10 Celebrity Deaths Related To The Illuminati



Celebrity deaths can often feel like we have lost a close family member but could some of these deaths be tied to the Illuminati? Here are a few celebrity deaths of celebrities that were alleged Illuminati members.

1. Aaliyah

The 22 year old R&B singer had her life cut short when her plane crashed shortly after leaving the Bahamas. The Illuminati is suspected in her death so that the up-and-coming Beyonce, a supposed Illuminati member, could rise to stardom.

2. Whitney Houston

Despite her years of drug abuse, Houston’s death was quite a surprise. Since it was believed that she had sobered up and was getting her life on track the Illuminati is suspected of using her as a ritual sacrifice.

3. John Lennon

As his career progressed, Lennon became extremely controversial. So much so that the FBI actually had a file dedicated to him. It’s believed that the man who shot Lennon was sent by the Illuminati to silence him once and for all.

4. Michael Jackon

The King of Pop himself was a supposed Illuminati member but later in life he started speaking out. He stated numerous time that they were trying to control the music industry. These outbursts may have cost him his life after being found dead of an alleged overdose.

5. Grace Kelly

Kelly’s engagement to the Prince of Monaco was supposedly initiated by the Illuminati. It’s believed that the Illuminati had a hand in her death because she was no longer useful. She suffered from a stroke the day before she lost control of her car and crashed in 1982.

6. Kurt Cobain

Cobain was the voice of a generation and was sought after by the Illuminati for mind-control. He was reluctant to accept the fame he was quickly gaining, so the Illuminati stepped in to make it seem as though he had died by suicide.

7. Jim Morrison

Morrison was believed to be a reptilian member of the Illuminati. Many believe that the Illuminati helped him fake his death. A few of the facts around Morrison’s death don’t seem to add up, like how his death was not reported until three days after he died.

8. Tupac Shakur

Like many up-and-coming stars, Tupac was believed to have given his soul to the Illuminati in return for fame and success. Once given his platform, Tupac began to speak out against controversial issues. Similar to those before him, his death was supposedly used as a way to silence him from speaking out.

9. Frank Zappa

Zappa was always known for speaking against the controlling powers in music and television. The first attempt on his life happened in 1971 when he was attacked at a concert. When he died from cancer in 1993, many believed that he was injected with the disease on purpose.

10. Robin Williams

The ultimate funny man lived an eventful life but was still taken from us much too soon. It’s believed that he was one of the Illuminati’s many sacrifices and that his death was made to look like a suicide.

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