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ZPPA told to support local products

President Edgar Lungu has directed the Zambia Public Procurement Authority to ensure that all infrastructural projects, including the airport expansion and electricity power station projects, are supplied by locally produced products. The President said the move will support locally produced … read more »

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Prof Francis Chigunta has died

Renowned academic Professor Francis Chigunta has died. Prof Chigunta who is also served as policy adviser at State House during the Rupiah Banda administration died in the early hours of Sunday upon arrival at UTH. The cause of his death … read more »

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Photos from the colonial archives

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Col Panji Kaunda warns against voting for UPND leadership

A PATRIOTIC Front (PF) group calling itself Kum’mawa for Edgar Lungu 2016(KEL2016) has appealed to people in Eastern Province to completely reject United Party for National Development (UPND) by giving 100 percent to the current Head of State and the … read more »

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Quote of the day

  Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up. – Thomas Edison

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Tuku, Kansiime to grace Trade Fair

Zimbabwe’s music superstar Oliver Mtukudzi and comedian Annie Kansiime of Uganda are among the international artistes expected to spice up this year’s Zambia International Trade Fair (ZITF). Also at the international fair will be another Ugandan comedian Teacher Mpamire and … read more »

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Oil Militants Call for Referendum on Breaking up Nigeria

Oil militants who have slashed Nigeria’s petroleum production with attacks on pipelines called Sunday for a referendum on breaking up the Nigerian federation. The Niger Delta Avengers group posted a map on social media suggesting that the West African power … read more »

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I heard a wild theory about why Hitler killed himself — here’s what happened when I tried to verify it

Adolf Hitler was very into drugs. Florence Fu/Tech Insider During my last vacation, I watched an insane documentary about the Nazis’ extensive amphetamine use and Adolf Hitler’s drug addiction. The film made an incredible claim: that Hitler killed himself because … read more »

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African American Addresses Republicans Whose Leader Compared Obama to Chimp

Derrick Wilburn, founder of Rocky Mountain Black Conservatives delivered a keynote address Saturday at the annual Lincoln Day dinner of the Delta County Republican Party, whose leader, Linda Sorenson, found herself in the national spotlight this month for sharing a … read more »

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