic right enshrined in our constitution, the right for the led to choose who should lead. The hallmark of any democracy is the free will an individual possess in selecting … read more »

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Quote of the day

      Business opportunities are like buses, there’s always another one coming. – Richard Branson

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UPND cadres ambush Given Lubinda, claims his to Livingstone visit is suspicious

Some UPND cadres caused chaos in Livingstone when they allegedly ambushed Kabwata Member of Parliament elect, Given Lubinda. Mr. Lubinda who is in the tourist capital on a holiday has told the media that he does not understand why the … read more »

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