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‘Don’t spread rumours on Precious’-Police

Police in Lusaka have recorded a warn and caution statement on Precious Litebele, the women alleged to have shot dead her husband, Lubinda Litebele in Woodlands on Wednesday. Police spokesperson Esther Katongo says Ms Litebele has not yet been charged. … read more »

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ECZ revises all nomination fees downward; filling in of nominations to start tomorrow

The Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) has revised the nomination fees for Presidential and Parliamentary aspiring candidates for the August, 11, 2016 general elections. The ECZ has also for the second time revised the nomination fees for aspiring Mayors, Council … read more »

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Photos from the colonial archives

      Northern Rhodesia African footballers participate  in a radio discussion at the Central African Broadcasting Station concerning the relative standards of the game in England and Northern Rhodesia.

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Nevers Mumba acted emotionally in joining UPND-Mbulakulima

Suspended MMD National Secretary Mwansa Mbulakulima has charged that MMD President Nevers Mumba acted emotionally when he announced an alliance with the UPND. Commenting on the alliance, Mr Mbulakulima said Dr Mumba should have reflected on his political and personal … read more »

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Quote of the day

      The violets in the mountains have broken the rocks Tennessee Williams

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Zimbabwe opposition march against Mugabe

Bulawayo (Zimbabwe) (AFP) – Zimbabwe’s main opposition staged a mass rally against President Robert Mugabe on Saturday , calling on the 92-year-old leader to step down over his failure to fix the economy. Thousands of placard-waving Movement for Democratic Change … read more »

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Mugabe empties his prisons because he can’t pay for them

Drastic times call for drastic measures. Zimbabwe’s economy is plunging toward total ruin and the government is looking for ways to stanch the bleeding it has inflicted on itself. In May, the government announced that it would be selling wildlife from its game … read more »

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A question of timing: A lawsuit claims Gilead Sciences could have developed a less-harmful version of its HIV treatment sooner

More than a decade ago, researchers at Gilead Sciences thought they had a breakthrough: a new version of the company’s key HIV medicine that was less toxic to kidneys and bones. Clinical trials of the new compound on HIV-positive patients … read more »

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